My opinion

This morning, a national newspaper whose customer majority is eastern Indonesia, Jawa Pos, published my writing with title ” Shenzhen dan Supremasi Teknologi Tiongkok”. It is the first time for me in publishing an opinion that I have high concern about it in research. Hopefully after this I can publish another article and also scientific journal related about that topic.

PhD Proposal

Since last long holiday, I have been drafting for my PhD proposal. This day I met my research-mate to give some suggestions. His feedback was worth for me. I am on the way to revise it in a coffee shop. I am very interested for the topic because it is so close with my master thesis. I know that to make scholarships deal with our proposal is nit easy, but I  believe I can pass all this things. First step, I complete my draft till this weekend then revise it litlle by little in the next days later. This year I have been so busy that beside having several research jobs, I have some managerial jobs too. I must manage my time better than before. Another important job, I try to focus looking for a future love as my mother asked for.

I am so confident that I can make all that jobs done. It is all about a value I believe that working to help people make your life meaningful and excited. Watch this video, it will describe 

Switch to Second Paper

This month I must work for two papers that I do parallelly. So after I do a alot for a topic I like, I must switch to another topic that I like but little. This is work guys, so you must be a professional. This morning I contacted my boss to make schedule on friday afternoon this week to discuss about the future of our paper. I plan to finish all jobs with him (two papers) before April 2019 as my way to celebrate two years working with him 🙂

I plan to focus on topic about technology management especially related to technology-based company and also institution that generate that type of company such as university. My goal is to understand map of technology-based industry in developing countries like Indonesia (non-digital and digital) so I can do something (by becoming part of Government or entrepreneur) with substantial works in the future.

My dream is to make Indonesia great with science and technology. It is heard wow, isn’t it ? I don’t care, let’s back to work guys !

Compiling Paragraph

After getting some relevant literature, then you must underline statement that is relevant with your research topic. The next step then you compile them to be a paragraph. This is not easy because you must understand with the context. A good sentence definitely related to your ability using english as academic purpose. I believe that someday my article will be good, in line with how depth I interact with academic writing like this. Everything starts hard, so enjoy the process.

I am in a way to finish initial draft for literature review then go to methodology. Ok, let’s work again guys !


There are several hours remaining for the deadline of two papers. First paper is about technology commercialization that I work with a MoT Lab lecturer and second one is about lecturers engagement that I work with a CK4BC lecturer. Because I am not used to make vlog, so I update my activity using this blog. Maybe next time I will. For making vlog, I am inspired to Deon,  a robot maker in film Chappie. When his humanic-robot would be ready to be installed, he took a video talking about progress.

One paper that I must finish tomorrow hasn’t ready yet. I haven’t read anything yet. I plan to finish the first one untill 10 pm then move to another work. I do the first one in Eiger Coffee Shop at Cihampelas street. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will update again about my work in this blog. Happy work Guys !

Hard Start

Writing good paper is not easy. It needs several steps simultanously. You can’t skip one step then move to another step. It needs your full concentration especially for you who are newbie like me. I have no experience writing paper in some reputable journal, but I have for conference proceeding. Because of this, I must try to work with lecturers. I applied to be research assistant with lecturer A. Unfortunatelly he never give me some things that make my competency upgraded. He just direct me to do something but never be checked. It make me boring actually, so then I am focus to another job. There was no paper published with him for along middle of 2017 to nearly end of 2018 even just Q3.

October 2018 was the time. I met lecturer B. He is perfect man in research. Our research topic relatively similiar. I enjoyed meeting with him for the first time. One month and half left, I got stuck. He explained about what does good paper should be. Talking about introduction, we must select 15 reputable papers then took them as its reference. We must read slowly then think hard all of them whether they can be cited or not. I am now in the process for doing this. Even last evening meeting was shameful for me, I think it was time for my beginning. I must study hard more than before.

Samaun Samadikun

This morning I met and chat with a retired lecturer of Engineering Physics ITB. He was very energic when discussing about history of ITB. I asked him to visit my office in Information Centre to observe an used e-museum. Even this building was obsolete, there is several legacy. When we looked at a board display (like banner) contains of cronological history of ITB since it was built in 1920, he asked to me “Did you know story between year X-Y ?”, “What’s legacy created ?”. I then said “Samaun Samadikun”. He was amazed with I had just said. He admitted that he was of student of Pak Samaun, he ever interacted with him long time ago.

I then told many things about Pak Samaun according with everything I knew. Pak Samaun is known as semiconductor initiator in Indonesia and he left many legacy for example PAU, PT INTI, LIPI, and soon. Now, there are several colleagues, students, students of students, etc of him that have positions in company, university, etc. Taking up story of Pak Samaun is always interesting.