New Branch of Terminal Kopi

If you are coffee lover in Bandung, it’s familiar to hear “Terminal Kopi”. This coffee shop initially was nearby Terminal Dago then moved to Jalan Cemara and now have new “luxuary” branch in Jalan Hasanuddin, not far from Boromeus hospital. Today was my first time taking a cup of coffee here. I ordered iced cappuccino. If you plan to do your works here using your laptop, there are limited plugs (only 2-3). Maybe sometime this shop will multiple the plugs to get more working-costumers.


Crooze Coffee

This evening I tried to take experiment to visit a coffee shop that I never visit before. First, I came to Eiger Store Dago but its coffee shop was migated to Eiger headquarter at Jalan Sumatera. Then I came to there but its location is not good for working. Its room is blended with store so very crowded. There was no choise for me except going to Eiger coffee at Jalan Cihampelas, my usual place for working. Unfortunately the place was full of people, then I opened my phone to look for another coffee shop near there. I found crooze coffee in Jalan Kebon Pisang. I went to there still by Gojek. So much thanks to Gojek, I have much voucher so I could go almost free.

Vietnam Drip

I don’t know why people name “vietnam drip”. I like this coffee drink in the evening to night especially if rain comes. It tastes sweet of combination between milk and arabica coffee. This evening I coffee in Terminal Kopi at jalan cemara nearby jalan sukajadi. Today this coffee shop is full of young people. A single girl is sitting about two meters beside me, she looks busy with her gadget.

Rumah Kopi

I still had a part of my book that was missed with the update. It was about innovation policy with China as sample. I had found with the source and completely read it. So, it was time to write down. Time showed that it was afternoon near zuhur, I planned to go to some coffee shop.

After praying duhur at masjid then I went to the city to find out the shops that open. A place usually I hung out was crowd with people then I went around and found Rumah Kopi. It located at Mastrip street not so far with my father-farm shop. I ordered iced lattee and spent the time until battery of my laptop sooned to die.

I focused writing what I planned before.

Tomorrow will be final day for editing my book before it will sent to layouter.

Vietnam Drip

Like two days ago, nice vietnam drip is here. I am drinking it in Kopi Gayo on Jalan Teuku Umar, near Unpad campus Dipatiukur. For me, this type is special. When I am visit here, I almost always order vietnam drip, nothing else. It’s all about its taste : combination between  filtered coffee and creamer milk, not so hard, not so soft, precisely. It is suitable to be drunk in the night like this time. If evening time, it much better for iced-lattee and hot black coffee for the morning. Because this month is fasting day, so my coffee time only at night.

First time, I knew this type of brewed coffee when my friend’s coffee shop was there. Almost every day I went there to order vietnam drip. Its barista was my junior in campus. In that time, little bit chance for me to learn about how to make a good coffee. In addition as well I enjoy the street music. Now, the atmosphere like that is not exist again. I wise up that the present is not the past, so just enjoy !