Success Story

Life is an journey. Your life will alive forever if you have hope for better tomorrow. So life can be named as journey to seek a success. Every one has different meanings of success story. For me especially this year’s success story is about finding someone I love.

This is more than everything that energyze every single work you do.

When you imagine her face smilling, it remember that some day you will together with her, sharing everything and making laugh and smile together. She is everything. Love can not be definited with some straight statements like what looks like in textbook. It has no logics but only can be felt. You always think about her, sometimes calling her, checking her recent updates for social media, and so on. All those are sign representing that you love her.

But, those all are not enough if you hope that she love you back. You must understand her clearly, you can not force your ego but you should not be her servant or “slave”. Loving each other is about compromizing and understanding each other, so it is long journey. Maybe now you click with her, but wait for she to click with you. Be patient and keep positive.


Si Doel The Movie

Saturday night (4/8) after eating durian, my two friends and I watched a movie in Ciwalk. This movie began at 11 pm, so we waited for a half hour. We knew that this film would tell about love journey between Doel and his behalf : Zainab and Sarah before. As you know, all of us are men, no there was no romantic anymore :p

The beginning of this movie talking about Doel and Mandra that will goto the Netherlands attending Sarah’s causin, Hans. This guy said to Doel that he would be promised with a job, but it turns out a trap to make Doel and Sarah met. Doel knew his son after 12 years didn’t meet. As you know,  when Sarah leaved Doel, she was pregnant. Doel could’nt do anything because of his poverty. Finally, Doel married Zainab but he never divorce with Sarah.

Doel is a kind man, showing of a ideal betawinesse, but he has complex problem in life that make him strong. This film is worth to watch.

si doel

Stay Overnight at Friend’s

Lat night was long chance I could hang out. After iftar together with my dorm folks then we hung out in some coffee shop in Supratman street. We talked about many things. After that, we then went to my friend’s indekost to park my motorcycle and went to PVJ. In that time, watch showed that already at 11s pm. There was traffict jum when heading to the location. Finally we arrived half of hour before the mid night. I only accompanied my friend who want to make use of discount up to 70 percents provided by PVJ management.  So, there was nothing to buy.

Evidently, my friend didn’t buy anything. We then just chatted randomly about many things including woman behind facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. Time showed that the day was changing and closed to sahur time. We then went home still using Grab. I stayed at my friend indekost. When one of my friends already slept, I continued chatting with other one. We were three in that time. There was important topic we discussed, business opportunity that can be created in Indonesia. Time was ended when closed to sahur time.

Aerodynamics Solution-Based Company

First time I knew UAVINDO Nusantara as Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company, a small enterprise that produce UAV or drone. But, after taking much interview with its player including its founder and director right now, this a solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core basic technology. So, since this company built in 2000s, variety of UAV that’s successfully produced just several. But it has many another products like wind tunnel, skydiving tunnel, survey car, and so on. When I asked its director last minute ago he convinced me that UAVINDO is solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core competency. He chosed that concern (not a drone company with its manufacturing) because of long history of this company when initially built. Its nature was not absolutely commercial, there was spirit to educate. In my term, this company is an university that only focus in solving problem using aerial technology. Wait my long story about this company in my upcoming book.


Someday you will meet someone that you feel awkward. Yes, because you have bad experience with him/her our you are ashamed when say “hello” to him/her and another reasons. Beside two reasons mentioned, because of we forget him/her name, we don’t greet when we met. My senior who works in Tracer Study suggests me that we must be kind to every one we ever known by greeting him/her when we meet on the street or another public places. This kind of “silaturahim” as recommended by religion. When you say greeting and he/she give you “peanut”, just keep slowly. You do this not because you want to to respected, but to spread peacefulness to people around the world. When you say greeting, you must have been smiling and it is kind of kindness, isn’t it ?

Waiting People in Kresna SBM

This time I am waiting people (mostly SBM academician) to discuss follow up of research in Kresna Building, part of SBM ITB. The research is titled “Engagement Factors of Lecturers in Higher Education Institution”. I conduct about the research because of its topic related to my concern : entrepreneurship and innovation in the spirit of improvement. In here, I am just a researcher. For the initial study, I posted in international conference, ICHCKM 2017 and was accepted. Now, it is the time to complete the research for the Q3 journal. Hopefully, I always keep in rock and roll :p