Start Editing

After spending short holiday in Yogyakarta last weekend, this morning I was back to work. Information Centre ITB as my office. My body was not properly fresh, no longer interacting with my laptop, I felt tired. Then at 2 pm, I chose to go home. I then slept till azan maghrib almost come. My body looked fresh and after isya I continued to start editing my book. Focusing on this work was not easy because another side I also heard musics. It created distruction in my focus but I could not stop it. I wanted to feel relax this night. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will edit my book again.


Pure Saturday

This is first music biography book I ever read.

The complete title of the book is “Pure Saturday, Based on True Story” written by Idhar Resmadi. By this book, I have just known this indie band. My friend said that this band is famous, he is one of its fan.

This book told about how Pure Saturday can survive in high competition of musics industry. This group initially came from a group of young men who interested in musics especially rock. They then created lyrics and played them in some events. Accidentally they joined an competition and won. Pure Saturday had more fans who like indie musics.

This group ever changed over one label to another. Beside that, it had problem especially in how to coordinate the team. It experienced years vacuum of activity because of its member choosed to focus with their jobs.

This book is presented with good journalism, it’s worth to read.

Old Books

Today after doing friday worship (ibadah jumah), I walked around sidewalk in front masjid salman. There were many sellers selling clothes, kitchen set, till book. I stayed long in a book seller namely Pak Budi. He sold many old books that make me interesting to observe more. I asked him how much “Di bawah Bendera Revolusi” price ?. He said “1.5 million rupiahs”. It was incredible because four years ago I bought the same book only 800k rupiahs.

Then I saw interesting three : Labbaik and Merantau ke Deli by Hamka and Zaman Edan by Kamadjaja. I bought all of them 150k rupiahs. This moment reminded me when I was an undergraduate, I was a collector of old books especially if they were written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Elon Musk

I have just read a biography of Elon Musk. It was written by Ashlee Vance, a leading author in technology. If not wrong I initially interacted with this book more than 3 months ago. So, my reading speed is low enough. Nevertheless, I am happy after finishing this book. It motivate me to read another book especially a book that have no correlation with works.

This book is completely enough talking about what Elon Musk doing. People said that Elon is combination between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He is known as key player behind Tesla, SpaceX, Gigafactory, and Hyperloop. Long time before, Zip2 and PayPal. Because this multidiplinary, Elon is in rank one in tech-entrepreneur in nowadays. No more people that have hugh dream (to make Tony Stark real) like him. People said that Elon think not about business with its profit but he has big attention to humanity. Business that Elon built all to answer it especially to reduce global warming, human colony to Mars, and sustainable energy.

The book also talks about life side of Elon like his broken family and uncommon life that he has been running. He run several companies in same time and all create breakthrough in every single thing they concern. The author predicts that Elon will be the richest man in the future.

Lesson-learned from Elon Musk that to be multitasking in works is very possible provided that we strive to achieve a goal, a real dream. Elon is inspiration to every one who think to be general person is impossible. My respect to you Elon !

Start to Continue Drafting

I have just searched several papers related to the book I want to write. Mostly are journals. After this, I will continue to draft my book. I started this since saturday by writing a paper review per day in my blog. The process of drafting is not simple. First, I read the paper (mostly using english) then give the highlight to texts related to the the topic. After this, I then translate to bahasa and combine with the several article I wrote before. The final step is combining in a proper flow. I  had written the chapters that consist of four. Because I get used to write an academic paper, more and less it influence my writing style. Because this is my first project, so my target is just to make this thing done. I think this is time to continue, let’s rock !

Book, Sport, Coffee

I like all those things. Book refers to knowledge, even learning something new is hard but for me it’s interesting. Every day I spend my time to read or think. That is part of my job in research. Then, I feel tired when I don’t spend my time for jogging. Since last December 2016, I routiny have jogging and monitored by app Nike Run +. Beside that, I also play badminton every sunday morning. Meanwhile, I mean coffee is sign that we are focus to work. I always spend the time to do my work in coffee shop. Almost every morning I drink black “Aroma” coffee. It is my partner while start working or just welcoming rise of the sun.

I then dream that some day, I can build an integrated sport arena with integrated information technology. In the arena, there are coffee shop and also library. I want to share my like to people. It’s kind of education I think. If book, sport, and coffee are combined in one statement, we can get a meaning “Success is combination between intellectual, health, and working hard”.


I came relatively early in the badminton yard this morning then did warming up. I saw two guys played single. Not so long after that playing double. I didn’t know exactly what happened with me, I felt powerless to play. I was hard to run catching suttlecock and had no accuracy when delivering smash. It made me hard to score and result was fallout. There was no game (even half set) that I can win even pairing with different team. Maybe it because of lack of workout before the game. Last Saturday I missed playing with campus’s and since Wednesday I didn’t do jogging. So the lesson is tomorrow I must start taking sports !

Luckily even this day I don’t have motivation to work, I spend my time to read a book that talk about Elon Musk. I enjoy this book. When reading, I was distracted to watch videos that taking about technology in the perspective of Islam. It’s delivered by famous Islamic figure, Ustad Abdul Somad. This was my first time listening his speech even via YouTube. Seven series of videos were done to be watched partially. I then continue reading.