Long Time not Blogging

My plan for jogging was realised eventhough I woke up late. I took fun run around Saparua track about one hour. I felt fresh after I had already done my jogging then we took drinking coconut at street shop around this sport centre. Then we went to Cihapit market to have breakfast and coffee.

When I arrived at my room, I asked my indekost-friend to pay the internet. After internet back to online, I continued to watch film “Kartini”. This afternoon I completed my writing about this film in my blog. So long I haven’t writing for my blog. The last time I wrote was January, three months ago.

This time is “me time”. I am in my friend’s coffee shop to enjoy V60. It’s bean is unique. Unfortunately, I forgot with the name.

Los Tjihapit

Several minutes ago was coffee time, special for saturday morning in Los Tjihapit, inside Cihapit market. I ordered black “tubruk” coffee. This place is very cozy with several people discussing about many things. There were culturalist, academicians, SME players, movie enthusiast, and so on gathers here to talk each others.

When I was here, a master student discussed with me about her thesis whose topic fractal batik. I gave some suggestions to her on the entrepreneurship framework that I concern with. Time showed 12 am, I should prepare to go another works. Have a nice weekend !


After jogging this morning and also breakfast, I prepared soon to go to Jakarta by Argo Parahyangan. Gojek helped me to get on time 5-8 minutes before departure. On the train, I spent the time to take a rest almost an hour then read HBR magazine and also listen to the musics. After three hours, we arrived in Jatinegara station. Then, I went to some place for my friend’s wedding ceremony by Gojek.

In there, I met my AKS friends. Most of them are married. We talked random topics of nostalgia. We took photo together then went home. Accompanied by a friend, I went to a coffee shop in front of RS Jantung Jakarta. Here we talked about many things. I ordered iced lattee for free, it was paid by him. Thanks you guy.

New Branch of Terminal Kopi

If you are coffee lover in Bandung, it’s familiar to hear “Terminal Kopi”. This coffee shop initially was nearby Terminal Dago then moved to Jalan Cemara and now have new “luxuary” branch in Jalan Hasanuddin, not far from Boromeus hospital. Today was my first time taking a cup of coffee here. I ordered iced cappuccino. If you plan to do your works here using your laptop, there are limited plugs (only 2-3). Maybe sometime this shop will multiple the plugs to get more working-costumers.