I have just heard a friday speech of Mr. Minister of research and technology in Salman. Since when a Salman speakperson announced who is a speaker in that time, I directly thought that Mr. Minister will cite quran verses that explain how important advance science and technology. Unfortunately, my guess was wrong. He delivered “The important of not to be jealous” as title.

From this I know that formally he is minister of science and technology but objectively he has no enough capacity to understand what science and technology looks like. So what policies created might connect to the science and tech advancement but it just on the periphery not it the heart of the problem. Definitely it is not easy but one and only person who can do this is he/she who always interact deeply about that. In the past time there was Pak Habibie, but after him no one.

There are many persons entering this category, unfortunately they have not enough politics sense so the position always being filled by inexperienced persons who have strong connection with political parties.


A Shifting of Love

In the past time, some people said that “If you graduate from a prestigious university, you will easy to get a partner, you can choose someone you love and pick her to be married then”. She believe in you because when living together with you will create a beautiful life : everything will be fulfilled. Now, this viewpoint is shifting. Not easy for a woman to receive a love from someone even he know her since long time.

Nowadays, not money, title even position can bring her love to you but CONVENIENCE with you is one and only requirement that she needs.

This is logically wrong, but remember that love is illogical.

Mahfud MD

Yesterday morning (16/8) was different with my another mornings. After praying fajr, usually I open my laptop or read book but this day not. I watched a recorded video showing Pak Mahfud MD talking about what happened behind drama of vice president candidate from Pak Jokowi. He talked systematically with the chronology of the drama. He called Romy, Said Aqil, Ma’ruf Amin, and other public fugures that make hot news in citizen world. This declaration from him potentially makes clash in Nadhiyin body and the presidential election can become as competitive as previous one.

There is substantial problem in this state structural that makes political reality complex like this. It is root problem but unfortunately almost people doesn’t understand it.

Samaun Samadikun

This morning I met and chat with a retired lecturer of Engineering Physics ITB. He was very energic when discussing about history of ITB. I asked him to visit my office in Information Centre to observe an used e-museum. Even this building was obsolete, there is several legacy. When we looked at a board display (like banner) contains of cronological history of ITB since it was built in 1920, he asked to me “Did you know story between year X-Y ?”, “What’s legacy created ?”. I then said “Samaun Samadikun”. He was amazed with I had just said. He admitted that he was of student of Pak Samaun, he ever interacted with him long time ago.

I then told many things about Pak Samaun according with everything I knew. Pak Samaun is known as semiconductor initiator in Indonesia and he left many legacy for example PAU, PT INTI, LIPI, and soon. Now, there are several colleagues, students, students of students, etc of him that have positions in company, university, etc. Taking up story of Pak Samaun is always interesting.

Was Rejected

Several minutes ago, an email came to my inbox when there was a meeting with my boss. Then I opened and not surprisingly that my opinion was rejected by a leading national media. Several hours before email came, I sent another opinion to the media. The opinion looked so similar that talking about industrial revolution 4.0 but with different emphasis.

The current opinion was inspired by 98 years celebration of ITB as institute of technology in Indonesia. I cited in my article from three speeches of ITB rector, minister of research, technology, and higher education, and minister of planning. I stressed that we must understand with what we have achieved till today in science and technology development.

Even it’s not easy to write an essay in national media, but I keep trying. I feel happy when I can bring my thoughts to public.