Hanging Out (Read : Working)

A moralist probably calls me an alienated human who can’t differentiate when time to  work and play. For me every day is working but I don’t feel that it is burden. It is exciting. Even so, I still can do my hobby such as jogging like what I did this morning. Furthermore I still can interact with people. Many people judge a researcher nerd human that has own life. Maybe it’s true for cosmologist or theoretical physicist, but not for me. I highly interest in management especially in innovation and entrepreneurship which are applied research. To get data I must interact with people to be interviewed though read papers too.

The things that make me not lonely beside having hobbies, I also work in managerial that make my life colorful. As my lecturer said that “Two things that strength you : having knowledge and experience”. Even I am now an amateur (still not an expert) but I love my life like this. I believe with my motto “There is  no failure, it’s your learning process to be a human”. Ok, this time to hangout, enjoy !