Yesterday my friend posted about his paper that was published in Q2 journal. I was so amazed hearing this news. Last year my article was successfully published in STIPM journal that was organized by LIPI neither Q2 nor Q3 but indexed by Google Scholar.

In the beginning of 2019 I work for two papers with one paper will be submitted in the end of this month. I plan for publishing another journals. I hope I can publish a title with my name as single author in Q3 journal. May this year good for me and you. Thank you.

Learning Zotero

Saturday morning for the first time, I heard citation application namelu zotero from Pak Erwin. I think it is best solution to manage our citation when writing a paper. After the event, I came to some coffee shop to read Pak Erwin’s blog. I didn’t try in that time that app because my mind could not be compromize to think deeply enough about this new one. So, I just finished my writing on two of my blog. Yesterday I didn’t touch it anymore until this day. I planned for today to come to MoT lab to give progress report of my work, but it was camcelled because my report still on the progress.


After work hour, I came to my newest favourite coffee shop to do this thing, “I want to able to use zotero in my writing process”. I opened Pak Erwin’s blog then learn little buy little. Now I am still on the progress to learn. I hope I can understand this as fast as possible.

Finally, let’s learn …