Two Things

Two main requirements for a publication are :

  1. Novelty
  2. Knowledge contribution for scientific community

The first one requires you to not to do plagiarism and the second one to make sure your research finding contributes to become literature review in scientific world.

If you perceive yourself an amateur researcher with low experience in producing outstanding research, keep doing your research. Experience is the best teacher.


Feel Stupid

While writing paper draft, I am distracted to stalking some experts about entrpreneurship and innovation studies. Long time before, I marked several names that some time I can come back to them to read their papers. Their papers haveĀ  many cites that means they are most popular. Then I visit university’s websites related to them, one of them is Imperial College London. For the preparation of PhD program, getting supervisor is more important than university, because being doctoral student will have limited chance for class, most time is for research. So, we must search best researcher than will become our partner. The university is just important for getting scholarship, even not all scholarship provider make requirement like this.

Ok, looking for many experts people around the world makes me no body. There is nothing to be highly appreciated. I am still on intial journey in the topic of entrepreneurship and innovation. I must be patient to study little by little through research. I need more time to strong my expertise. For the next plan, 2020 is the time for me to focus totally on research (may I can be PhD student) but next year is time to exercise my research experience. I must limit to show off, enhance my capacity on research.

Follow Up

This morning was the time to report progress of yesterday meeting. There were 16 reputable papers must be highlighted to be inserted to two chapters : background and literature review. To sort main points of each paper, we must read carefully then interpretate and puzzle it into systematic paragraph. This process actually needs our imagination. It is not easy thing. This evening will be my time to follow up what I have already earned last morning. Let’s work !

Hard Start

Writing good paper is not easy. It needs several steps simultanously. You can’t skip one step then move to another step. It needs your full concentration especially for you who are newbie like me. I have no experience writing paper in some reputable journal, but I have for conference proceeding. Because of this, I must try to work with lecturers. I applied to be research assistant with lecturer A. Unfortunatelly he never give me some things that make my competency upgraded. He just direct me to do something but never be checked. It make me boring actually, so then I am focus to another job. There was no paper published with him for along middle of 2017 to nearly end of 2018 even just Q3.

October 2018 was the time. I met lecturer B. He is perfect man in research. Our research topic relatively similiar. I enjoyed meeting with him for the first time. One month and half left, I got stuck. He explained about what does good paper should be. Talking about introduction, we must select 15 reputable papers then took them as its reference. We must read slowly then think hard all of them whether they can be cited or not. I am now in the process for doing this. Even last evening meeting was shameful for me, I think it was time for my beginning. I must study hard more than before.

A Researcher and His Lonely

Research is life time job certainly for a researcher. There is no time-scheduled like office-man for working. For example, you start working after waking up at 5 am when many people still sleeping. You read paper, continue analysis data, and so on. So it’s not compatible for you who hire someone for doing research by adjusting time from working for example 8 am to 5 pm. This decision will make a researcher loss his/her creativity because main duty is to think. Thinking needs “me time” and can not be forced. So, work-time only can be adjusted by deadline for example four months. He/can choose to work anytime so work-time is not exact for example day 1 just spending 5 hours and the next only a hour. Consequently, when another office-man spend holiday in weekend, he/she still working.

Beside of work-hour, another side of a reseacher can be seen by his/her lonely. His/her special mate is laptop as main tool. By this technology, he/she reads, writes, analyzes, and so on. I don’t generally mention all researchers will be like this. But, this condition is potentially experienced by a reasearcher. These all are consequences if you choose to be a researcher so just keep happy. The best thing in this world is always grateful, isn’t it ?

Research Manager

This morning I read an article written by Indroyono Susilo in KOMPAS. Initially he said about a speech of Presiden Jokowi that to evaluate research that has no significant contribution in the real world. He then proposed an idea that to make our research meaningful, we must have someone that concern in its management. He said research manager. His duty is to make sure that all research that’s contributed by university, institute, department, and soon has a right direction. There is no overlap between them, so research funding will be put in right place so it becomes more efficient. Every year we spend trillions for research, even it less than 1 percent of GDP, it’s result is not significantly good (let’s look for percentage of publication).

Research manager in my mind must be accomplished by special task force in direction of ministry of research and higher education education. The duty is to evaluate, map, and create road map of our research. By this existence, I hope that we will hear a program to not just support publication in reputable journal but give direction and stimulate collaboration with many stakeholders that have impact in research.

Meeting with an Unpad Lecturer

This afternoon, I met a new friend from Unpad namely Kang Azhar in Sejiwa Coffee. He is lecturer in faculty of psychology. In the meeting we discussed about our research. Firstly, I told him that right now we research about engagement with ITB lecturers as respondens. I ask him to give some recommendations to our research especially about questionnaire we made. He said that the first point of the introduction in questionnaire should be substituted by scallling to measure lecturer interest : teaching, research or social empowering. The result will be used in analysis. Beside that, statistics of research participation must be put in analysis too to strengthen it.

I was so glad discussing with him. There are some approaches that only psychology lecturer who understands and I am not. By that discussion, I know something new that enrich my perspective during research. I hope, later we can work together in another research.