5 Interviews 1 Presentation

I arrived at office at 9 am then doing interview to 2 students in rotation. Then at 11 am, I led a meeting discussing about web development that was attended by a vice rector. After lunch, I edited several plans of the project then did interview with 3 students. Approximately, I did it for half of hour. It make me so tired. I went home from office at 5.30 pm and prayed maghrib at rector office.

As usual, I didn’t directly go to my homestay. I have been having night coffee at Caffetto by doing my another works. My Nvivo is ready, I will start my paper again. Good night !



Today was my research time (also lecture time). I entered the research methodology class with continuing completing my research. After lunch, I had meeting with other lecturers discussing about research too but with different topic. After these two discussions, actually I have a lot of homework. This weekend will be busy for me.

Now is time to write

This fu*king day was full of activities, from leading a meeting to assisting an intern boy. Moreover with another routiny coordination about jobs. Even I was so busy but it was really interesting. I just realize that I didn’t take lunch at 3 pm. After all jobs already done, I went home. I took my lunch in front rector office.

Rain came but not so long, I looked for a cafe.

Kopi Anjis was my choice. I planned to finish my paper before it will be reported tomorrow morning to my supervisor also my research colleague. Now, I am still on work. After reading several papers, now is time to revise my paper.

When reading a paper, I listen to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” sung by Oasis and Coldplay. This song is great. I dream that someday I will sing that song in a show.


Yesterday a lecturer taught me how to analyze data using SPSS. I firstly used this program two years ago just to process simple data by assistance from a book. It was not so in-depth. Yesterday was different. The collection of data was many more. Because I must learn this new program, my working time has been increasing. My another research is in the finishing. Working for two research in the same time is not easy. Because those all are my jobs so I must finish, no excuse.

One interesting is learning this program is a entry point for me to learn how to use rich data in the future with high complexity. Long time ago I joined R course. I hope I can use it in the future. This time is to master SPSS. Enjoy the work guys !

Alot of works

Today was very busy for me. A cup of black coffee welcomed my morning to start working with my paper. In the same time I also worked for another job by contacting many people related to maintain the work progress. So my mind was forced to work harder.

My eyes were so tired seeing the screen of mobile phone and also laptop. So was my brain. I planned to take asleep early after dinner. But there was a call from someone I miss. Thank you for the time.


This day was full of activities. Starting from 10 am, I must met with a lecturer in SBM discussing about second paper then one hour later I presentated one year plan for the place I work for in front my boss. Then at 1 pm I evaluated my teammate (2 groups)’s project management.

Then nearly 3 pm I had a lunch (also breakfast) at Etitu with my job partner. We talked to much any random conversations. Then before going home I checked another magangers job for more than half hour.

Now, I am in a coffee shop like usual to do my weekday works (aka. research). Tomorrow morning I will attend a research method class. So this night I must prepare it. Enjoy the day guys !

Little Speak of Conference

2017 was my last conference that I attended outside Indonesia. It was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. So talking about that last afternoon during paper discussion was interesting. I said to my research partner (which is a lecturer) that I am interested participating on conference this year. His reply was positive but he couldn’t make sure that the conference will be delegated to me as his research assistant.

I don’t think deeply about that because the important thing of me is how I can publish several papers this year. The most thing is how I can apply PhD program. Those are my plans that make my life alive. Yes, let’s back to work again several minutes before having nice sleeping.

FYI, tomorrow my favourite football team, Manchester United will have big match with Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Hope me can watch it live in the second half. Thank you !