Have Just Done

I have just finished a draft that I will give to my partner (he is lecturer) to be corrected. Last evening, I looked for a place that is comfortable for working place. Finally I got Kopi Anjis where I worked there till 11.30 pm. Because my work was not finished yet, I went to Bober. This time I am still in here. I tried to finish the draft all night until fajr time. I have limited experience to write a paper using english, so it must be spending more time than an experienced researcher.

I order fried rice to be my breakfast. I planned to go office earlier then take a rest temporary before working. Have a good friday guys !


Weekend is for Weekend

As I wrote yesterday evening, this morning I will update the progress of my works. Unfortunatelly they haven’t finish yet, one of my work is still nothing to do. Even I do much more to take relax temporarely by taking sleep or watching movie, all doesn’t impact anymore to my spirit to finish the works. All because in the weekend, I still think to my works. I always imagine to solve them. This is terrible. The result of my works not significant. Its much better for me to spend weekend for weekend, to refresh my mind by hanging out without thinking anything about works. Stop thinking seriously, enjoy the life. You can continue your works on the next weekday.

I must make my life normal. Spending time all for works is not normal that make us stress. If we go to the coffee shop in the weekend, make sure that there is no laptop in our bag. Enjoy the coffee and its people. You can also go to your mates to strengthen your friendship. Or like your long time weekend, you spend most of the time for sport. All those are good for you because you are human. Remember all those things are run on the weekend, so they doesn’t waste your time. Weekday is time for you to achieve your career dream, but weekend is for your humanity. There is several times remaining before meeting to your boss, prepare your paper !


There are several hours remaining for the deadline of two papers. First paper is about technology commercialization that I work with a MoT Lab lecturer and second one is about lecturers engagement that I work with a CK4BC lecturer. Because I am not used to make vlog, so I update my activity using this blog. Maybe next time I will. For making vlog, I am inspired to Deon,  a robot maker in film Chappie. When his humanic-robot would be ready to be installed, he took a video talking about progress.

One paper that I must finish tomorrow hasn’t ready yet. I haven’t read anything yet. I plan to finish the first one untill 10 pm then move to another work. I do the first one in Eiger Coffee Shop at Cihampelas street. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will update again about my work in this blog. Happy work Guys !

Follow Up

This morning was the time to report progress of yesterday meeting. There were 16 reputable papers must be highlighted to be inserted to two chapters : background and literature review. To sort main points of each paper, we must read carefully then interpretate and puzzle it into systematic paragraph. This process actually needs our imagination. It is not easy thing. This evening will be my time to follow up what I have already earned last morning. Let’s work !

Learning Zotero

Saturday morning for the first time, I heard citation application namelu zotero from Pak Erwin. I think it is best solution to manage our citation when writing a paper. After the event, I came to some coffee shop to read Pak Erwin’s blog. I didn’t try in that time that app because my mind could not be compromize to think deeply enough about this new one. So, I just finished my writing on two of my blog. Yesterday I didn’t touch it anymore until this day. I planned for today to come to MoT lab to give progress report of my work, but it was camcelled because my report still on the progress.


After work hour, I came to my newest favourite coffee shop to do this thing, “I want to able to use zotero in my writing process”. I opened Pak Erwin’s blog then learn little buy little. Now I am still on the progress to learn. I hope I can understand this as fast as possible.

Finally, let’s learn …


This day was last “upgrading” of students who take internship in PPID. It was held in meeting room A of Rector building ITB. Speaker of the meeting was Pak Erwin. He is a lecturer of geology ITB that have big interest in self-archieving. He also always campaign of open knowledge. I knew him several years ago but not-indeph understanding with what he actually do. This morning, I listened directly in a meeting with internship students.

Even I am now working for PPID that to manage public datas, I am also as reseacher. So pararelly his presentation contributes to two of my works. For the research, I will try to use automatic citation like what he recommended to us, another maybe I will upload several works to some repository in order to be detected by google scholar (this special for my research). For PPID, maybe I will try to arrange step by step toward data management. In the end, ITB will have open data that can easily accessed by publics.

I think this is the time…


This time actually I must continue working and finish a draft paper for tomorrow.  But I feel not so good to go back working after spending along day for the jobs. Today, I finished my revised paper for STPM journal and sent it its official. This afternoon, I was a meeting speaker for the future of PPID next year. I looked so busy but actually I have my time right now. Do you know how I spend my “me time” ? I do another job.

Rapat di Rapim B
Atmosphere on meeting this day, full of people from Information Official of faculties and units.

This time I am in my new baseman, Eiger Coffee on Cihampelas street. I have been spending here since last two week. I feel enjoy with the place. Its design so friendly that make me “feel at home” for along time. I have another base in some coffee shop but its chair not so comfortable and most people there are smoking. This place has two choise : smoking and no smoking area. I choose number two.

I ordered V60 of Garut bean. Maybe basically I love writing (read : blogging), so by writing this short post, I feel ready to back to work again. Enjoy the night champs !