After jogging this morning and also breakfast, I prepared soon to go to Jakarta by Argo Parahyangan. Gojek helped me to get on time 5-8 minutes before departure. On the train, I spent the time to take a rest almost an hour then read HBR magazine and also listen to the musics. After three hours, we arrived in Jatinegara station. Then, I went to some place for my friend’s wedding ceremony by Gojek.

In there, I met my AKS friends. Most of them are married. We talked random topics of nostalgia. We took photo together then went home. Accompanied by a friend, I went to a coffee shop in front of RS Jantung Jakarta. Here we talked about many things. I ordered iced lattee for free, it was paid by him. Thanks you guy.

New Friends

Last week was exiting experience for me. I had new friends from UTM Malaysia. When I listened to a key speaker of the conference, there were two women sat near me. They came late, same with me. I tried to open conversation then we talked many things. Till lunch time and conference was done, we continued talking.

Ana and I had parallel session in different room but same room but different time with Alya. I listened to Alya’s presentation until I had my turn. I was second presenter of my session. I had no significant mistake but I still was not confident because of my research that I presented didn’t finished yet. Surprisingly, Ana and Alya was there.

After parallel session, we continue talking but this was about my going back home to Bandung. They think that I used car (I said to them “kereta”, this word in Malay means car). I then explained for more than half of hour until we didn’t attend closing ceremony.

They wanted to join me with little gambling if didn’t get train tickets to Bandung that night. We went to their homestay then moved toward Rangkasbitung train station by Go-car. By Commuter line we headed to Tanaabang station then by Go-car we went to Gambir station. By 7.30 we arrived there, half hour before my departure. Unfortunately there was no ticket ready for new passenger, all were sold-out. They stayed one day at Jakarta.

Friday evening (2/11) they went to Bandung by car travel. We met again on tomorrow Saturday in north gate of Bandung station. After discussion, our trip that day was in Trans Studio before that I accompanied them shopping in Pasar Baru. I bought them having lunch at Mie Akung before spending approximately more than 3 hours in Trans Studio. In that day I was an impromptu tour guide. This was my first time.

Hanging Out with Dorm Family

Last night, I hung out with my friends when I was a member of leadership dormitory, PPSDMS Nurul Fikri (now Asrama Kepemimpinan). In this time, Mas Nurman was the host. We gathered in Kafe Tangga in Terusan Tubagus and discussed not just about our routine but also about the opportunity and potential problem for the future, so we must wait and see. One point I got a lesson was business must be sustainable and scalable (lesson from Fahmi). We continue our talks in D’Cube Dipatiukur. While we talk each other, we wait Abdul but he never be seen. In this time Mas Nurman talk about political economy. Yazid went home first and so do Deden (not joining talks more). But as you know, another interesting talk was about getting prospect wife. I asked Mas Nurman and Yazid about that point, there are now husband. 

Argo Parahyangan, 1 Oct 2017