Elon Musk

I have just read a biography of Elon Musk. It was written by Ashlee Vance, a leading author in technology. If not wrong I initially interacted with this book more than 3 months ago. So, my reading speed is low enough. Nevertheless, I am happy after finishing this book. It motivate me to read another book especially a book that have no correlation with works.

This book is completely enough talking about what Elon Musk doing. People said that Elon is combination between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He is known as key player behind Tesla, SpaceX, Gigafactory, and Hyperloop. Long time before, Zip2 and PayPal. Because this multidiplinary, Elon is in rank one in tech-entrepreneur in nowadays. No more people that have hugh dream (to make Tony Stark real) like him. People said that Elon think not about business with its profit but he has big attention to humanity. Business that Elon built all to answer it especially to reduce global warming, human colony to Mars, and sustainable energy.

The book also talks about life side of Elon like his broken family and uncommon life that he has been running. He run several companies in same time and all create breakthrough in every single thing they concern. The author predicts that Elon will be the richest man in the future.

Lesson-learned from Elon Musk that to be multitasking in works is very possible provided that we strive to achieve a goal, a real dream. Elon is inspiration to every one who think to be general person is impossible. My respect to you Elon !


Back to Work

I am on the way to Bandung, a place where I learn and work. I have just spent two night at hometown. By train as scheduled, tomorrow I will arrive in station at 4 am. I am not young anymore so I can’t play with my old friends like when I was student. In home, I spent time more to be close with my parent, not going anywhere. Yesterday I went to Namira mosque with my little twin cousins.

I still leave several works that to be done before long holiday (read : lebaran). I make list of four : finishing book, getting 50 respondents of the research, writing opinion about Higher Education, and finishing annual reports of my campus. All must finish for three weeks later.

Meeting with my parent is energy for me to always think positive especially when spending time to learn and work in Bandung. In my age right now, I face many constrains so I have to empower my self : to be strong and keep optimism for everything I dream for.

Short Speech

This fajr after praying, I substituted my father schedule in delivering 7 minutes speech or usually we called it “kultum” in mosque near by my home. I was not ready enough because less preparation before. So long I didn’t do it, this made burden for me but I couldn’t refuse this order. It was duty. The society knows me as graduate of Islamic boarding school even I was not close with Islamic environment for today because of jobs.

I delivered an interpretation about Al Baqoroh : 25 about happy news for the believers and goodness doers. Our God promises them with heaven. This verse describes about what heaven look like. I got this article from Suara Muhammadiyah, a monthly magazine created by PP Muhammadiyah. Last night, I didn’t get another idea except reading from that magazine.

This experience reminded me again that I must learn about Islam more than before. Even I will not to be Islamic spoke person but to be muslim is not easy, it needs enough knowledge especially when we worship to our God.

“Buka Puasa” for The First Time at Home

I don’t know exactly what the meaning of “buka puasa” in english. When we write in google translate, we will get the meaning “breaking the fast”. I feel awkward when using that term, so I use the original one.

Back to the topic.

Last night, I drived train toward my hometown at Lamongan, East Java. Last morning I approximately arrived at station at 9 am. My father already waited me.

This day, I spent all my time almost in home. Only several, I used it to do praying at mushola. This was first day of me (and also all muslims) to do fasting at Ramadhan this year. Nevertheless I was not hungry enough.

When azan came, no word more than “happy”. This Ramadhan is not usual for me because I can spend the first day at home with my parent. Maybe last time I did like this more than 8 years ago when I was student in Jogja. Even the moment without my sisters but it was still special. My younger sister still at Jakarta and the older one with her husband.

I will no longer at home because saturday evening, I will go back to Bandung. So, enjoy the day at the hometown.

Again Terrorist Attack

Now I am watching a news channel of national television. It reported that there was attack in Police Head Office at Riau. I don’t know that there is victim or not.

In the last one week there were several incidents with terrorists are the main player : mako Brimob, Church attack at Surabaya, and now police head office at Riau.

I hope that after this, there is no more attack. Tomorrow is Ramadhan kariim, let all muslims worship quietly.

Heavy Rain

Out of working time (normally), we still discussed about our works. Especially about draft of document that we must collect it tomorrow. It talked about accountability and transparency of a public body. After the meeting ended, suddenly rain came and it was heavy. I must wait until the rain stops.

I have plan this evening to meet my friend in Bandung Creative Hub (BCH). I will take a caffee time for the first time in there beside buying my friend’s book.

There is several works that must be finished this night. Maybe I will do it in there. See you !


Our humanity is under attack. When some terrorists killed innocent people in the name of something like belief they hold. Recently we hear about this especially when there was Church attack at Surabaya last day (13/2). This is definetely not justified. This is a way to destroy our humanity. Human use logics and heart to do something. Not like animal that just using its desire. But, there is part of animal inside human self so human can be animal too and even more.

Because of that, not all humans are human. Being human is a process, it’s learning. So, what you can say to the terrorists ? There are not humans. There is no animal that kill another animal.

From this short article, deep condolence from me to all victims in Surabaya Attack.

#prayforSurabaya #prayforIndonesia