Yesterday morning, I had an interview with Pak Dian, founder of AeroTerrascan. This is drone-based company specifically in providing solutions for industry by using drone. This company successfully produced 500 drones for industries like palm oil, oil&gas, and plantation since built in 2011. Three kinds of drones developed : fixed-wing, multirotor, and hybrid. Pak Dian prefered to call AeroTerrascan as a company which develops unmanned robotic. He dreams that this company then create fly drone in more far than stratosfer. Wish you and your company luck Pak !


This afternoon was very experiencing for me. I met Subhan (AE 11) to take an interview with him. I visited his office (workshop-included) in Margaasih. His office is beside Pak Djoko’s house. Subhan explained that BETA focus on manufacturing. Its products are UAV with three types : fixed-wing, muti-rotor, and hybrid. 2018 is second year since this company legally built in 2016. Like a year before, 2018 still focus on prototyping beside doing market research in oil&gas industry. Subhan was very optimistic for the future of this company that it will grab large portion of pie in using UAV for surveillance. This company produces UAV for civilian.

Aerodynamics Solution-Based Company

First time I knew UAVINDO Nusantara as Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company, a small enterprise that produce UAV or drone. But, after taking much interview with its player including its founder and director right now, this a solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core basic technology. So, since this company built in 2000s, variety of UAV that’s successfully produced just several. But it has many another products like wind tunnel, skydiving tunnel, survey car, and so on. When I asked its director last minute ago he convinced me that UAVINDO is solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core competency. He chosed that concern (not a drone company with its manufacturing) because of long history of this company when initially built. Its nature was not absolutely commercial, there was spirit to educate. In my term, this company is an university that only focus in solving problem using aerial technology. Wait my long story about this company in my upcoming book.

At Caffee Bene

This time I am waiting for interview with a former engineer at UAVINDO, now he has a company that concern in mapping. He said that he is in a meeting place, I then replied “I will wait”. Because of his reply on WhatsApp I stopped working with my laptop. I then choose to write in this blog. As you know, this is my first time being at Coffee Bene. I ordered a cup of iced lattee costs 33k rupiahs. It’s scenery is so good if you want to work or just hanging out with your friends. But for me, I prefer other place like Yellow Truck at Linggawastu. Not because of price but because it’s atmosphere is good for leisure like if you want date with your girl friend.

I have just finished interview with Pak Sofan, a teammate member of UAVINDO in the first beginning. I explored what he did when working together with Pak Djoko. He said that Pak Djoko gave him many opportunities to run big projects and meet with many bosses. So these experiences stimulate his confidence when he run a company independently. He now run a company that have 100s employees. “For the next opportunity in mapping business is big data”, he said. I do agree.

Startup Enthusiast

Last night more than three hours, I discussed with Anshori (eFishery) and Faiz ( about how does hardware tech-based startup work. Anshori is ITB 2009, same with me but he graduated from Informatics. Faiz from System and Information Technology (STI) batch 2010, a year younger than me. Firstly, I ask Anshori to give an inside to me whose opportunity to write a book about UAV’s startup. He gave me much lesson in that night. For example, he said that as hardware startup we must have a core that make us leading to another startup. In the discussion many terms I just got like toyota way, lean manufacturing (if not false), and so on. We also discussion about happening cases like as Cambridge Analytics. The meeting was very meaningful to me.

Last evening, I met my MIPA’s friend, namely Andri. He have just graduated from TU Delft last December and now he has been developing LoRa Technology by doing projects with Telkom. We then discussed each other. I told him that our policy doesn’t fit in now’s digital era. One of problems is we have no map of players, resource’s capability, and single road map in mastering spesific technology. Even there are many problems, our opportunity is still open. Andri said that before digital era our cake just one, now it can be two, three, and more.