Rumah Kopi

I still had a part of my book that was missed with the update. It was about innovation policy with China as sample. I had found with the source and completely read it. So, it was time to write down. Time showed that it was afternoon near zuhur, I planned to go to some coffee shop.

After praying duhur at masjid then I went to the city to find out the shops that open. A place usually I hung out was crowd with people then I went around and found Rumah Kopi. It located at Mastrip street not so far with my father-farm shop. I ordered iced lattee and spent the time until battery of my laptop sooned to die.

I focused writing what I planned before.

Tomorrow will be final day for editing my book before it will sent to layouter.


Vietnam Drip

Like two days ago, nice vietnam drip is here. I am drinking it in Kopi Gayo on Jalan Teuku Umar, near Unpad campus Dipatiukur. For me, this type is special. When I am visit here, I almost always order vietnam drip, nothing else. It’s all about its taste : combination between  filtered coffee and creamer milk, not so hard, not so soft, precisely. It is suitable to be drunk in the night like this time. If evening time, it much better for iced-lattee and hot black coffee for the morning. Because this month is fasting day, so my coffee time only at night.

First time, I knew this type of brewed coffee when my friend’s coffee shop was there. Almost every day I went there to order vietnam drip. Its barista was my junior in campus. In that time, little bit chance for me to learn about how to make a good coffee. In addition as well I enjoy the street music. Now, the atmosphere like that is not exist again. I wise up that the present is not the past, so just enjoy !

Terminal Kopi

I visited Terminal Kopi this evening. I was there with my dorm-mate, an undergraduate student of Law, Universitas Padjajaran. The topics of discussion were a lot including university issues, environmental and cyber law, psychology, mass organizations, politics, and soon. Time flied fast, we didn’t be aware that the day was close to the night. Then we took a dinner near Dipatiukur and now we have a cup of tea in Angkringan.

I knew for the first time of this coffee shop when I was an undergraduate. It located at corner of Dago terminal.

This shop was owned by a senior. I knew him when I was active member of an organizational. He started business since being student. Maybe because of this, he never graduate from his initial concern at my university.

In Line

I have just shopped at Kopi Aroma, in there I must queued because of many people waited for their turn. This shop is unique, because there is no branch only here. This shop also not sells the products online. Surprisingly, demand of the products is still high. I was lucky for today because the turn was not too long. I ordered two mocca arabica 250 gr. Yesterday I ordered via an app but it was rejected. Several drivers received my orders but unfortunately they suddently rejected. They said that the turn was so long. Aroma’s coffee for me is special, it’s taste fits in my tongue. Usually I drink this coffee at the morning. Yes, tomorrow I will taste this coffee again.

Ngopi, a New Culture in My City?

I do not know precisely when Lamongan is filled by many coffee shops. When I went home July 2017, the shops were not as many as today. The shops not just type of warung but cafe like in big city. For example in this time I hang out in a cafe that operated since a month ago. Many people come here. Let me talk about a cafe I visit, namely Lik Coffee. It is located in near a new street in the west of Lamongan city. I knew this cafe when I did driving course. The price of all items sold is cheaper than many cafe typical in Bandung city. Today I ordered two cup of coffee : Java raung (8k) and Flores (7k), Tea (3k), Noodle with egg (7k), and laptop charging (4k). Even this shop is quite new but its visitors are always there. I do not know why many people like hanging out in a caffee shop. Is it a new culture in my city ?

IoT and Latte

Last evening, there was meeting that discuss FGD preparation for next week. The topic of the FGD will be Internet of Things (IoT). I think now it is hot issue in ICT world. In the FGD we will discuss market opportunity for IoT local industry and plan suitable policy to make it grow. We will invite several players and also another stakeholders like ministry of Information and Informatics (Kominfo) and ministry of industry (Kemenperin). During making note about last meeting, I drink latte. I choose Coffindo as place to coffee time.