Need to Take Sport

Three days respectively I didn’t take sport, no jogging in the morning. So, I haven’t been feeling okay with my body. My excuse was relay competition of 60th celebration day of ITB last sunday. It was about sprint that I was not usually do it. I am a long runner.

Tomorrow morning I plan to take sport with little jogging. Hope me can wake up earlier so this plan will happen.

I am tired, I need to take a dinner then sleep. Enjoy the night guys !


Again, Holiday !

Tomorrow is weekend that means that it is holiday. Yesterday was Nyepi, so I didn’t go to work at office. In the morning, I had my time for jogging then “coffee time” at Cihapit market. At the evening, I was a guest for my former student in Buahbatu and my classmate-also-senior not far from the previous location. On the way home, I had a dinner with gulay and satay in the back of Golkar building West Java. This place was so favourite after teaching time three years ago.

Last night, actually I should prepare for this morning class what I didn’t. I choosed to youtube and then slept. I woke up before subuh but continued sleeping. I started preparing the class at 6 am so I didn’t finish reading a paper. The class today was about mixed method delivered by Pak Dedy. The materials were so worth for my “engagement” research. After lunch, I started discussing with Pak Dedy about our research. This meeting was to clear the research especially in logic of the research.

This time I am spending my time at Eiger Coffee, my favourite working place. I have my several plans to be done this night. Don’t forget for tomorrow morning. It is time for 5k last training. Enjoy !!

Jogging at Fitness Park

I have just took several circles for jogging at Fitness Park. Now I am enjoying drinking fresh coconut water. This is my first time taking sport here this year. My planning to take jogging every morning here still just a plan. So by starting this day, may tomorrow morning I can do it.

This place is good for sport. Not only to take fun run but also we can take four kinds of sport using outdoor fitness. Also its environment with many trees around supporting you to refresh your mind for along time. Unfortunately this place sometimes full of young men sitting or people who talking each other and smoking.

Ok, I think this enough for today. I must take a bath before praying maghrib. Have a nice day guys !


At usual, every saturday morning my schedule is jogging at Saparua park. Especially this day I run for 5ks with pace 5.55 with spending around half of hour. But this month my frequency is less than last month with just three times. There is 13 days left to update.

Jogging When Fasting

Maybe because of jogging is my routine so when I don’t do it, my body looks tired and pain especially in my knee. This evening I did in Gasibu track near 5 pm. Firstly I warmed up then jogged for approximatelly 20 minutes. I achieved 3s kilometers according to Nike Run plus. Not like days before Ramadhan, the jogging track was quite quiet. Maybe because of many people was fasting. As usual, I used my earphone on to listen the musics in spotify. I can’t force my self to take speed steadily, I didn’t want to be fainted suddenly. This was my fist time jogging in this Ramadhan. My watch looked at 5.25 pm then I went home to catched up time for iftar.