After Rain

There was heavy rain coming two times this noon. The last one has just happened. This morning I revised my plan in 2019, the former was too many plans that potentially make me stressful. I plan this year I can achieve several substantial goal of my life.

The past remains the past, your future is on your hand. Be yourself !



Remember this day my friend, 5th January 2019, first week of new year. I created repeatable mistakes.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Please learn about this day. Don’t make you stupid. Be a strong guy !

No word

Yesterday was the ending of year 2018 and now is the beginning of new year 2019.

30 December 2018, I wouldn’t forget an accident ; my graduate building was burned. I saw directly when the fire was burning the building. This happened two weeks after 25 years celebration of this department’s birthday.

Till now, I still feeling sad because of this. Even I am not working there but its memory always be everlasting.

It’s hard start for 2019 for all people in the department. I hope you are strong facing this test.

Weekend is for Weekend

As I wrote yesterday evening, this morning I will update the progress of my works. Unfortunatelly they haven’t finish yet, one of my work is still nothing to do. Even I do much more to take relax temporarely by taking sleep or watching movie, all doesn’t impact anymore to my spirit to finish the works. All because in the weekend, I still think to my works. I always imagine to solve them. This is terrible. The result of my works not significant. Its much better for me to spend weekend for weekend, to refresh my mind by hanging out without thinking anything about works. Stop thinking seriously, enjoy the life. You can continue your works on the next weekday.

I must make my life normal. Spending time all for works is not normal that make us stress. If we go to the coffee shop in the weekend, make sure that there is no laptop in our bag. Enjoy the coffee and its people. You can also go to your mates to strengthen your friendship. Or like your long time weekend, you spend most of the time for sport. All those are good for you because you are human. Remember all those things are run on the weekend, so they doesn’t waste your time. Weekday is time for you to achieve your career dream, but weekend is for your humanity. There is several times remaining before meeting to your boss, prepare your paper !

A Process to be “Me”

You can’t choose another world.

Basically as human we must have interacted with many people : while working, hanging out, refreshing, playing social media, and so on. This all can create new perspective for us : positive or negative.

If we have strong commitment to something we believe, possibly environment will be colored because of our existency. Minimally, we will not change to be others. But if we have no it, we will alliniate to be someone. This all is a process to be “me”.

It shows that to be our selves is not easy things.

The question then is how to be “me” ? Keep learning and always commit to improve our selves.

As young generation living in this era is not easy. When we work for a beraucracy, there is limited change to optimize our creativity, to create breakthrough. When we create startup, we will work all the time with limited income we get. When we create new venture, hard to us to be new conglomerate because the old one will always dominate market. When we work just being employee with limited salary, hard for us to be independent.

Those conditions strongly convince that to be “me” with independency is hard even it always have chance. Isn’t life is struggle ? So, just hard work to be you.

A Place to Strengthen a Value

As a person, I hold a value that direct me to a man with goodness. The value is combination between religious belief and culture in place where I live in. But influence from religion is bigger than anything. It had been taught when I was a child then streghthened when I was teenage. I spent my teenage in Yogyakarta, a city of education. So this city brought me to understand what’s value of religion is. I interacted with many educated people and mostly people with high concern to value like morality. I know that a value that we hold depended to our life journeys so it will have fluctuations even up to disbelieving to the value itself. The most frequently is rising of heticancy so we must learn something new about the value its self. Learning process can be gained by in-depth interaction or discussion with experts even reading book then discuss it is always better.

Jogja with its people teaches me how value must be strengthened, so if we have some problems, this city will answer. Just go to Jogja and interact with its people.


Someday you feel depresed, there is no people helping you. You try to solve it yourself but you can’t.

One and only that can help you is your God, but you are doubtful to stay closer and closer to Him. Your logics is more dominant than anything.

You keep trying to stay closer to your Lord even it’s hard. You try be a man with discipline.

The things that you have is only commitment to be a good man in the perspective of God.

In this second you aware that you are a man with weakness, full of sins. Sometimes you know that you do sins intentionally, but you can do nothing. Your logics doesn’t work, your heart doesn’t tell you a sunshine.


Don’t give up, God will forgive you if you commit to not to do your repeatable sins. Focus on the good things, be close to God, and keep optimism for your works.