Blogging in Toilet

Actually you need several minutes to throw your pups away. It’s very boring. So, one thing that you can do is to turn to another activities. For me, toilet is a place for reading and blogging. I am doing the last one now. I don’t know why I can focus reading there maybe because it’s quiet without any distructions like music, messages, and so on. Sometimes, I get some ideas there.


Hold SmartPhone in Toilet

For me toilet is one of best place to reinvent ideas. I ofter read my book there or also try to deliver speech. I hate wasting time by doing something that have no benefit for my self. Somedays I got a clue for my project there. I forgot exactly about what the name of project. Reading book or paper in toilet makes me more concentrated so my reading becomes relatively faster than usual. Someday when I have a home, I want to make my toilet comfortable for reading like managing it’s air circulation and choosing seat-kloset (kloset duduk) of course. 

I think that’s all, I have just finished my beol :p