Deep Condolence

This night, I heard a news from my father that my uncle passed away. This morning, her daughter (I called her ‘mbak’) sent WhatsApp to me that her father was in hospital. I did not presume worse case about my uncle’s condition until this night, several minutes before he died. My father replied my WhatsApp, “He is critical, do pray for him”. Then, a news in WA group, “Innalillahi wa innailahi roojiun, the uncle passed away”. I called my father then, he asked me to not go home, to stay at Bandung.

Less than a month, I communicated with my uncle two times, when in my home and when in his home. He was healthy in that time, even he was imam for duhur prayer in the mosque when the second chance met him. His teeth were not full following his old. I don’t expect that this life not long after that. For my deepest heart, I want to go home attending his funeral and try to cheer his family up. Distance is boundary, I only can to pray ‘gaib’ for him. May Allah forgive his sins and receive his kindness. Goodbye Pak De, your goodness will always be remembered.


Long Holiday Has Been Ending

This time I am in Lamongan station waiting for the train bringing me to Bandung. My 10 days holiday has been ending, several hours left. Tomorrow I should go work again and do my routine activity again.

I feel satisfied for my holiday, my parent is healthy, my niece was 1 year old, and my target even not all finished but makes me happy. I wrote a note about my future target after this long holiday. I will do when I arrive at Bandung tomorrow. Let me make my dream comes true.

I posted several pictures of my holiday documentation in my instagram. Several still in my camera and this phone. Before I left my home, I took several pictures with my niece. Here a one.

Election 2019

I have just elected five parts of simultaneous elections. There was a funny story I met during election. A man asked me how to elect. I then explained briefly that we only can elect one choise for every single papers given by the official. More than one will be rejected. I believe he would confused then. Not only him but me too. This is like play bet because not easy for us to choose the best. People will choose someone who is famous, every body knows. But will they really do for people after election? Hard for us to make sure.

This system will follow market logics. When you buy a mobile phone, it’s not absolutely because of its quality but it is drived mainly from ads. Advertisement is every thing is capitalism world like nowadays. So, this election is highly expensive. Millions even billions rupiahs you must spend for the election. Where is the logics ? You say that you will voice the people interest? Rethink !

In the end, happy election day for you, Indonesian !

Again, Holiday !

Tomorrow is weekend that means that it is holiday. Yesterday was Nyepi, so I didn’t go to work at office. In the morning, I had my time for jogging then “coffee time” at Cihapit market. At the evening, I was a guest for my former student in Buahbatu and my classmate-also-senior not far from the previous location. On the way home, I had a dinner with gulay and satay in the back of Golkar building West Java. This place was so favourite after teaching time three years ago.

Last night, actually I should prepare for this morning class what I didn’t. I choosed to youtube and then slept. I woke up before subuh but continued sleeping. I started preparing the class at 6 am so I didn’t finish reading a paper. The class today was about mixed method delivered by Pak Dedy. The materials were so worth for my “engagement” research. After lunch, I started discussing with Pak Dedy about our research. This meeting was to clear the research especially in logic of the research.

This time I am spending my time at Eiger Coffee, my favourite working place. I have my several plans to be done this night. Don’t forget for tomorrow morning. It is time for 5k last training. Enjoy !!

Pak Bill

Today I joined a methodology class given by Pak Bill. The lecture today was about ethnography. Unfortunatelly, last night I was wrong to not ask before class to my research-mate. I didn’t read three papers before class, so in the first half of class I just listened, no paper on my table.

The doctoral class like this is nothing without preparing before. It because the class is very interactive, Pak Bill will give you some questions directly. This was my first time joining his class. I hope sometime will be better.

Yes, I am getting ready to take PhD as soon as possible. I hope next year, bismillah.

Los Tjihapit

Several minutes ago was coffee time, special for saturday morning in Los Tjihapit, inside Cihapit market. I ordered black “tubruk” coffee. This place is very cozy with several people discussing about many things. There were culturalist, academicians, SME players, movie enthusiast, and so on gathers here to talk each others.

When I was here, a master student discussed with me about her thesis whose topic fractal batik. I gave some suggestions to her on the entrepreneurship framework that I concern with. Time showed 12 am, I should prepare to go another works. Have a nice weekend !


This day was full of activities. Starting from 10 am, I must met with a lecturer in SBM discussing about second paper then one hour later I presentated one year plan for the place I work for in front my boss. Then at 1 pm I evaluated my teammate (2 groups)’s project management.

Then nearly 3 pm I had a lunch (also breakfast) at Etitu with my job partner. We talked to much any random conversations. Then before going home I checked another magangers job for more than half hour.

Now, I am in a coffee shop like usual to do my weekday works (aka. research). Tomorrow morning I will attend a research method class. So this night I must prepare it. Enjoy the day guys !