Next Paper

This afternoon I sent a paper draft to my colleague (he is lecturer relatively junior). It means that now I can do another paper which is part of my PhD research topic. I am interested in Regional Innovation System (RIS) so my paper will be about that. In the begining I will finish my opinion still related to that topic this night.

Even I still have remaining three papers but it doesn’t work well because my colleague (he is lecturer too) is busy with their works. I wait for his invitation to revise the papers. He has high standard in writing a paper, unfutunatelly he has not good enough in time management. I recognise that he is very good in understanding something in particular about our research topics. He is opposite with my previous collegue.

I should prepare for my next plan. This must be first priority. Let’s continue back to work.


Finishing of a Draft

To commit to a goal is not easy, you must face many problems that distruct you to focus with. I planned that this week I must finish my intial PhD draft so I must spend much time in this. In reality, I was distructed with many things till this time I haven’t finish this work. I recognize that working for academics in particular related to the research is hard, reading-thinking-writing are combined. Because I was targetting this work, but I was muddy to focus, it impacted to my feeling “stress”. Yes, this week I was so stressful, I force to work in some coffee shops but I was still not focus. I denied many weekend activities such as going to my friends home or just to take refreshment with blogging or photography.  I try to enjoy this work but it never happened. Am I so serious ? Maybe I must lower my goal or cut several targets from my note. I hope it will help me.

Part of Analysis

After writing chapter of results (findings), tomorrow is time for analyzing. This day was tough day as usual even not like yesterday. But, I can conquer it by focusing in writing paper. Anothers are side jobs even they looked so hard. For me, management is like a toy. Managing people is a good thing, I really like it. I hope tomorrow I can wake up before 6 am so I can continue my paper work and have jogging half hour like this morning.

Yesterday I sucessfully registrated Full Marathon (FM) held by Pocari Swet on August this year. This morning was my first day for its preparation. May FM brings motivation for me to routiny running more than 5 k (half hour) every day. I dream someday I can join international marathon event in London or New York, don’t I ?

Little Speak of Conference

2017 was my last conference that I attended outside Indonesia. It was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. So talking about that last afternoon during paper discussion was interesting. I said to my research partner (which is a lecturer) that I am interested participating on conference this year. His reply was positive but he couldn’t make sure that the conference will be delegated to me as his research assistant.

I don’t think deeply about that because the important thing of me is how I can publish several papers this year. The most thing is how I can apply PhD program. Those are my plans that make my life alive. Yes, let’s back to work again several minutes before having nice sleeping.

FYI, tomorrow my favourite football team, Manchester United will have big match with Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Hope me can watch it live in the second half. Thank you !

Have Just Done

I have just finished a draft that I will give to my partner (he is lecturer) to be corrected. Last evening, I looked for a place that is comfortable for working place. Finally I got Kopi Anjis where I worked there till 11.30 pm. Because my work was not finished yet, I went to Bober. This time I am still in here. I tried to finish the draft all night until fajr time. I have limited experience to write a paper using english, so it must be spending more time than an experienced researcher.

I order fried rice to be my breakfast. I planned to go office earlier then take a rest temporary before working. Have a good friday guys !


There are several hours remaining for the deadline of two papers. First paper is about technology commercialization that I work with a MoT Lab lecturer and second one is about lecturers engagement that I work with a CK4BC lecturer. Because I am not used to make vlog, so I update my activity using this blog. Maybe next time I will. For making vlog, I am inspired to Deon,  a robot maker in film Chappie. When his humanic-robot would be ready to be installed, he took a video talking about progress.

One paper that I must finish tomorrow hasn’t ready yet. I haven’t read anything yet. I plan to finish the first one untill 10 pm then move to another work. I do the first one in Eiger Coffee Shop at Cihampelas street. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will update again about my work in this blog. Happy work Guys !