Mo Salah

Last early day this morning, I watched a final match of UEFA Champions League (UCL). The games was Real Madrid vs Liverpool. It was difficult to look for good place for “nobar” in Bandung. My friend and I must move from Kedai Persib (we must have reservation before here) to Kafe Banda (it was closed, I don’t know why). So, we went to Merdeka street and then watched in McD. My position was not good, approximatelly 20 meters from screen so it was not cleary enough to watch. Then breaking to second half, we went to McD Istana Plaza. Unfortunatelly, the television is small enought but we “mager” to move again. We enjoyed the rest of the show here.

The things that I want to underline is when Mo Salah had an accident with Ramos. For my eye, there was ethical side from this. Ramos practiced hard play (even this is maybe allowed in a game) to Salah with excessive physical contact that make Salah whose body is less-bigger than Ramos then suffered serious injury. Mo Salah then was subtituted and the game was changing. Actually I was supporter of Real Madrid in that game, but I was not quite happy with the winning of this club last night. The absence of Mo Salah decreased motivation to the whole of Liverpool players. It can looked from two blunders from Karius to make Benzema and Bale created easy goal.



Today’s Discussion

This evening I joined a discussion about Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge) compared with issues that we usually happen in our daily life. Much content we talked is about logical fallacy and also political identity that strengthened in nowadays.

Based on history, ITB was campus that sterile with political activities. So hard for external organizations to enter campus territory. But how about now? Many students are being activist in religious groups. There are less artivities that talk about how science and technology are to be discussed.

Another problem is output of its education has a tendency to be arrogant whereas this attitude is contrary with spirit of scholars : more knowledgeable, a man is being more wise.

Elon Musk

I have just read a biography of Elon Musk. It was written by Ashlee Vance, a leading author in technology. If not wrong I initially interacted with this book more than 3 months ago. So, my reading speed is low enough. Nevertheless, I am happy after finishing this book. It motivate me to read another book especially a book that have no correlation with works.

This book is completely enough talking about what Elon Musk doing. People said that Elon is combination between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He is known as key player behind Tesla, SpaceX, Gigafactory, and Hyperloop. Long time before, Zip2 and PayPal. Because this multidiplinary, Elon is in rank one in tech-entrepreneur in nowadays. No more people that have hugh dream (to make Tony Stark real) like him. People said that Elon think not about business with its profit but he has big attention to humanity. Business that Elon built all to answer it especially to reduce global warming, human colony to Mars, and sustainable energy.

The book also talks about life side of Elon like his broken family and uncommon life that he has been running. He run several companies in same time and all create breakthrough in every single thing they concern. The author predicts that Elon will be the richest man in the future.

Lesson-learned from Elon Musk that to be multitasking in works is very possible provided that we strive to achieve a goal, a real dream. Elon is inspiration to every one who think to be general person is impossible. My respect to you Elon !

Short Speech

This fajr after praying, I substituted my father schedule in delivering 7 minutes speech or usually we called it “kultum” in mosque near by my home. I was not ready enough because less preparation before. So long I didn’t do it, this made burden for me but I couldn’t refuse this order. It was duty. The society knows me as graduate of Islamic boarding school even I was not close with Islamic environment for today because of jobs.

I delivered an interpretation about Al Baqoroh : 25 about happy news for the believers and goodness doers. Our God promises them with heaven. This verse describes about what heaven look like. I got this article from Suara Muhammadiyah, a monthly magazine created by PP Muhammadiyah. Last night, I didn’t get another idea except reading from that magazine.

This experience reminded me again that I must learn about Islam more than before. Even I will not to be Islamic spoke person but to be muslim is not easy, it needs enough knowledge especially when we worship to our God.

Again Terrorist Attack

Now I am watching a news channel of national television. It reported that there was attack in Police Head Office at Riau. I don’t know that there is victim or not.

In the last one week there were several incidents with terrorists are the main player : mako Brimob, Church attack at Surabaya, and now police head office at Riau.

I hope that after this, there is no more attack. Tomorrow is Ramadhan kariim, let all muslims worship quietly.

Life Without Competition

“I will beat you to get first rank in class”, said A.

“In the next election, our precidency must be subtituted by a new one”, said Z.

“Choose me to be member of parliament, I will increase our social welfare, trust me. If don’t, let you get destruction”, said M.

“He has just getting promotion for his job, maybe because of his proximity with the Rector”, said X.

I am curious that many people like discussing about a winner that win a competition. It doesn’t matter if kind of competition is like sport championship or game. But, how if it happen in the social life ? It can create hatred I think. For example election. Main goal of this event is to find a better one that have high potential to run a government. It’s good, but in its journey, it become pragmatic and comodity. It’s like a market with its seller and buyer. Politician as a seller and society as a buyer. If politician want to be elected, he must convice society that his product (program, personality, and soon) is better than another politician. He do many things to be winner even he finally manipulate his product.  His rival will do so. As the result, society as buyer have no choise and elect the best of the worst.

This is systemic, we can’t judge which one who’s wrong. For my opinion, voting system is not suitable implemented in developing country like Indonesia. Based on constitution, the best way is deliberation (musyawarah mufakat). Here, delegation can debate with another untill to form a deal. This is more fair, people will be respected because their thought not popularity. In nowadays, there is no place for deliberation. MPR as higher people supremacy is dominated by politician. Beside that, president has dual fuction as head of government and head of state. So, all the power be with him.

Back to the topic.

Life without competition for most people is an utopia but for me not. Every day we fight for our selves, not other people. We try to better than a day before. This happen till we die. Even we finally have a position in government, actually we don’t win other people but our selves. We will think that we will do the best for the place where we are.


I read this morning two articles talking about disruption. First is about political disruption that happens because of information booms that create a new source of knowledge. The second is disruption in education with home schooling as it’s shape. Maybe after this we hear some topics related to disruption, for instance art, sport, architecture, and so son. Just wait. The term “disruption” maybe comes from information era with its industrial revolution 4.0. It makes many breakthroughs in daily life like in way we communicate, interact, work, etc. It also creates another opportunity like new jobs. In the past time, we don’t think that vlogger is promising job because we just know a blogger. I remember that Rhenald Kasali, a management scholar, have written a book talking about this topic. Maybe I will read it next.