Several minutes ago I scrolled my twitter timeline then found initiated by Onno W Purbo. He is one of IT expert in Indonesia. Last time I met him in 2017, in Mastel birthday celebration. He is former lecturer of ITB. Because of my couriosity, I google him and watched two videos on Youtube.

He is an inspirator, in particular for me. His life is always dedicated for people through his expertise, IT. He campaign open BTS, open source, and cheap internet for everyone. May sometime I can met him again in a forum.




Election 2019

I have just elected five parts of simultaneous elections. There was a funny story I met during election. A man asked me how to elect. I then explained briefly that we only can elect one choise for every single papers given by the official. More than one will be rejected. I believe he would confused then. Not only him but me too. This is like play bet because not easy for us to choose the best. People will choose someone who is famous, every body knows. But will they really do for people after election? Hard for us to make sure.

This system will follow market logics. When you buy a mobile phone, it’s not absolutely because of its quality but it is drived mainly from ads. Advertisement is every thing is capitalism world like nowadays. So, this election is highly expensive. Millions even billions rupiahs you must spend for the election. Where is the logics ? You say that you will voice the people interest? Rethink !

In the end, happy election day for you, Indonesian !

Colour Your Self

Suddenly a good proverb came to my mind “Color your self”. Then I was imagined to revise my profile description on my social media such as instagram. I rethink again that it is not necessary, it is enough to write down it here, in this blog. This beautiful statement rised after I heard so much story from an employee that she had just rob last monday. He told chronology of the story detailly. I just listened and sometimes some words came from my mouth giving a sympathy. In the end conversation, I advised him to enrich “sedekah”.

What’s lesson of the accident experienced by him ? Here I will tell to you …

Six thefts stoled his wealth that consist of 40s luxury watch (approximately 100 millions rupiah), DLSR camera, CCTV recorder, and .. (I forget). So, he lost so much money because of this. I knew he is an ordinary employee that hard to spend much money, maybe he had some business or his wife also work with more salary. The question then is why does he collects many expensive watches ? From this, we know that money (associated with expensive things) is everything for him. His life is dedicated much more for money. How pity he is.

Maybe, he is sample for many Indonesian people. Oppositely, for me money is not every thing even every thing needs money. When we always think about money, we are not free. Last night, I discussed with a shop owner about philosophy of life. For us, to be freedom, minimumly we have two : knowledge number one and money number two. Money is not enough, if we are stupid.

So what’s the proverb above means ?. Don’t ever tired to learn, “stay hungry, stay foolish”, said Steve Jobs.


Research Fund and Developed Country

Everybody thinks about Bukalapak with its CEO tweet that succesfully create hashtag war in twitter. I don’t want to explain more about this, I believe you really know. One thing important for me, because of this discourse, Research and Development (R&D) issue becomes viral whereas this theme for many years live in elites mind (scholars especially scientist, enginner, medical expert, researcher, related ministry, and some limited profession). Thank you Achmad Zaky !

It is clear that no developed countries ignore science and technology. Both are key influencing factors to make their economic growth positive significantly. Furthermore by mastering in both things, a sovereignty becomes reality. Generally science-tech enters initially in military. How if we have no concern in science-tech with its mains characteristcs on R&D activities ? We will be a country with gimmic sovereignty. Our military will always in behind. Our economy will only play on trade, no innovation successfully drive local companies to scale up.

Then, do increasing research fund have positive impact for our economy and military ? Not necessary, if we have no enough privat innovative companies and countinually strategic innovation plan like China. FYI, China plans in 2030 to seize Chips market that now is dominated by America. This country now is still in behind America. On thing he must do is to create domination in digital market. Everybody knows about China’s company ; Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc. So how about Indonesia then ? Always being their market ?.


I have just heard a friday speech of Mr. Minister of research and technology in Salman. Since when a Salman speakperson announced who is a speaker in that time, I directly thought that Mr. Minister will cite quran verses that explain how important advance science and technology. Unfortunately, my guess was wrong. He delivered “The important of not to be jealous” as title.

From this I know that formally he is minister of science and technology but objectively he has no enough capacity to understand what science and technology looks like. So what policies created might connect to the science and tech advancement but it just on the periphery not it the heart of the problem. Definitely it is not easy but one and only person who can do this is he/she who always interact deeply about that. In the past time there was Pak Habibie, but after him no one.

There are many persons entering this category, unfortunately they have not enough politics sense so the position always being filled by inexperienced persons who have strong connection with political parties.

A Shifting of Love

In the past time, some people said that “If you graduate from a prestigious university, you will easy to get a partner, you can choose someone you love and pick her to be married then”. She believe in you because when living together with you will create a beautiful life : everything will be fulfilled. Now, this viewpoint is shifting. Not easy for a woman to receive a love from someone even he know her since long time.

Nowadays, not money, title even position can bring her love to you but CONVENIENCE with you is one and only requirement that she needs.

This is logically wrong, but remember that love is illogical.