“Iga” Soup

I choose “iga” soup for dinner this time. According to google translate, “iga” is rib but I prefer using “iga” in this short article. I buy this one in kedai mang Ewok near RSGM Unpad. It costs 20k rupiah per portion. I have just finished my dinner. Now is coffee time. I will go to a coffee shop near this place. Happy weekend guys !

Angkringan Kosambi

Two weeks ago I met a new friend namely Asep when having tea time at restoration of Kahuripan Train. In that moment I was going to Jogja for attending my cousin’s wedding. Asep, javanesse native, told to me that there is a famous angkringan that provide some interesting menus.

Last night I was there asking Asep and my friend to join there with me. It was no enough traffics that make me relatively on time. I came earlier than Asep. I ordered ‘nasi kucing’ and roasted rice (this is special one), gorengan, bacem tofu, satay kerang, ginger-milk, and hot tea. The rice was more delicious than another angkringan in Bandung like in front of MBA Gelap Nyawang. Even it tasted more sweet.

Before the menu was already I took several pictures with my friend. Here we were :

Bu Tatang

I have just had a breakfast at Bu Tatang’s. I am not frequently going to there but for this morning I don’t have options except Bu Tatang’s. Tonight I didn’t take a dinner because I was so sleepy and lazy to go outside. I then took a sleep till this morning. When I wake up, I felt so hungry so after writing transcript of interview I power my motor’s mechine and ride it to one of favourite warung for students, Bu Tatang’s. I ordered fried meat-egg (dadar daging), corn-dadar, and spinach for meal and hot sugared tea for drink. All costs was just 15k. I think its so cheap, maybe this is the reason many students take breakfast here.

Surabi Saparua

After completing jogging 5k from Fitness park to GOR Saparua, I take a breakfast in Surabi Saparua. This is my first time here. Even it looks legendary I never go here. So long I have not eating surabi so this morning is very special. I order two kinds : kinza (surabi with red sugar) and Pisang keju susu (combination of banana, cheese, and milk). This surabi is so special because of its process using tungku, not LPG cooker. One of surabi can be seen below. This is kinza.