Public Lecture from The Seniors

This morning there was public lecture held by Faculty of Math and Natural Science ITB. This lecture was started in 2015, one year after my graduation. It’s initiator was Pak Hendra, a professor of Mathematics. I firstly interacted with him since my undergraduate when I was an activist. The prologue letter of my first indie book was delivered by him.

The senior that gave lecture today were Pak Bambang Hidayat (astronomer), Pak Susanto (chemist), and Pak Tjia (physicist). I have already known two of them well before. I think interesting lecture came from Pak Tjia that explain well history of physics department in ITB. He said that those were several world class physicist that do the research in Bandung, ITB. Two of them were student of nobel Laurette. Pak Tjia didn’t mention Hans in his lecture, I don’t know why. Hans is well known as a talented scientist in physics that have academic relation with Albert Einstein.

Maybe I will write an article in bahasa, hope me can finish in this weekend.