Hold SmartPhone in Toilet

For me toilet is one of best place to reinvent ideas. I ofter read my book there or also try to deliver speech. I hate wasting time by doing something that have no benefit for my self. Somedays I got a clue for my project there. I forgot exactly about what the name of project. Reading book or paper in toilet makes me more concentrated so my reading becomes relatively faster than usual. Someday when I have a home, I want to make my toilet comfortable for reading like managing it’s air circulation and choosing seat-kloset (kloset duduk) of course. 

I think that’s all, I have just finished my beol :p


The Ultimate Freedom

I have just done weekly worship : jumatan. I did it in masjid Salman ITB. The khotib was Prof. Hermawan, board member of Salman and also professor of ITB. He delivered a meaningful message in his speech. I point one : the ultimate freedom is not we do everything we will but if we are close to God, Allah SWT. Religion looks like a boundary because there many things that regulate our life but it bring us to the ultimate freedom : happiness in life. When we do believe in God, there is no reason to fear with some body, to do good things to achieve better society like to maximize potential or intellectual to do somethings for human rights. The most valuable people in the eye of God is when they are keeping their idealisms as a Moslem by doing somethings have impact for humanity. 

Jamaica Coffee

I have been drinking Jamaica coffee this morning. It was brought by Kang Jujun, an employee in Information Centre ITB. It smells like red sugar (gula merah) combined with black original coffee. I do not know it is kind of robusta or arabica, the importance is it tastes good. I drink it without sugar. I capture that spectacular coffee here. Have a good day everyone !


Most people do not want to wait because of wasting time, costly, and others. As you know, queueing has also positive thing to you. It makes you more patient facing something. This time I am waiting for free-break fasting in masjid Istiqomah in Bandung. A lot people spend several minutes to get their service turn. I think nearly 100 people here. Even the side dish is not quite special but it is free. It make it very special. My turn is coming, see you :p 

Street Musicians 

When I am on the bus to Jatinangor, I see a talented street musician here. He is singing many songs : own-created and famous songs like The Beatles. I then think how if he (and others street musicians) is accomodated in some places then encouraged and stimulated to create some song. It will be amazing I think. I will invite them in my “knowledge hub” performing some songs and I pay for them. So further, their songs then will be recorded and sold. They can be good musicians in the future. They also are trained to know perfectly about musicals. Musics is part of knowledge and I like it.  

Creating NPWP

One thing that you will be asked is about NPWP (Tax card). So today after completing registration online, I must go here (Tax Officer) to give  a copied identity card. This is my first time. Here many people are enthusiast to take care of tax payment. I do not know exactly how much government’s income from tax but I just believe it increases. In Jokowi’s period, Government totally encourage Indonesian people to pay their tax for example program “Tax Amnesty”. FYI, I create the card especially for project administration.