Remember this day my friend, 5th January 2019, first week of new year. I created repeatable mistakes.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Remember this day my friend.

Please learn about this day. Don’t make you stupid. Be a strong guy !


No word

Yesterday was the ending of year 2018 and now is the beginning of new year 2019.

30 December 2018, I wouldn’t forget an accident ; my graduate building was burned. I saw directly when the fire was burning the building. This happened two weeks after 25 years celebration of this department’s birthday.

Till now, I still feeling sad because of this. Even I am not working there but its memory always be everlasting.

It’s hard start for 2019 for all people in the department. I hope you are strong facing this test.

Weekend is for Weekend

As I wrote yesterday evening, this morning I will update the progress of my works. Unfortunatelly they haven’t finish yet, one of my work is still nothing to do. Even I do much more to take relax temporarely by taking sleep or watching movie, all doesn’t impact anymore to my spirit to finish the works. All because in the weekend, I still think to my works. I always imagine to solve them. This is terrible. The result of my works not significant. Its much better for me to spend weekend for weekend, to refresh my mind by hanging out without thinking anything about works. Stop thinking seriously, enjoy the life. You can continue your works on the next weekday.

I must make my life normal. Spending time all for works is not normal that make us stress. If we go to the coffee shop in the weekend, make sure that there is no laptop in our bag. Enjoy the coffee and its people. You can also go to your mates to strengthen your friendship. Or like your long time weekend, you spend most of the time for sport. All those are good for you because you are human. Remember all those things are run on the weekend, so they doesn’t waste your time. Weekday is time for you to achieve your career dream, but weekend is for your humanity. There is several times remaining before meeting to your boss, prepare your paper !

Feel Stupid

While writing paper draft, I am distracted to stalking some experts about entrpreneurship and innovation studies. Long time before, I marked several names that some time I can come back to them to read their papers. Their papers haveĀ  many cites that means they are most popular. Then I visit university’s websites related to them, one of them is Imperial College London. For the preparation of PhD program, getting supervisor is more important than university, because being doctoral student will have limited chance for class, most time is for research. So, we must search best researcher than will become our partner. The university is just important for getting scholarship, even not all scholarship provider make requirement like this.

Ok, looking for many experts people around the world makes me no body. There is nothing to be highly appreciated. I am still on intial journey in the topic of entrepreneurship and innovation. I must be patient to study little by little through research. I need more time to strong my expertise. For the next plan, 2020 is the time for me to focus totally on research (may I can be PhD student) but next year is time to exercise my research experience. I must limit to show off, enhance my capacity on research.

Being Human

Lesson-learned that I got tonight was from A. He is a “chef” of fried rice. Easily we met him in T junction of Haur Mekar street not so far from monument “Civil Struggle” Bandung. I called him “Don Juan” because of his mastery in taking relationship with women. When waiting for my order, I listened his advice about how to know a woman. Or I share my point of view about life.

This night we talked about how happy to be a man without fear for the future, loss something, and so on. It is a man with freedom. So, if you know some one new, let you talk as usual as possible, without makeup, without thinking you will get something. Becoming that means that you are on the track to be HUMAN.

A Process to be “Me”

You can’t choose another world.

Basically as human we must have interacted with many people : while working, hanging out, refreshing, playing social media, and so on. This all can create new perspective for us : positive or negative.

If we have strong commitment to something we believe, possibly environment will be colored because of our existency. Minimally, we will not change to be others. But if we have no it, we will alliniate to be someone. This all is a process to be “me”.

It shows that to be our selves is not easy things.

The question then is how to be “me” ? Keep learning and always commit to improve our selves.

As young generation living in this era is not easy. When we work for a beraucracy, there is limited change to optimize our creativity, to create breakthrough. When we create startup, we will work all the time with limited income we get. When we create new venture, hard to us to be new conglomerate because the old one will always dominate market. When we work just being employee with limited salary, hard for us to be independent.

Those conditions strongly convince that to be “me” with independency is hard even it always have chance. Isn’t life is struggle ? So, just hard work to be you.

Good Luck France

History has just been made this night after final match of World Cup 2018. The champion was France after having spartan fight from Croatia. The final score was 4-2. There were several moments that never being missed by football fans in this game : own goal, VAR took decision for penalty, goal keeper blunder, and of course beautiful goal.

For this game I supported Croatia for the simple reason : rising of new champion in the World Cup. Even the result was not like my hope, the Croatian play was very impressive and their first goal (created by Perisic) was very classy. Modric successfully did his role as playmaker so not wrong to prize him as golden ball winner of the World Cup.

After this world cup, I believe that market value for Mbappe will exponentially raise. He is still 19 years old right now and played well in the world cup. In the final he created one goal. Another players like Hazard and Harry Kane will also create mega transfer if they move to another big club like Real Madrid.

Lesson-learned from this World Cup, there is no impossible for us to get champion in life if we love what we do. Just do play hard for your works and believe you will be winner.