ITB Ultra Marathon 2018

Last weekend was my second time joining running event. This opportunity was organized by ITB people, same with Ganesha Runiversity. The difference is in its official that this event was run by FTMD in coordination with BNI. So this event is big with more than 2 thousands people joined. The category consisted of severals : Relay 16, 8, 4, 2, and full 170k. The start was in BNI head office in Jakarta and its finish was in ITB Ganesa campus.

This was my first experience gathering with many alumni form Mathematics ITB. I was part of group 2 and Jaka was my running mate. I spent 1 hour and several minutes with 10s kilometers. I will told about this event more complete in my another blog.


Ganesha Runiversity 2017

This day I joined for the first time running event. It was held by Ganesha Athletic Unit. The track was not so far, only 5k. From this event, I got new friends : Ama, Ana, Sidik, and Wisnu. Furthermore, I got also more information about running. Have a nice sunday guys 🙂