Scopus and Professor

So far I agree with this opinion that a professor should have role to not just doing business as usual such as teaching and publishing Scopus journals but the most important is to enlighten society from chaos.


After Rain

There was heavy rain coming two times this noon. The last one has just happened. This morning I revised my plan in 2019, the former was too many plans that potentially make me stressful. I plan this year I can achieve several substantial goal of my life.

The past remains the past, your future is on your hand. Be yourself !


Remember this day my friend, 5th January 2019, first week of new year. I created repeatable mistakes.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Please learn about this day. Don’t make you stupid. Be a strong guy !

No word

Yesterday was the ending of year 2018 and now is the beginning of new year 2019.

30 December 2018, I wouldn’t forget an accident ; my graduate building was burned. I saw directly when the fire was burning the building. This happened two weeks after 25 years celebration of this department’s birthday.

Till now, I still feeling sad because of this. Even I am not working there but its memory always be everlasting.

It’s hard start for 2019 for all people in the department. I hope you are strong facing this test.


Remember again when you was a child. Did you play toys like this? This day I went to some baby toys shop. Because this night I plan to go home I want to give some gift to my niece. Because he is six months baby, I should buy toy related to his age. I asked to a shopman which toy should I buy. He then directed me to some room part where I could see many kinds of toys. I tried several until I found spesific toy that was accordance to my favour. Finally I chose car and spider.

Have Just Done

I have just finished a draft that I will give to my partner (he is lecturer) to be corrected. Last evening, I looked for a place that is comfortable for working place. Finally I got Kopi Anjis where I worked there till 11.30 pm. Because my work was not finished yet, I went to Bober. This time I am still in here. I tried to finish the draft all night until fajr time. I have limited experience to write a paper using english, so it must be spending more time than an experienced researcher.

I order fried rice to be my breakfast. I planned to go office earlier then take a rest temporary before working. Have a good friday guys !