Taking interview as usual for me as former journalist is relatively not difficult. But how take in-depth interview for research is not easy. We must have a framework before going to the field directly. Interviewee potentially talks alot about many things that have no relation to our materials in research. The way that we must prepare is creating a framework.

Framework is such points that we want to explore from selected informant or respondent. It will guide us during interview. For newbie researcher (especially qualitative) points of framework will make our interviewing becomes rigid and has not enough flexibility. But, I believe sometime we can master technique of interview in line with our experience. The framework will be just our remind, unwritten in a sheet of paper.

As a newbie researcher, one thing important is to keep learning about it. Be patient !


Two Things

Two main requirements for a publication are :

  1. Novelty
  2. Knowledge contribution for scientific community

The first one requires you to not to do plagiarism and the second one to make sure your research finding contributes to become literature review in scientific world.

If you perceive yourself an amateur researcher with low experience in producing outstanding research, keep doing your research. Experience is the best teacher.

Have Just Done

I have just finished a draft that I will give to my partner (he is lecturer) to be corrected. Last evening, I looked for a place that is comfortable for working place. Finally I got Kopi Anjis where I worked there till 11.30 pm. Because my work was not finished yet, I went to Bober. This time I am still in here. I tried to finish the draft all night until fajr time. I have limited experience to write a paper using english, so it must be spending more time than an experienced researcher.

I order fried rice to be my breakfast. I planned to go office earlier then take a rest temporary before working. Have a good friday guys !

Hard Start

Writing good paper is not easy. It needs several steps simultanously. You can’t skip one step then move to another step. It needs your full concentration especially for you who are newbie like me. I have no experience writing paper in some reputable journal, but I have for conference proceeding. Because of this, I must try to work with lecturers. I applied to be research assistant with lecturer A. Unfortunatelly he never give me some things that make my competency upgraded. He just direct me to do something but never be checked. It make me boring actually, so then I am focus to another job. There was no paper published with him for along middle of 2017 to nearly end of 2018 even just Q3.

October 2018 was the time. I met lecturer B. He is perfect man in research. Our research topic relatively similiar. I enjoyed meeting with him for the first time. One month and half left, I got stuck. He explained about what does good paper should be. Talking about introduction, we must select 15 reputable papers then took them as its reference. We must read slowly then think hard all of them whether they can be cited or not. I am now in the process for doing this. Even last evening meeting was shameful for me, I think it was time for my beginning. I must study hard more than before.

Days Before Deadline

Three days left to finish all questionnares provided by Information Commission of Republik Indonesia. Since monday, we worked like horse with doing several works in one time. As team coordinator, I have more responsible than others. I must plan strategy to finish everything before the end of time. Sunday’s evening I planned what we should do in the next time specifically program by program. The momment time happened today when in the morning before office, I opened a new feed of Instgram account of PPID Ministry of Finance. Yesterday (if not wrong) there was launching of new mobile application that was announced directly by its minister, Sri Mulyani. I delivered this information to my boss when I met spontanously in his office. He then asked me to create brief description about it in that time. After arriving in my office, I created a powerpoint several minutes then sent to him. He brought it in leaders meeting of campus (Rapim) this morning. If there is no obstacle, this agenda will be held in this friday. I hope in the remaining days, we can make the job done well.

Idul Adha 1439 H

This year I spent short holiday of Idul Adha at home. Even I didn’t pray Id because of travel, I still enjoyed the rest of time. I arrived at Lamongan station at 9 am then my father picked me up. After taking rest for a while then I went to mosque. I saw the remaining process of qurban. I helped as I could. Those were several pictures I could take :

Not only doing qurban, there was unique cultures happening here. After all cows and sheeps had been slaughtered (those were 5 cows and 19 sheeps), we took a lunch from meat of qurban. The menu of that day was “tahu campur”. I thought it was delicious.

We got lot of meats in home, not only from the mosque we usually pray in but also from neighbor mosque. The qurban process happened in the next day, in my uncle’s boarding school. If not wrong those are nine sheeps were slaughtered. I took a picture below :

At the day of qurban, we made satay in the back of home. We did it together with my sisters and brother in law.

I think my holiday was too short, but it was very worthy. The existing thing was I could meet my nephew that now he is 2.5 months. See you Ilham, grow up quickly 🙂