To have a family

This afternoon, I watched a carnaval celebrating Independence day of Indonesia. It took place not far from my indekost in South Sekeloa. Unfortunatelly I didn’t bring my mobile phone to capture this moment. Anyway, I wonder If I have a family : a wife and a child, it will be hugh interesting. I can smile together, bring them to this “cheap show”. Maybe some day, it will.

The question is, with whom you will get married ? This is big secret I think …

Saturday Office

Since last week, I have been having new office for my project work : Writing book of startup journey.  The office is Pak Djoksar’s office in Aeronotics Engineering ITB.  I chose this place is to concentrate doing my project because of its silence makes me have power to think deeply. Unfortunatelly, that is still expectation, the real is I am hard to concentrate because of many constrains come suddently like sleepy, doing another job, and this  : writing this random.  I just make me routiny coming here every saturday in the name responsibility. I have taken a contract so I must do it well.

Why I receipt Pak Djoksar’s offer ? No other reason but I like somebody whose startup venture technology-based. This work is second part of my thesis. Hopefully, next week should be better progress.

Busy Saturday

It’s difficult choise for me today : attending my friend’s graduation day or doing my job deadline. Finally, I choose the second one. The reason is my job now is five projects with four project must have progress every week. That’s not include with another semi-voluentering job like writing paper for national conference, being advisor for my intellectual group, and engaged in limited revitalized group ( last two you will not understand, hehe). Plus one, being committee in my friend wedding party. That makes me having no holiday. Like this day, I still working. After spending one and half hour in my lecturer’s room in FTMD, I am heading to Yellow Truck coffee. As you know, if you spend all your time doing different job in one place you will be boring. This is my I choose ‘nomaden’. In campus I have four office ; rotunda, lecturer’s room in SBM, lecturer’s room in SBM, and meeting room in PAU. This year makes me deeply busy. Hopefully, I do my best.

An Article about Data

Last day, I met my two undergraduates mate in some coffee shop. We discuss about many things especially about data. There are several key points of our discussion :

  1. Now its time for data. It means that many things especially business needs data as its basic to grow.
  2. The key of business success is deeply know about marketing.
  3. Market of Indonesia is different with America’s because of its behavior in buying products. Label of products on the website not enougth to make sure people can ok with it, they need to chat.
  4. Maybe 5 years later, many mals in Indonesia will be closed because of market behaviors that tend to buy online than offline. This is being happened in America in nowdays.
  5. The essensial of business is trade or demand side.
  6. Everything use data so learn it. You can learn with Phyton.

The is no late to learn, so just learn.


This afternoon when I had my coffee in some shop, I read then wathed something funny broadcasted in facebook. It was OM TELOLET OM. This idiom came from a group of children in some where (I guess in Central Java) that ask bus driver to voice its horn. OM refers to bus driver and TELOLET is voice of bus horn. Twitter made it viral and was world trending topic. Many public figures from around the world tweeted about it. I think it likes a joke that make us smile and laugh temporary. It can subtitute opinion war in social media recently. Here I learn that HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE. Thank you guys !

The World in Crisis

I read some news this morning that there was assasination in Rusia Embassy, Ankara Turkey, also truck-attack in Berlin that dead 9 people. The accident in Rusia Embassy was very crazy to be told here, when a gunman shot Rusia Ambassador and made him dead. It is like James Bonn film. I think this happened because of the world now is in crisis especially in Middle East conflict like in Suriah-led Bashar Al Ashad. I read a status adopted from NYT column (if not wrong) that the assasination will not make relationship between erdogan-Putin broken but this is just a propaganda from America. Erdogan and also putin have interest in several areas of Suriah, so both leaders looked to end the war. The war is about their business, even it has been killing more than 400 thousands people since 2011 (if not wrong). Here I want to quote a song from ‘kasidah’ :

Perdamaian .. Perdamaian ..

Banyak yang cinta damai, tapi perang makin ramai ..

(Peace .. Peace ..

Many people love peace, but war is more)

Between Fear and Confident

The most important thing to every one who live in this world is knowing who he/she is. Not for every body can answer the question “Who am I ?”. That statement among two quotation marks represents deep-philosophy. Not enough by answer ” I am a master student in ITB”, but necessary to correlate body to the soul in the context of humanity. We know that the goal of education is to answer that question. Specifically, education is to humanize human. In doing every actions of the days, you maybe fear. One of the cause of that because of not confident choosing something. The brief solution from me if you feel like that is please instrospect how far you know your self. Confidence is premier requirement for everything.