Jogging at Fitness Park

I have just took several circles for jogging at Fitness Park. Now I am enjoying drinking fresh coconut water. This is my first time taking sport here this year. My planning to take jogging every morning here still just a plan. So by starting this day, may tomorrow morning I can do it.

This place is good for sport. Not only to take fun run but also we can take four kinds of sport using outdoor fitness. Also its environment with many trees around supporting you to refresh your mind for along time. Unfortunately this place sometimes full of young men sitting or people who talking each other and smoking.

Ok, I think this enough for today. I must take a bath before praying maghrib. Have a nice day guys !

Second Time Jogging

I have just had jogging this morning. I did it in Saparua Park sport centre. This was second time this month. After spending time for half hour I stopped then took a break. Now I am enjoying fresh coconut water and waiting for hot surabi. Enjoy this day !

ITB Ultra Marathon 2018

Last weekend was my second time joining running event. This opportunity was organized by ITB people, same with Ganesha Runiversity. The difference is in its official that this event was run by FTMD in coordination with BNI. So this event is big with more than 2 thousands people joined. The category consisted of severals : Relay 16, 8, 4, 2, and full 170k. The start was in BNI head office in Jakarta and its finish was in ITB Ganesa campus.

This was my first experience gathering with many alumni form Mathematics ITB. I was part of group 2 and Jaka was my running mate. I spent 1 hour and several minutes with 10s kilometers. I will told about this event more complete in my another blog.


At usual, every saturday morning my schedule is jogging at Saparua park. Especially this day I run for 5ks with pace 5.55 with spending around half of hour. But this month my frequency is less than last month with just three times. There is 13 days left to update.

Final Draft

This weekend has been days to prepare final draft for my book. Starting from early morning after subuh, continued after jogging at Saparua park, dan then began again after that. At the noon, I was so tired but forced to keep working. After ashar, my friend requested to hangout di some coffee shop but I refused. I had plan to go to the cinema. At 4.30s pm, I went to BEC by walking. Accrosing Jalan Dipatiukur, Pasoepati bridge, Dago and stopped at Indomaret Unisba for break. Azan came then I prayed maghrib in Unisba’s mosque. After that, I continued to keep walking to BEC.

I watched “Buffalo Boys” in CGV BEC. This film is awesome, I gave rating 9.0 of 10. This movie ended at around 9 pm. By driving public transportation (aka. angkot), I went home. I took dinner at SPG then drank hot tea at angkringan near monumen. Arriving room, I took prayer and slept. The new day came, I started drafting several minutes then played badminton for 2 hours. I got two turns to play, not many. Lots people joined the play. After taking sport, I started drafting till zuhur came. I still been able to take a rest this noon even just about an hour.

At the evening, I took “me time” in caffeto, a coffee shop in Sekeloa. I order a french press with sinabung bean (if not wrong). I was inspired to change title of my book in that time. I have just edited the final draft and it will be ready for tomorrow.

Good Luck France

History has just been made this night after final match of World Cup 2018. The champion was France after having spartan fight from Croatia. The final score was 4-2. There were several moments that never being missed by football fans in this game : own goal, VAR took decision for penalty, goal keeper blunder, and of course beautiful goal.

For this game I supported Croatia for the simple reason : rising of new champion in the World Cup. Even the result was not like my hope, the Croatian play was very impressive and their first goal (created by Perisic) was very classy. Modric successfully did his role as playmaker so not wrong to prize him as golden ball winner of the World Cup.

After this world cup, I believe that market value for Mbappe will exponentially raise. He is still 19 years old right now and played well in the world cup. In the final he created one goal. Another players like Hazard and Harry Kane will also create mega transfer if they move to another big club like Real Madrid.

Lesson-learned from this World Cup, there is no impossible for us to get champion in life if we love what we do. Just do play hard for your works and believe you will be winner.

Playing Badminton

Long sleep makes me confused. I didn’t have an intention to make the day full of rest. But, I accidently had influenza this afternoon, so after praying duhur I slept again till azan ashar came. Several jobs I planned before must be suspended until this night. In the evening I must play badminton in GOR Cisitu. Because this day is holiday so I prioritize to my “me time”. Sport is part of it. I played till 6 pm after iftar.

Playing badminton makes my dizziness becoming better. We played only 6 men so it was so exhausting.

I planned that this night to finish my delayed-works, hope that all to be done well.