Jogging When Fasting

Maybe because of jogging is my routine so when I don’t do it, my body looks tired and pain especially in my knee. This evening I did in Gasibu track near 5 pm. Firstly I warmed up then jogged for approximatelly 20 minutes. I achieved 3s kilometers according to Nike Run plus. Not like days before Ramadhan, the jogging track was quite quiet. Maybe because of many people was fasting. As usual, I used my earphone on to listen the musics in spotify. I can’t force my self to take speed steadily, I didn’t want to be fainted suddenly. This was my fist time jogging in this Ramadhan. My watch looked at 5.25 pm then I went home to catched up time for iftar.


New Device

This morning I used my new devices in jogging. Those are earphone and smart watch, both whose color is black. The first one is developed by JPL that I bought last friday afternoon with only 105k rupiahs and the the second one is Xiaomi Band 2 that I bought in same day with 299k rupiah.

Long time before, I used to Oppo headset. Compared with the new one, JPL is good at bass but not in  its sound purity. There is some annoying like my footstep and not clear enough for the song lyrics. My old one is better that this tool, but it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, yesterday was my first time using watch. Last time I used watch maybe when I was student of  Senior High School. The watch is a smart watch that is still popular right now. It’s technology is good enough. I use it to track my footstep, quality time when sleeping, and another apps. We can check it real time via built-app installed in the smartphone. I think, with it’s low price but high function this tool is very recommended.

Jogging around Car Free Day

During waiting for the rain to stop, I write this article. I am on the way to my senior’s home in Buah Batu.

This morning I jogged around Car Free Day Dago starting from Fitness Park Teuku Umar. As usual, sunday morning is full of people taking sport, cycling, or just hanging out especially in Car Free Day area. I reached more than 3 kilos for the jogging. As accumulative since 19 December, I completely have accomplished near 200 kilos of 600 kilos in the end of December this year.

For now, jogging is my favourite sport, I can’t miss it :p

Jogging in ITB Jatinangor

This morning I was jogging in ITB Jatinangor.This was my first time even I was here three times.I did with my friend, Thufaili (usually I call him Bos). Like before, I stayed overninght at Cyber Security building ( a place that built by Korea Government). For the track, I passed through student dormitory in the back of campus to the boulevard, front of campus. I then captured name “Institut Teknologi Bandung” in the gate.

This campus is larger that in Ganesha and comfortable for integrated learning : we can use lake (situ), mini forest, etc for research. When you take jogging in the morning, you will see beautiful manglayang mountain behind this campus and also fresh air. This picture I took behind monument of agreement (ITB-Central government-Governoor of West Java).

10 kilometers.

Last saturday (21/1), I successfully reached 10 kilometers for one trial in running. I did it in jogging track GOR Saparua for more than one hour-non-stop. This was my first time since 3 months ago when I started doing routine-jogging. I constantly jogged in soil track with medium speed, maybe for 7 km/h. When the nikeplus-counter would die because of limited battery-supply, I speed my step in running. When battery in 3 %, I achieved 10 km, not long from that, It died.