Jamaica Coffee

I have been drinking Jamaica coffee this morning. It was brought by Kang Jujun, an employee in Information Centre ITB. It smells like red sugar (gula merah) combined with black original coffee. I do not know it is kind of robusta or arabica, the importance is it tastes good. I drink it without sugar. I capture that spectacular coffee here. Have a good day everyone !


Jogging in ITB Jatinangor

This morning I was jogging in ITB Jatinangor.This was my first time even I was here three times.I did with my friend, Thufaili (usually I call him Bos). Like before, I stayed overninght at Cyber Security building ( a place that built by Korea Government). For the track, I passed through student dormitory in the back of campus to the boulevard, front of campus. I then captured name “Institut Teknologi Bandung” in the gate.

This campus is larger that in Ganesha and comfortable for integrated learning : we can use lake (situ), mini forest, etc for research. When you take jogging in the morning, you will see beautiful manglayang mountain behind this campus and also fresh air. This picture I took behind monument of agreement (ITB-Central government-Governoor of West Java).

Library (Day 1)

I arrived in central library of my campus 5 minutes ago. I just picked up my laptop, sellular, paper and pen here. My plan of the day is to systemize what I have done for thesis especially about the report. Not many people here because too earlier I came here maybe. I sat on the chair last thursday. In front my head is wall. I just can look people from right and left side. I hope this day will be enjoyable and comfortable.  I forgot bringing my headset, maybe tomorrow I will not.

Start to be Latourian

In friday evening (23/9), when I discussed thesis with my advisor, there was important input to me, especially about how to behave an informan. My explanation to him was full of scientist approach in solving problems. He adviced to me to positionate an informan as human, so here I must use anthropology. Since the end of holiday in Dieng Wonosobo (25/9), I have been reading several materials telling about anthropology. One important book I got was Labolatory Life that was created by Bruno Latour. In my department, He was introduced to us as sociologist with its famous Actor-Network Theory (ANT). My advisor claimed to be Latourian. Maybe, I also follow what my advisor had started.