Again Coffee

This time is second chance for me to have coffee time at Sulawah. Last night I went here. Like usual, I am here accompanied by laptop. I have been working since several minutes ago. The fu*king paper I have must be finished, its target is tomorrow but I don’t know it will finish or not. Because I have a lot of jobs now, it’s hard for me to allocate special time to do research. There was many distraction when start writing paper because in the same time I must do another two jobs. I think its hard but I have been doing like this thing since two years ago.

When I had dinner a hour ago, I read an article in some WhatsApp group telling about the power of self confidence by optimizing our power more than our weekness. I have been doing many things but all will be useless if I always blame other people. Keep working, keep positive without feeling that you are one and only is true, others are wrong. The best human is always think positive, talk less do more.

Remember that sometime you will memorize the moments that you spending more time to work. You have less time to take a rest and hard to you getting your future love. Enjoy your every single second of your life !

Finally, don’t miss this Ramadhan kareem to close to your God !


5 Interviews 1 Presentation

I arrived at office at 9 am then doing interview to 2 students in rotation. Then at 11 am, I led a meeting discussing about web development that was attended by a vice rector. After lunch, I edited several plans of the project then did interview with 3 students. Approximately, I did it for half of hour. It make me so tired. I went home from office at 5.30 pm and prayed maghrib at rector office.

As usual, I didn’t directly go to my homestay. I have been having night coffee at Caffetto by doing my another works. My Nvivo is ready, I will start my paper again. Good night !


Most people I met want to work less burden. Going to work, tapping finger print, working, and going home. No more skill upgraded. Like as machine, working under command. When leader orders something, they will do it less happily. But when the salary comes, their face looks very happy. They plans to buy something even just asking because their salary is mainly for credits.

This is the life of mostly workers. They are paid with some money because their works. No innovation rises because of fear to work with more load. One main thing they like is working lazily with much money earned. “Every thing is about money” is their tagline of life. Don’t say about the meaning of life, the important thing is only money. Happy life is having much money.

Ok, you decide to be not like them. You work is to improve or help an institution to be better starting from your work field. Even finally you are in condition that many people dislike you. This is lyfe, white or black will be have enemy. But you will always be a winner because you are not lie to yourself. You always say and act the truth.

Your are young. So every work you do now is an exercise. It is usual when you get some problems. Just do it, and go ahead !


Today was my research time (also lecture time). I entered the research methodology class with continuing completing my research. After lunch, I had meeting with other lecturers discussing about research too but with different topic. After these two discussions, actually I have a lot of homework. This weekend will be busy for me.

Now is time to write

This fu*king day was full of activities, from leading a meeting to assisting an intern boy. Moreover with another routiny coordination about jobs. Even I was so busy but it was really interesting. I just realize that I didn’t take lunch at 3 pm. After all jobs already done, I went home. I took my lunch in front rector office.

Rain came but not so long, I looked for a cafe.

Kopi Anjis was my choice. I planned to finish my paper before it will be reported tomorrow morning to my supervisor also my research colleague. Now, I am still on work. After reading several papers, now is time to revise my paper.

When reading a paper, I listen to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” sung by Oasis and Coldplay. This song is great. I dream that someday I will sing that song in a show.

Hanging Out (Read : Working)

A moralist probably calls me an alienated human who can’t differentiate when time to  work and play. For me every day is working but I don’t feel that it is burden. It is exciting. Even so, I still can do my hobby such as jogging like what I did this morning. Furthermore I still can interact with people. Many people judge a researcher nerd human that has own life. Maybe it’s true for cosmologist or theoretical physicist, but not for me. I highly interest in management especially in innovation and entrepreneurship which are applied research. To get data I must interact with people to be interviewed though read papers too.

The things that make me not lonely beside having hobbies, I also work in managerial that make my life colorful. As my lecturer said that “Two things that strength you : having knowledge and experience”. Even I am now an amateur (still not an expert) but I love my life like this. I believe with my motto “There is  no failure, it’s your learning process to be a human”. Ok, this time to hangout, enjoy !

Again, Holiday !

Tomorrow is weekend that means that it is holiday. Yesterday was Nyepi, so I didn’t go to work at office. In the morning, I had my time for jogging then “coffee time” at Cihapit market. At the evening, I was a guest for my former student in Buahbatu and my classmate-also-senior not far from the previous location. On the way home, I had a dinner with gulay and satay in the back of Golkar building West Java. This place was so favourite after teaching time three years ago.

Last night, actually I should prepare for this morning class what I didn’t. I choosed to youtube and then slept. I woke up before subuh but continued sleeping. I started preparing the class at 6 am so I didn’t finish reading a paper. The class today was about mixed method delivered by Pak Dedy. The materials were so worth for my “engagement” research. After lunch, I started discussing with Pak Dedy about our research. This meeting was to clear the research especially in logic of the research.

This time I am spending my time at Eiger Coffee, my favourite working place. I have my several plans to be done this night. Don’t forget for tomorrow morning. It is time for 5k last training. Enjoy !!