David Rubenstein

If I am not wrong, I firstly watched David Rubenstein Show last two weeks. I then falled in love with this show. David is briliant with in-depth interview. One example when he did peer to peer conversation with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com. His straight question made Bezos laughed out loud. Doing in-depth interview with sharp questions is not easy. You must have some enough knowledge and experience.

After watching the videos, I then dreamed that someday I will be next David, interviewing some success Indonesian people such as entrepreneur, business leader, and top level management.

I hope that there is national media hiring me to be next David 🙂

5 Interviews 1 Presentation

I arrived at office at 9 am then doing interview to 2 students in rotation. Then at 11 am, I led a meeting discussing about web development that was attended by a vice rector. After lunch, I edited several plans of the project then did interview with 3 students. Approximately, I did it for half of hour. It make me so tired. I went home from office at 5.30 pm and prayed maghrib at rector office.

As usual, I didn’t directly go to my homestay. I have been having night coffee at Caffetto by doing my another works. My Nvivo is ready, I will start my paper again. Good night !


Taking interview as usual for me as former journalist is relatively not difficult. But how take in-depth interview for research is not easy. We must have a framework before going to the field directly. Interviewee potentially talks alot about many things that have no relation to our materials in research. The way that we must prepare is creating a framework.

Framework is such points that we want to explore from selected informant or respondent. It will guide us during interview. For newbie researcher (especially qualitative) points of framework will make our interviewing becomes rigid and has not enough flexibility. But, I believe sometime we can master technique of interview in line with our experience. The framework will be just our remind, unwritten in a sheet of paper.

As a newbie researcher, one thing important is to keep learning about it. Be patient !


This day is relatively busy with many jobs in front. For reviewing working report then directing students who take internship and run interview for internship batch 2 candidates. There were three students interviewed, two people remaining.

I was happy when my request for interview to founder of FIN Komodo was received. Next week my partner (lecturer) and me went to his company in Cimahi. Visiting company especially for technology-based company for me is very interesting. It makes me motivated to do something big that create beneficial for people.

If the first interview is for working, the second one is for research. I deeply love both job : professional and research but how to master them needs time. Btw, there is a student waiting for interview, I must finish this article now.


Today I met Pak Djoko Sardjadi for x times (I don’t know exactly how many times I met him) for presenting what I have done about the book. I revised list of its content with just four chapter. I try to use less theory and more in telling story about UAVINDO journey. Pak Djoko’s reply just a few, if it’s not wrong only one thing : the writing style must be projeted to stimulate inspiration for every one who read the book. I then took interview with him  for half hour. I ask him about straight question that I didn’t get in the interviews before. One interesting point is when demonstration of UAV created by Pak Djoko and team. In that time, their UAV was crashed because of lack of proper communication control from remote to UAV. So that tool is being offline. As team leader, Pak Djoko gave his team moral support to make them keep going in developing UAV. One lesson-learned I get from here : Never Give Up !