Inside a Cinema

This time, I am waiting for the show that will be held at 9 pm. I sit in front of big screen in the area of ticket box and popcorn shop. I am alone for time, maybe this is my second time watching movie in a cinema that “Hafalan Sholat Delisa” was a first film I watched lonely some times ago. Justice league is the movie I will watch. 7 minutes to go, I must enter the ticket gate..


IoT and Latte

Last evening, there was meeting that discuss FGD preparation for next week. The topic of the FGD will be Internet of Things (IoT). I think now it is hot issue in ICT world. In the FGD we will discuss market opportunity for IoT local industry and plan suitable policy to make it grow. We will invite several players and also another stakeholders like ministry of Information and Informatics (Kominfo) and ministry of industry (Kemenperin). During making note about last meeting, I drink latte. I choose Coffindo as place to coffee time.

Indie Musics

Maybe last month, I had just known musics of Banda Neira closely and directly I fell in love with it. Then almost every day I listen its songs especially in the night when I do my projects or before sleeping. Its songs so soft, simple, depth, and romantic. Its musical is not crowd with lots of tools played but just by accoustic is enough reflecting the soul of the song. Unfortunately, since December last year the group was disbanded. Knowing Banda Neira makes me deeply browse another indie musics like Payung Teduh. The genre is tipical. I listen also another musics-genre like OSD (Orkes Semi Dangdut) HMT with its popular song “Goyang Erika”.

“Goyang Erika Luar biasa …”

It is Banda Neira

I am in Tri Tangtu, a coffee shop in Dago Pakar. Here, I try to code my data from the interviews I have done before. When I read, cut and paste, and write there are beautiful songs came from a speaker. “It’s familiar”, I think.

“Sampai kita tua sampai jadi debu…”

Yes, Banda Neira. Even sometimes I feel boring with its songs but in this time, not. The view of this cafe is supporting. The songs and view are match.

The songs are very romantic.

Deleting Previous Post

I have just deleted all posts written when I was undergraduate student. I did it because those are many secrets that must be kept. I created this blog firstly was to publish all of my recorded life including my secret story so in that time I protected this blog to public. Since last year, I remembered that I have this wordpress blog and I wanted to reactivate it by writing diary. I do it using english text that to improve my writing skill. I know till the day, I can not write english well. So, this blog is a media of training.

Even most of my posts is not long enough, I try to keep on. For me, writing (even just a diary) is a good thing to learn something new.


Last day (1/9) I visited Juanda Forest Park (known as Tahura). In the beginning of this year, I was here just for meeting senior (IA ITB) after performing drone in Tebing Keraton with Radja But, visiting this place to take refreshing was the second time. When I was member of Majelis Taklim Salman, the seniors brought us here to tadabbur alam. Last day, I went there with Mukhlis, my pondok-mate when I was in Muallimin Yogyakarta 8-14 years ago. The park is full of big trees. I entered Japan and Dutch Clive (Goa Jepang dan Goa Belanda). I forgot that the day was Friday.