In Jakarta Again

This day is my fourth time in this month going to Jakarta. I arrived at 8.30 pm (approximation) this morning then took a breakfast and drink black coffee. All I was doing at station. After finishing my reading (related to my research), I then by Gojek going to Sport Station in some mal in MH Thamrin ( I think It was in Sarinah) buying a sporty bag for my travelling. It is too lazy bringing suitcase in a travel from Bandung to Jakarta (I will not bring many belongings) so a bag that I bought actually not like a suitcase. I get a bag whose brand “Reebook”. It is not too big and too bag, it is suitable for me. I hope it will be accompany me for a long time. After praying in a mosque near mal (whose name Alhikmah) then I directly order Gojek and bring me to a guesthouse (located in Hayam Wuruk) that I order before in Traveloka. The guesthouse costs 160 k one room for 2 people. My friend has just arrived here. Enjoy the night, tomorrow is conference day. I will give a presentation entitled “For IPTN to UAVINDO Nusantara : A Shift of Triple Helix and Its Implication in Science and Technology Policy“.


Going to KL for the First Time

Monday morning at 9 AM, Air Asia brough me and also SBM guys to Kuala Lumpur. The aim was to join IC-HCKM conference. I was one of the presenters in parallel session. We stayed at UTM homestay in the UTM KL building area. From here, I can see twin towers of Petronas because of how near our place to the heart of city center. The agenda in the first day was just staying at the room and then hanging out at the night. We (Pak Hary, Widi, and me) went to Petronas towers then looking for dinner in a food court (I forget with the name). When we went back to our dorm, somebody let us to deliver. We was surprised with this kind old guy. In the second day, we altogether joined seminar in Renaissance hotel in KL. All the day we spent here until dinner time. When the parallel session was going on, I attended the 2nd room with Pak Hary as moderator. When I presented some awkward moments happened when some audiences asked me including Pak Yan. I was so confused in that time. I got many noted for improvement of the research. In the last day, we went to Central market buying gifts (oleh-oleh). 

Waiting People in Kresna SBM

This time I am waiting people (mostly SBM academician) to discuss follow up of research in Kresna Building, part of SBM ITB. The research is titled “Engagement Factors of Lecturers in Higher Education Institution”. I conduct about the research because of its topic related to my concern : entrepreneurship and innovation in the spirit of improvement. In here, I am just a researcher. For the initial study, I posted in international conference, ICHCKM 2017 and was accepted. Now, it is the time to complete the research for the Q3 journal. Hopefully, I always keep in rock and roll :p

An Article about Data

Last day, I met my two undergraduates mate in some coffee shop. We discuss about many things especially about data. There are several key points of our discussion :

  1. Now its time for data. It means that many things especially business needs data as its basic to grow.
  2. The key of business success is deeply know about marketing.
  3. Market of Indonesia is different with America’s because of its behavior in buying products. Label of products on the website not enougth to make sure people can ok with it, they need to chat.
  4. Maybe 5 years later, many mals in Indonesia will be closed because of market behaviors that tend to buy online than offline. This is being happened in America in nowdays.
  5. The essensial of business is trade or demand side.
  6. Everything use data so learn it. You can learn with Phyton.

The is no late to learn, so just learn.

Agora Dialektika

This afternoon, the maiden meeting in this new year began. This event took place Cihapit traditional market, exactly in coffee shop Los Tjihapit. It was attended by member of Agora Dialektika, intellectual group in Development Studies Program ITB. In there we discussed about strategic plan for routine program of the club, including deciding a new chairman. Mr. John finally voted as new head of the club subtituting Mr. Andry. As one of old member of the club, I just shared about brief history of the club including its initial goal. After the meeting ended, several men (I was included) still there discussing hot issues in the last days. I hope that routine discussion held every friday morning can be more active.

The World in Crisis

I read some news this morning that there was assasination in Rusia Embassy, Ankara Turkey, also truck-attack in Berlin that dead 9 people. The accident in Rusia Embassy was very crazy to be told here, when a gunman shot Rusia Ambassador and made him dead. It is like James Bonn film. I think this happened because of the world now is in crisis especially in Middle East conflict like in Suriah-led Bashar Al Ashad. I read a status adopted from NYT column (if not wrong) that the assasination will not make relationship between erdogan-Putin broken but this is just a propaganda from America. Erdogan and also putin have interest in several areas of Suriah, so both leaders looked to end the war. The war is about their business, even it has been killing more than 400 thousands people since 2011 (if not wrong). Here I want to quote a song from ‘kasidah’ :

Perdamaian .. Perdamaian ..

Banyak yang cinta damai, tapi perang makin ramai ..

(Peace .. Peace ..

Many people love peace, but war is more)

Meet Bung John

Luckily I met John, early graduate student in my department, last evening (30/9). The moment happened when there was internal discussion led By Pak Agus Ekomadyo with the speaker Pak Zukri, former sosial activist from Walhi. In that event, we listened a leisure lecture where I am as senior member of Agora Dialektika and  he is junior member that’s early to recruited. John officially been a student since August last month. His background was member of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Kupang. He graduated from International Relations Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) in 2003. His experience is very rich. When we start new discussion after lecture form Pak Zukri, his view about phenomena was deep. For example, when we discussed about an eviction in Bukit Duri, first he asked is that flood a problem for society ? If yes, what’s society you mean ? How about citizen in Bukit Duri, why don’t they stop protesting ? So, what’s development for ? . Here I though that I had new perspective about how to look at problem. Frequently, I was on trap in discussing about practicals that don’t clearly touch root of problem.

John and I were second last men standing in my department in that night, the lastest was Pak Gun. Our homestay (kostan) were neighboring, that not far enough from Dipatiukur. We walked heading to Dipatikur and had a talk in Lontong Medan Bang Anton. This kiosk was one of my hanging out place (tongkrongan) in last one or two year ( I forgot). In here, we continued discussing about many things especially about our plan and dream in intellectual world. Bang Anton joined discussion, so our topics became so rich. I didn’t guess that we are fans of Pramoedya Ananta Toer. We talked about his works. Beside that, we also have same willingness in writing. Bang Anton had just written a storiette (cerpen) in Mandaling magazine. In that night, my spirit to be challenged in writing increased. It was like remembering again what’s goal I should achieve in being graduate student.

This morning, October 1st, 2016