Mo Salah

Last early day this morning, I watched a final match of UEFA Champions League (UCL). The games was Real Madrid vs Liverpool. It was difficult to look for good place for “nobar” in Bandung. My friend and I must move from Kedai Persib (we must have reservation before here) to Kafe Banda (it was closed, I don’t know why). So, we went to Merdeka street and then watched in McD. My position was not good, approximatelly 20 meters from screen so it was not cleary enough to watch. Then breaking to second half, we went to McD Istana Plaza. Unfortunatelly, the television is small enought but we “mager” to move again. We enjoyed the rest of the show here.

The things that I want to underline is when Mo Salah had an accident with Ramos. For my eye, there was ethical side from this. Ramos practiced hard play (even this is maybe allowed in a game) to Salah with excessive physical contact that make Salah whose body is less-bigger than Ramos then suffered serious injury. Mo Salah then was subtituted and the game was changing. Actually I was supporter of Real Madrid in that game, but I was not quite happy with the winning of this club last night. The absence of Mo Salah decreased motivation to the whole of Liverpool players. It can looked from two blunders from Karius to make Benzema and Bale created easy goal.



The Reciters

I am in between many people who is reciting holy book, quran kariim. The location is in main room of masjid Salman. Maybe more than one hundred people who are doing this. I am one of them but have just finished and write this blog. The voice is mutually shouted. They use book or mobile phone to be recited. This condition is different with one week ago before Ramadhan comes. Many dai (muslim who invites people to be good man) says that when we recite one alphabet of quran in Ramadhan, we will get 10 goodness. Its lesson-learned is quran is source of wisdom, so let learn about it.

Because quran is written in arabic so many people can easily memorize it. You can get many Hafizs in Indonesia or other country. But so less muslim who understands what the interpretation of that book. So easy for us to be steered using the verse of quran like in politics. So, to be understand the meaning of quran is not easy, it use rigorous method. So, is very complete to us after make reciting quran as habit is to interpretate its meaning and then apply it in daily life. If we have time, its better to us to be a Hafiz. Understanding quran needs more time moreover if our work (or knowledge concern) is directly not correlated with this holy book.

Back to Work

I am on the way to Bandung, a place where I learn and work. I have just spent two night at hometown. By train as scheduled, tomorrow I will arrive in station at 4 am. I am not young anymore so I can’t play with my old friends like when I was student. In home, I spent time more to be close with my parent, not going anywhere. Yesterday I went to Namira mosque with my little twin cousins.

I still leave several works that to be done before long holiday (read : lebaran). I make list of four : finishing book, getting 50 respondents of the research, writing opinion about Higher Education, and finishing annual reports of my campus. All must finish for three weeks later.

Meeting with my parent is energy for me to always think positive especially when spending time to learn and work in Bandung. In my age right now, I face many constrains so I have to empower my self : to be strong and keep optimism for everything I dream for.

“Buka Puasa” for The First Time at Home

I don’t know exactly what the meaning of “buka puasa” in english. When we write in google translate, we will get the meaning “breaking the fast”. I feel awkward when using that term, so I use the original one.

Back to the topic.

Last night, I drived train toward my hometown at Lamongan, East Java. Last morning I approximately arrived at station at 9 am. My father already waited me.

This day, I spent all my time almost in home. Only several, I used it to do praying at mushola. This was first day of me (and also all muslims) to do fasting at Ramadhan this year. Nevertheless I was not hungry enough.

When azan came, no word more than “happy”. This Ramadhan is not usual for me because I can spend the first day at home with my parent. Maybe last time I did like this more than 8 years ago when I was student in Jogja. Even the moment without my sisters but it was still special. My younger sister still at Jakarta and the older one with her husband.

I will no longer at home because saturday evening, I will go back to Bandung. So, enjoy the day at the hometown.

Heavy Rain

Out of working time (normally), we still discussed about our works. Especially about draft of document that we must collect it tomorrow. It talked about accountability and transparency of a public body. After the meeting ended, suddenly rain came and it was heavy. I must wait until the rain stops.

I have plan this evening to meet my friend in Bandung Creative Hub (BCH). I will take a caffee time for the first time in there beside buying my friend’s book.

There is several works that must be finished this night. Maybe I will do it in there. See you !

Waiting The Rain

This title is not a song lyric, it’s just to show what I was doing in the last evening. I had a duty to pick up my friend’s sister in SMK 1 after completing SBMPTN test. She would go home to Purwakarta. Rain falled when I drove my motorcycle through Baltos. Luckily the rain not so heavy untill we arrived at the place. The rain never stop, we continued talking about the national test to enter university. A cafe at front of Baltos was the place. I ordered donut and hot chocolate.

I remembered nine years ago when I lonely went to UGM by TransJogja taking similar test. That was my final test after several top universities like UI, UGM, and ITB rejected my submission. I can’t hope more because no more tests I would do in that year, consequently if I couldn’t pass, I would suspend my study for a year. So, I did the test fearless, I didn’t care with the result. I just wanted to do my best.

Back to the topic.

Shortly after that, my friend’s sister asked for permission to going home. The rain was heavier than before then I move to another chair to keep the rain-followed-by-storm away. I then knew a new one. She is fourth grade student in ITB. We discussed more about any things including what’s happening in campus. One hot topic we discussed was about Dona. It reminded me long time ago when I ever talked with her in Sunken. Maybe more than half hour we chatted, she had rich of experience. When I discussed about the past, she presented about right now, fitting up. I was not bored when chatting with her.

The rain had already stopped, I went to campus again.