Colour Your Self

Suddenly a good proverb came to my mind “Color your self”. Then I was imagined to revise my profile description on my social media such as instagram. I rethink again that it is not necessary, it is enough to write down it here, in this blog. This beautiful statement rised after I heard so much story from an employee that she had just rob last monday. He told chronology of the story detailly. I just listened and sometimes some words came from my mouth giving a sympathy. In the end conversation, I advised him to enrich “sedekah”.

What’s lesson of the accident experienced by him ? Here I will tell to you …

Six thefts stoled his wealth that consist of 40s luxury watch (approximately 100 millions rupiah), DLSR camera, CCTV recorder, and .. (I forget). So, he lost so much money because of this. I knew he is an ordinary employee that hard to spend much money, maybe he had some business or his wife also work with more salary. The question then is why does he collects many expensive watches ? From this, we know that money (associated with expensive things) is everything for him. His life is dedicated much more for money. How pity he is.

Maybe, he is sample for many Indonesian people. Oppositely, for me money is not every thing even every thing needs money. When we always think about money, we are not free. Last night, I discussed with a shop owner about philosophy of life. For us, to be freedom, minimumly we have two : knowledge number one and money number two. Money is not enough, if we are stupid.

So what’s the proverb above means ?. Don’t ever tired to learn, “stay hungry, stay foolish”, said Steve Jobs.




Imagine you are in a wedding party but one and only you know is a friend who is on altar. When you see him since the beginning of wedding ceremony, no people to be your partner to take conversation with. You are lonely.

I am in that condition right now. Luckily to fight my loniless, I am accompanied by my hoby : blogging and reading. I opened my Kindle to continue reading about book “Managing Innovation”. When I am boring I then open wordpress app to start blogging with this title.

When you are getting older, maybe you know many people but your friend tends to be limited. This is natural because you have own life that is different with others. Don’t curse your life, enjoy for every single path you choose.

After Rain

There was heavy rain coming two times this noon. The last one has just happened. This morning I revised my plan in 2019, the former was too many plans that potentially make me stressful. I plan this year I can achieve several substantial goal of my life.

The past remains the past, your future is on your hand. Be yourself !

Again, Playing Badminton

I woke up late this morning after last night hanging out till more than 12 am. Not long after that I went to badminton arena in Kuda Putih Cisitu. I planned to have a breakfast at pisang ketan but full of people so I cancelled. In the arena, there were several friends there : Rahmi, Lino, Bagus, Faiz, and Erwin. Having no time to warming up, I directly played. My body was not totally fresh because of tired after playing this game too last evening. I kept playing even not so good. Many losses and several wins I got, bad enough. We played double with two sets. After the game, I took a breakfast in Kantin AA then did siesta. I felt fresh after sleeping especially after taking a bath.

My planning this evening was taking a photography around Asia Afrika street with Sinar. Unfortunatelly it was cancelled because of rain. Then, we just did at Dago street near Dago Intersections. I captured several objects there.

Orderly Life

We have a plan in the day that we must do bla bla bla, then we write down in our note by “To do list”. But, it is not easy to realize all those things, right ? I hypotesize that it because we don’t have routiny schedule that we obey. For example, we don’t have time schedule for sleeping, waking up, reading book, and so on. How to get used it ? It must be trained. We must fight for our selves. Till now, I don’t have exact schedule but I always try. Even the result is not enough good but there are some improvement to my self. For example, I like jogging so if for several days, when I don’t do it I fell something less. Beside that, after waking up, I don’t get used to sleep again. Usually I write some texts or start working. Another one, when I feel unwell then I write a blog, I feel fresh again. And now, I have a new toy “camera !”. I want to have new hobbies : photography and making vlog or video. I don’t want to waste my time by scrolling people’s timeline or just dreaming something that doesn’t really happen.

Tomorrow my plan is : waking up when azan comes, reading book, and jogging half an hour.