Short Meeting

After spending two days workshop in Shangri-la Surabaya, I went home in Lamongan. I arrived at night after joining my parent visiting family member. My younger uncle’s wife has breast cancer. Not so long I was in home, I took a sleep. It was night, nearly 10 pm.

I woke up late. After praying then I took fresh air of the morning in the back of my home. One hour after that, Ilham, my nephew, woke up. This day was my time for Ilham and Ibuk. I help to feed him, make him playing with his toys, accompany his sleep, and try to make him laugh but it was unsuccessful. Having Ilham in my home, make Ibuk not alone. She has a living toy.



Remember again when you was a child. Did you play toys like this? This day I went to some baby toys shop. Because this night I plan to go home I want to give some gift to my niece. Because he is six months baby, I should buy toy related to his age. I asked to a shopman which toy should I buy. He then directed me to some room part where I could see many kinds of toys. I tried several until I found spesific toy that was accordance to my favour. Finally I chose car and spider.

Loving Kids

Last saturday I visited my my causin’s house in Bantul Jogja and met his children. He has three : 2 sons and 1 daughter. The oldest is class 3 of elementary school if I am not wrong. During chatting with my cousin, I play together with them. The house is in village with wide yard. I tried to take selfie with them. Nasir, a younger son, was very exited with his ultraman mini dool. Hope that next time I can meet you again guys.

Missing My Niece

I missed my niece then I wrote text to the family WhatsApp group. His mom (my older sister) sent a picture showing that the her baby boy was sleeping. Several hours later, my younger sister sent several pictures that he had just been bathed. He looked bigger than sunday evening when I last saw him. He was powdered by his grand mother (my mom) so he looked like “kokok beluk” aka an owl 🦉:p


Yesterday officially my first nephew from my sister had name. His father gave him name “Salim Ilham Ramadhan” with nickname “Ilham”. Aqiqah, an Islamic guidance, signs the day. It’s held in the seventh of the birthday. Those were many guests in that day so in my home was full of people.

This baby is very cute, especially when he was having taken a bath by my mom or sister. Yesterday, his hair was cut and now his head is naked.