Delegation of My Campus

I was appointed by director of general administration ITB to be delegation in Forum Group Discussion (FGD) that held by Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). The FGD discussed about classification of public information in the eye of archive. There is four classification of information : open, closed, secret, and very secret. To classify the information we must select one by one of the items of several catagories and then cross check by several laws like law of public information, law of archive, and rule of Kemenristekdikti. I was happy joining this event where I can met several professionals in archive like Mbak Ita from UGM and Bu Sulis from ANRI. In the last lunch we discussed together about our experience. It was nice. 


Inside a Cinema

This time, I am waiting for the show that will be held at 9 pm. I sit in front of big screen in the area of ticket box and popcorn shop. I am alone for time, maybe this is my second time watching movie in a cinema that “Hafalan Sholat Delisa” was a first film I watched lonely some times ago. Justice league is the movie I will watch. 7 minutes to go, I must enter the ticket gate..

Tomy’s Wedding

By train Argo Parahyangan Bos Ili and I headed to Jakarta to attend Tomy’s wedding. It was held in a hall located in area  of masjid Cut Meutia central Jakarta. The schedule of the train at 7.30 am from Bandung. When I arrived there, those were several friends of MA09 gathering in a small forum ; talking each other. Because of several of us would go back first, we then take a photo with Tomy and his behalf. After all the agenda was end, Topan and the gank invited me to hangout with them. Of course, it was nice and very interesting. We did it in a foodshop at Sarinah. Have a happy life with your love Tom !

In Jakarta Again

This day is my fourth time in this month going to Jakarta. I arrived at 8.30 pm (approximation) this morning then took a breakfast and drink black coffee. All I was doing at station. After finishing my reading (related to my research), I then by Gojek going to Sport Station in some mal in MH Thamrin ( I think It was in Sarinah) buying a sporty bag for my travelling. It is too lazy bringing suitcase in a travel from Bandung to Jakarta (I will not bring many belongings) so a bag that I bought actually not like a suitcase. I get a bag whose brand “Reebook”. It is not too big and too bag, it is suitable for me. I hope it will be accompany me for a long time. After praying in a mosque near mal (whose name Alhikmah) then I directly order Gojek and bring me to a guesthouse (located in Hayam Wuruk) that I order before in Traveloka. The guesthouse costs 160 k one room for 2 people. My friend has just arrived here. Enjoy the night, tomorrow is conference day. I will give a presentation entitled “For IPTN to UAVINDO Nusantara : A Shift of Triple Helix and Its Implication in Science and Technology Policy“.

Going to KL for the First Time

Monday morning at 9 AM, Air Asia brough me and also SBM guys to Kuala Lumpur. The aim was to join IC-HCKM conference. I was one of the presenters in parallel session. We stayed at UTM homestay in the UTM KL building area. From here, I can see twin towers of Petronas because of how near our place to the heart of city center. The agenda in the first day was just staying at the room and then hanging out at the night. We (Pak Hary, Widi, and me) went to Petronas towers then looking for dinner in a food court (I forget with the name). When we went back to our dorm, somebody let us to deliver. We was surprised with this kind old guy. In the second day, we altogether joined seminar in Renaissance hotel in KL. All the day we spent here until dinner time. When the parallel session was going on, I attended the 2nd room with Pak Hary as moderator. When I presented some awkward moments happened when some audiences asked me including Pak Yan. I was so confused in that time. I got many noted for improvement of the research. In the last day, we went to Central market buying gifts (oleh-oleh). 

Hanging Out with Dorm Family

Last night, I hung out with my friends when I was a member of leadership dormitory, PPSDMS Nurul Fikri (now Asrama Kepemimpinan). In this time, Mas Nurman was the host. We gathered in Kafe Tangga in Terusan Tubagus and discussed not just about our routine but also about the opportunity and potential problem for the future, so we must wait and see. One point I got a lesson was business must be sustainable and scalable (lesson from Fahmi). We continue our talks in D’Cube Dipatiukur. While we talk each other, we wait Abdul but he never be seen. In this time Mas Nurman talk about political economy. Yazid went home first and so do Deden (not joining talks more). But as you know, another interesting talk was about getting prospect wife. I asked Mas Nurman and Yazid about that point, there are now husband. 

Argo Parahyangan, 1 Oct 2017

Surabi Saparua

After completing jogging 5k from Fitness park to GOR Saparua, I take a breakfast in Surabi Saparua. This is my first time here. Even it looks legendary I never go here. So long I have not eating surabi so this morning is very special. I order two kinds : kinza (surabi with red sugar) and Pisang keju susu (combination of banana, cheese, and milk). This surabi is so special because of its process using tungku, not LPG cooker. One of surabi can be seen below. This is kinza.