IoT and Latte

Last evening, there was meeting that discuss FGD preparation for next week. The topic of the FGD will be Internet of Things (IoT). I think now it is hot issue in ICT world. In the FGD we will discuss market opportunity for IoT local industry and plan suitable policy to make it grow. We will invite several players and also another stakeholders like ministry of Information and Informatics (Kominfo) and ministry of industry (Kemenperin). During making note about last meeting, I drink latte. I choose Coffindo as place to coffee time.


Coffee Time in Yellow Truck

This afternoon, I try to have a coffee time in Yellow truck. Located not far from city, this coffee shop is not quiet from people. I see many young people enjoying their laptops, doing tasks, or just hanging out with their mates. This is my first time buying a cup of coffee here. I reserve iced coffee with separated liquid sugar. coffee_yellow_truck

I have just send it to my Instagram @uruqulnadhif :p