Indonesia was Under Boots

This is a title of book created by Indro Tjahjono, careteker of Student Board ITB in 1970s. Original title is in Bahasa “Indonesia di Bawah Sepatu Lars”. This book was famous in student movement in the new order. It contents Indro’s pledoi when he was accused as suspect because of students movement against Soeharto regym.

I read several chapters, still more than 100 pages remaining. Even now I am not a student again, but from this book I can keep my spirit on. Thank you Pak Indro for sharing your worth experience in this book. Hope me can meet you asking for your signature in this book 🙂


Pure Saturday

This is first music biography book I ever read.

The complete title of the book is “Pure Saturday, Based on True Story” written by Idhar Resmadi. By this book, I have just known this indie band. My friend said that this band is famous, he is one of its fan.

This book told about how Pure Saturday can survive in high competition of musics industry. This group initially came from a group of young men who interested in musics especially rock. They then created lyrics and played them in some events. Accidentally they joined an competition and won. Pure Saturday had more fans who like indie musics.

This group ever changed over one label to another. Beside that, it had problem especially in how to coordinate the team. It experienced years vacuum of activity because of its member choosed to focus with their jobs.

This book is presented with good journalism, it’s worth to read.

Elon Musk

I have just read a biography of Elon Musk. It was written by Ashlee Vance, a leading author in technology. If not wrong I initially interacted with this book more than 3 months ago. So, my reading speed is low enough. Nevertheless, I am happy after finishing this book. It motivate me to read another book especially a book that have no correlation with works.

This book is completely enough talking about what Elon Musk doing. People said that Elon is combination between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He is known as key player behind Tesla, SpaceX, Gigafactory, and Hyperloop. Long time before, Zip2 and PayPal. Because this multidiplinary, Elon is in rank one in tech-entrepreneur in nowadays. No more people that have hugh dream (to make Tony Stark real) like him. People said that Elon think not about business with its profit but he has big attention to humanity. Business that Elon built all to answer it especially to reduce global warming, human colony to Mars, and sustainable energy.

The book also talks about life side of Elon like his broken family and uncommon life that he has been running. He run several companies in same time and all create breakthrough in every single thing they concern. The author predicts that Elon will be the richest man in the future.

Lesson-learned from Elon Musk that to be multitasking in works is very possible provided that we strive to achieve a goal, a real dream. Elon is inspiration to every one who think to be general person is impossible. My respect to you Elon !