Last afternoon I met my teammate in research. One again he said to me that I am not good at writing a paper. I received his recognition, I don’t hate him. He gave me a lot of knowledge.

This is just beginning of my success in writing a good paper. I must learn harder than before. I have been spending my time in research for more than two years. So, if I give up I don’t know when I will take doctoral program. I want to pursue this degree in my young age like now.

Basically, I am good at managerial. The reason why I must to take PhD degree is to make me understand how to conduct a good research that I can use it in my career after that.

I dream to be a professional with specific expertise in the future. The entry point is by being a PhD graduate.

I still have two years to prepare. Never give up !


Yesterday my research-mate (also my advisor) criticized me in how I write a paper. One statement has no correlation with the next statement that make readers confusing. I recognize that it is my weakness right now. I am not frustated because of that. He gave to me a substantial advice that help me to improve my writing ability in the future. Finally, he still gave me five months to improve our three papers. It is not easy but I convice him I can do it. One and only way I will do is to multiple my work effectivity. This week, I still have a homework to to finish a final draft for a conference next month. After that I will focus to finish those three papers.

Back to the point, writing statement in a paragraph has it logics. It is not easy if you are not trained well. Experience is the best teacher, so don’t stop trying.

Next Paper

This afternoon I sent a paper draft to my colleague (he is lecturer relatively junior). It means that now I can do another paper which is part of my PhD research topic. I am interested in Regional Innovation System (RIS) so my paper will be about that. In the begining I will finish my opinion still related to that topic this night.

Even I still have remaining three papers but it doesn’t work well because my colleague (he is lecturer too) is busy with their works. I wait for his invitation to revise the papers. He has high standard in writing a paper, unfutunatelly he has not good enough in time management. I recognise that he is very good in understanding something in particular about our research topics. He is opposite with my previous collegue.

I should prepare for my next plan. This must be first priority. Let’s continue back to work.


Today was my research time (also lecture time). I entered the research methodology class with continuing completing my research. After lunch, I had meeting with other lecturers discussing about research too but with different topic. After these two discussions, actually I have a lot of homework. This weekend will be busy for me.

Norwegian Business School

I don’t decide yet to what university will I apply for my future PhD. I still think that scandinavian countries will be my choice. Doctoral program is about research with limited class inside so I must familiar with it. I highly interest in innovation and entrepreneurship with business school as its faculty. I have beenĀ  doing two research pararelly so I must allocate my time proportional. That is not included another routine job. As you know I am an employee right now with work time 7.30 am to 4.30 pm every day. So, my work load is so huge.

Another work is to think about her every day, even I limit to communicate with her to save my heart to not deeply love her. Love can make you crazy, can’t it ?

With this high workload, I always keep my optimism that someday I will be part of one of outstanding business school in Europe, Norwegian Business School. One word “Bismillah”.



Yesterday a lecturer taught me how to analyze data using SPSS. I firstly used this program two years ago just to process simple data by assistance from a book. It was not so in-depth. Yesterday was different. The collection of data was many more. Because I must learn this new program, my working time has been increasing. My another research is in the finishing. Working for two research in the same time is not easy. Because those all are my jobs so I must finish, no excuse.

One interesting is learning this program is a entry point for me to learn how to use rich data in the future with high complexity. Long time ago I joined R course. I hope I can use it in the future. This time is to master SPSS. Enjoy the work guys !

Part of Analysis

After writing chapter of results (findings), tomorrow is time for analyzing. This day was tough day as usual even not like yesterday. But, I can conquer it by focusing in writing paper. Anothers are side jobs even they looked so hard. For me, management is like a toy. Managing people is a good thing, I really like it. I hope tomorrow I can wake up before 6 am so I can continue my paper work and have jogging half hour like this morning.

Yesterday I sucessfully registrated Full Marathon (FM) held by Pocari Swet on August this year. This morning was my first day for its preparation. May FM brings motivation for me to routiny running more than 5 k (half hour) every day. I dream someday I can join international marathon event in London or New York, don’t I ?