Selamat Jalan Pak Habibie, Pahlawan Teknologi Indonesia

Dikabarkan berbagai media ternama Indonesia bahwa setengah jam lalu Baharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Pak Habibie) meninggal dunia. Pastinya kita semua berduka atas berita ini. Beliau amat berjasa bagi Indonesia khususnya bagi pengembangan teknologi Indonesia. Bagi saya beliau adalah Bapak teknologi Indonesia. Terlepas ada beberapa hal yang saya tidak sepakat dengan pemikiran teknologi beliau, namun saya tetap angkat topi pada beliau yang berjuang dari muda untuk mengembangkan teknologi Indonesia melalui pengembangan industri strategis nasional khususnya IPTN (kini PTDI).

Beliau adalah Menristek satu-satunya Indonesia yang benar-benar berjuang untuk pengembangan teknologi Indonesia secara substansial. Belum ada lagi setelah beliau. Satu legacy beliau pada bangsa yaitu ditetapkannya tgl 10 Agustus sebagai Hari Teknologi Nasional (Harteknas) sebagai pengingat penerbangan perdana N250 pada 10 Agustus 1995, simbol Indonesia sebagai bangsa lepas landas menuju negara maju.

Semoga suatu saat bisa menuliskan terkait pemikiran beliau terkait pembangunan teknologi Indonesia.

Selamat jalan Pak Habibie, innalillahi wa innailahi roojiuun

Deep Condolence

This night, I heard a news from my father that my uncle passed away. This morning, her daughter (I called her ‘mbak’) sent WhatsApp to me that her father was in hospital. I did not presume worse case about my uncle’s condition until this night, several minutes before he died. My father replied my WhatsApp, “He is critical, do pray for him”. Then, a news in WA group, “Innalillahi wa innailahi roojiun, the uncle passed away”. I called my father then, he asked me to not go home, to stay at Bandung.

Less than a month, I communicated with my uncle two times, when in my home and when in his home. He was healthy in that time, even he was imam for duhur prayer in the mosque when the second chance met him. His teeth were not full following his old. I don’t expect that this life not long after that. For my deepest heart, I want to go home attending his funeral and try to cheer his family up. Distance is boundary, I only can to pray ‘gaib’ for him. May Allah forgive his sins and receive his kindness. Goodbye Pak De, your goodness will always be remembered.

No word

Yesterday was the ending of year 2018 and now is the beginning of new year 2019.

30 December 2018, I wouldn’t forget an accident ; my graduate building was burned. I saw directly when the fire was burning the building. This happened two weeks after 25 years celebration of this department’s birthday.

Till now, I still feeling sad because of this. Even I am not working there but its memory always be everlasting.

It’s hard start for 2019 for all people in the department. I hope you are strong facing this test.