Back to My Routine

It’s not easy to move to a new habit especially how we spend our weekend. More than two years the holiday is like another weekday with the jobs should be done. I plan these days to be filled by enjoying activities such as watching movies, photography, taking sport, etc. But in reality, it’s not easy. Last week I contacted a new friend to be showed which gallery is good to be visited. Unfortunately, my mind drives us to finish my work about writing a book. I want this book finished this month.

I don’t have such burden in my work, maybe it have became alienated with refreshment. Refreshing is about doing work and play is same time.

Seminggu Nggak Nge-Blog

Terakhir saya nge-blog minggu lalu. Mungkin karena sibuk jadi saya tidak menulis di blog ini padahal cukup banyak peristiwa penting yang saya alami selama seminggu terakhir. Paling saya ingat setidaknya dua hal. Pertama, kantor punya kamera baru merk Canon 700D jika tidak salah. Saya sempat mencobanya hari minggu lalu. Mungkin ke depan akan jadi teman saya di samping Fujifilm XA10 yang saya beli setahun lalu. Kedua, kemarin saya dikasi kuliah oleh barista Eiger terkait tiga hal yang perlu dipersiapkan untuk mengenal cewek ; tampilan, komunikasi, dan percaya diri. Ketiganya harus dilatih karena tidak ada resep khusus.

Sejak habis maghrib ngopi di kafe kebanggaan saya coba menyicil kerja membuat buku. Saya pengen coba cepat menyelesaikan supaya saya dapat bergegas menulis paper. Saya ingin sekali publikasi di jurnal juga menyiapkan menyicil proposal PhD. Tapi itu tidak mudah karena setiap hari saya harus mengkoordinasi sekitar 30 orang anggota tim yang mengerjakan beberapa projek. Saya suka dengan pekerjaan saya sekarang namun saya khawatir istri saya satu-satunya pada akhirnya hanya laptop. Saran dari Barista Eiger kemarin harus coba pelan-pelan dijalankan.


Before Turning 30

Less than two years remaining, my age will turn to 30 years old. It means that I am not young again. Some people (in particular Indonesians) when interact with you whose same age with me probably will ask like this “what’s your job?”. The question maybe ordinary one but what it actually means?. Here my explanation.

In age 30, you should have got married then have happy life with your wife and children. You have a permanent job with good salary and also have house and car (even by credit). If your career is related to academics, make sure that you are a permanent lecturer. If you are government officials, you have already became part of civil servant.

How if you are not like that ? You are failed.

I do not believe with that mainstream actually. For me, turning 30 years old means that you have already mature. You know what will you do in life, you know “who am I ?”.  It’s first step to proclaim your own history. It’s symbol that you have an achievement.



When last afternoon, I spent time for working (mostly related to managerial jobs), this evening has been for research. I am to tired but I should do my target to write a paper about regional innovation system. Even it is not a duty, but it is a step of my PhD research later. I don’t know when I can study my doctoral, but I have clear plan about my future. I highly excited with topic of technology, politics, international network, and business that can be compiled in topic of “system of innovation”. Even spending more time to do merely research doesn’t work because of I have a lot things to do. Maybe it is reflection of my activism so I always not to satisfied about something. I am now so young compared by many scholars in my campus and I have more energy to do something than them, more importantly I have chance to improve some problems in my campus with the position I have right now.

Next year my campus will be 100 years old, I will give my best to its extraordinary birthday. I don’t know my future will be here or not, so one and only I can do is to contribute right now, no matter how small my contribution is. Helping the almamater means helping this nation, so don’t stop working.

PhD Proposal

Since last long holiday, I have been drafting for my PhD proposal. This day I met my research-mate to give some suggestions. His feedback was worth for me. I am on the way to revise it in a coffee shop. I am very interested for the topic because it is so close with my master thesis. I know that to make scholarships deal with our proposal is nit easy, but I  believe I can pass all this things. First step, I complete my draft till this weekend then revise it litlle by little in the next days later. This year I have been so busy that beside having several research jobs, I have some managerial jobs too. I must manage my time better than before. Another important job, I try to focus looking for a future love as my mother asked for.

I am so confident that I can make all that jobs done. It is all about a value I believe that working to help people make your life meaningful and excited. Watch this video, it will describe 

Again Coffee

This time is second chance for me to have coffee time at Sulawah. Last night I went here. Like usual, I am here accompanied by laptop. I have been working since several minutes ago. The fu*king paper I have must be finished, its target is tomorrow but I don’t know it will finish or not. Because I have a lot of jobs now, it’s hard for me to allocate special time to do research. There was many distraction when start writing paper because in the same time I must do another two jobs. I think its hard but I have been doing like this thing since two years ago.

When I had dinner a hour ago, I read an article in some WhatsApp group telling about the power of self confidence by optimizing our power more than our weekness. I have been doing many things but all will be useless if I always blame other people. Keep working, keep positive without feeling that you are one and only is true, others are wrong. The best human is always think positive, talk less do more.

Remember that sometime you will memorize the moments that you spending more time to work. You have less time to take a rest and hard to you getting your future love. Enjoy your every single second of your life !

Finally, don’t miss this Ramadhan kareem to close to your God !

5 Interviews 1 Presentation

I arrived at office at 9 am then doing interview to 2 students in rotation. Then at 11 am, I led a meeting discussing about web development that was attended by a vice rector. After lunch, I edited several plans of the project then did interview with 3 students. Approximately, I did it for half of hour. It make me so tired. I went home from office at 5.30 pm and prayed maghrib at rector office.

As usual, I didn’t directly go to my homestay. I have been having night coffee at Caffetto by doing my another works. My Nvivo is ready, I will start my paper again. Good night !