Finishing Target

I wrote “to do list” that must be accomplished this month in the beginning of August 2019. All are still related to my future dream ; a joint-paper about startup survival, a PhD proposal about system of innovation, an article to be published in national news paper about electric car, and doing IELTS test (prediction). I haven’t done yet all. I don’t want to excuse that because I have been busy with my other daily jobs so I don’t focus on those targets. There are three days left, I must optimize my effort to make my plans come true.

This night, I plan to finish my paper draft then in friday morning I will meet my research-mate to discuss about whole part of the paper.

Then, saturday will be time to finish my PhD proposal and article.

IELTS test (preparation) should be joined next month.

Don’t forget with your coffee. Enjoy the day Guys !



When last afternoon, I spent time for working (mostly related to managerial jobs), this evening has been for research. I am to tired but I should do my target to write a paper about regional innovation system. Even it is not a duty, but it is a step of my PhD research later. I don’t know when I can study my doctoral, but I have clear plan about my future. I highly excited with topic of technology, politics, international network, and business that can be compiled in topic of “system of innovation”. Even spending more time to do merely research doesn’t work because of I have a lot things to do. Maybe it is reflection of my activism so I always not to satisfied about something. I am now so young compared by many scholars in my campus and I have more energy to do something than them, more importantly I have chance to improve some problems in my campus with the position I have right now.

Next year my campus will be 100 years old, I will give my best to its extraordinary birthday. I don’t know my future will be here or not, so one and only I can do is to contribute right now, no matter how small my contribution is. Helping the almamater means helping this nation, so don’t stop working.

5 Interviews 1 Presentation

I arrived at office at 9 am then doing interview to 2 students in rotation. Then at 11 am, I led a meeting discussing about web development that was attended by a vice rector. After lunch, I edited several plans of the project then did interview with 3 students. Approximately, I did it for half of hour. It make me so tired. I went home from office at 5.30 pm and prayed maghrib at rector office.

As usual, I didn’t directly go to my homestay. I have been having night coffee at Caffetto by doing my another works. My Nvivo is ready, I will start my paper again. Good night !


Today was my research time (also lecture time). I entered the research methodology class with continuing completing my research. After lunch, I had meeting with other lecturers discussing about research too but with different topic. After these two discussions, actually I have a lot of homework. This weekend will be busy for me.

Now is time to write

This fu*king day was full of activities, from leading a meeting to assisting an intern boy. Moreover with another routiny coordination about jobs. Even I was so busy but it was really interesting. I just realize that I didn’t take lunch at 3 pm. After all jobs already done, I went home. I took my lunch in front rector office.

Rain came but not so long, I looked for a cafe.

Kopi Anjis was my choice. I planned to finish my paper before it will be reported tomorrow morning to my supervisor also my research colleague. Now, I am still on work. After reading several papers, now is time to revise my paper.

When reading a paper, I listen to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” sung by Oasis and Coldplay. This song is great. I dream that someday I will sing that song in a show.


Yesterday a lecturer taught me how to analyze data using SPSS. I firstly used this program two years ago just to process simple data by assistance from a book. It was not so in-depth. Yesterday was different. The collection of data was many more. Because I must learn this new program, my working time has been increasing. My another research is in the finishing. Working for two research in the same time is not easy. Because those all are my jobs so I must finish, no excuse.

One interesting is learning this program is a entry point for me to learn how to use rich data in the future with high complexity. Long time ago I joined R course. I hope I can use it in the future. This time is to master SPSS. Enjoy the work guys !