Finisher R9 Ultra

Sekitar jam 14.30 WIB saya mulai lari dari Rumah Makan Ikan Bakar Cianjur. Saya tergabung di Relay 9 tim alumni Matematika ITB. Artinya saya harus lari sekitar 20 km. Saya berada di Water Station (WS) 10 tersebut sudah dari jam 10 pagi. Sembari nunggu aku dan Mufri (rekan satu tim MA11) makan bubur ayam sampai sekitar jam 12-an. Saya nunggu mas Auriga MA 00 pelari sebelum saya.

Selanjutnya kami sholat di mushola, di sana ketemu mbak Astuti MA04 kemudian ketemu senior lain seperti Pak Ones dan Bu Janny, juga Afif MA 11. Ada juga Tim support MA sekaligus ITB90, mas Yusa. Prediksi awal saya lari sekitar jam 12.30 namun baru mulai lari dua jam setelah itu.

Lari 10k pertama pace saya cukup stabil. Mau sampai WS 11 hujan turun dan cukup deras pas sampai di lokasi. Di WS ini saya ketemu Pak Eko FT91 rekan kerja di lab. Setelah habiskan satu botol air minum kecil aku lanjutin perjalanan menuju WS12. Sekitar 2 km hujan turun tapi untungnya tidak deras. Di 10k terakhir ini saya ngerasa lebih capek khususnya pengen minum terus dan berhenti sejenak. Untungnya aku ketemu ama Putri OSE 14 dan jadilah teman ngobrol di sepanjang perjalanan.

Saya tidak cukup hafal dengan setting smartwatch saya saat saya salah menekan tombol fitur. Hasilnya saya tidak cukup akurat memprediksi saya tinggal berapa km sampai WS. Namun karena ada teman ngobrol, jarak saya dengan tempat finish ternyata sudah dekat. Alhamdulillah finish juga setelah lari 19.7 km. Saya pun foto-foto dengan kawan setim juga kenalan lain.

Part of Analysis

After writing chapter of results (findings), tomorrow is time for analyzing. This day was tough day as usual even not like yesterday. But, I can conquer it by focusing in writing paper. Anothers are side jobs even they looked so hard. For me, management is like a toy. Managing people is a good thing, I really like it. I hope tomorrow I can wake up before 6 am so I can continue my paper work and have jogging half hour like this morning.

Yesterday I sucessfully registrated Full Marathon (FM) held by Pocari Swet on August this year. This morning was my first day for its preparation. May FM brings motivation for me to routiny running more than 5 k (half hour) every day. I dream someday I can join international marathon event in London or New York, don’t I ?

ITB Ultra Marathon 2018

Last weekend was my second time joining running event. This opportunity was organized by ITB people, same with Ganesha Runiversity. The difference is in its official that this event was run by FTMD in coordination with BNI. So this event is big with more than 2 thousands people joined. The category consisted of severals : Relay 16, 8, 4, 2, and full 170k. The start was in BNI head office in Jakarta and its finish was in ITB Ganesa campus.

This was my first experience gathering with many alumni form Mathematics ITB. I was part of group 2 and Jaka was my running mate. I spent 1 hour and several minutes with 10s kilometers. I will told about this event more complete in my another blog.


At usual, every saturday morning my schedule is jogging at Saparua park. Especially this day I run for 5ks with pace 5.55 with spending around half of hour. But this month my frequency is less than last month with just three times. There is 13 days left to update.

Jogging When Fasting

Maybe because of jogging is my routine so when I don’t do it, my body looks tired and pain especially in my knee. This evening I did in Gasibu track near 5 pm. Firstly I warmed up then jogged for approximatelly 20 minutes. I achieved 3s kilometers according to Nike Run plus. Not like days before Ramadhan, the jogging track was quite quiet. Maybe because of many people was fasting. As usual, I used my earphone on to listen the musics in spotify. I can’t force my self to take speed steadily, I didn’t want to be fainted suddenly. This was my fist time jogging in this Ramadhan. My watch looked at 5.25 pm then I went home to catched up time for iftar.

New Device

This morning I used my new devices in jogging. Those are earphone and smart watch, both whose color is black. The first one is developed by JPL that I bought last friday afternoon with only 105k rupiahs and the the second one is Xiaomi Band 2 that I bought in same day with 299k rupiah.

Long time before, I used to Oppo headset. Compared with the new one, JPL is good at bass but not in  its sound purity. There is some annoying like my footstep and not clear enough for the song lyrics. My old one is better that this tool, but it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, yesterday was my first time using watch. Last time I used watch maybe when I was student of  Senior High School. The watch is a smart watch that is still popular right now. It’s technology is good enough. I use it to track my footstep, quality time when sleeping, and another apps. We can check it real time via built-app installed in the smartphone. I think, with it’s low price but high function this tool is very recommended.