Remember My Senior

I accidentally checked my senior’s facebook timeline several minutes ago. He passed away in 2010 on the date of my birthday. He was so friendly. I was home-mate only one year in the first year of my study in ITB. He introduced to me about Kamen Rider by giving many collections of video. He always thought simple about many things even actually they are complicated.

I scrolled many wishes and messages to him. I really believe that he was a good man with a lot of contribution. Maybe how fast he died means that God loves him.

As a living human, I try to be a good man like him even it’s not easy. Life is about how beneficial we are, how we give to people. Have a nice life in there Kak !


Bumi Manusia : The Movie

Bumi Manusia (The earth of mankind), one of Pramoedya’s greatest work, was filmed to a movie that I have just watched. It is awesome movie. As reader of Pram’s book, I think that Hanung is briliant. I really believe that he is a good reader.

This movie is very recommended. It is worth to watch.

August 13rd

You will remember this day. There is only two choise ahead ; optimizing your efforts to achieve what you have already planned or moving to another plans. The decision maker is you.

Archiving dream needs high discipline and obedience to the planning. No choise to step back, you must go ahead.

Writing a Good Paper

Someday I tweeted that in the future writing paper will become easy thing for me. Future is not today. How about now ? Even I have been doing research for two years, writing a good paper is still my weakness. Once upon a time, my research-mate (he is also a lecturer) talked to me straight-out that my writing on paper is bad. He compared me with other his research assistant about how is quality in writing a paper.

I recognized that today writing scientific paper is my problem. Sometimes this condition makes me stressful. Even I learn almost everyday, it doesn’t help significantly. Going back to my experience related to writing, I started to write when I was 3rd year of undergraduate student with journalistic writing style then switched to opinion or essay until master. I had trouble in writing my thesis, luckily I passed. After master graduate, I started writing a paper.

Today is third year of my experience in writing a paper.

I know my journey is hard but I will never give up.

I do believe that someday I will write a good paper.

My big motivation is I love my research. How big my professional jobs I have, I can’t leave my research.

So, enjoy the process. No pain no gain.



With My Guru

When you live not far from Monju Bandung, it is better for you to try having dinner here, nasgor mawut Kumis. I am his costumer that almost every night going there. The special not only its food but also its interactive dialogue. I usually talk with him about many things ; experience, love, politics, life, etc. Another partner is Pak De, a meatball seller (tukang bakso). He is passionate to discuss about life while Kumis about woman. The last one proclaim his self as Don Juan :p

Several minutes ago I took wefie with them.