Sumpah Pemuda

I remembered again this heroic moment this evening when my lecturer invited me to discuss about that. Youth Pledge, commonly we call it “Sumpah Pemuda”. I have just known that term coming from new order. In fact, it was Youth Agreement or in bahasa we name it “Perjanjian Pemuda”. From that event, a concept of nation was born. If not wrong, the member of congress firstly discussed about nation then motherland and language. It’s very reasonable that there is no Indonesia as country if there was no sumpah pemuda.

Now, independency of Indonesia as a country without colonialists is 72 years. But, do we understand about a nation. Why Indonesia is called as a nation? It’s because of geography, etnics, religion, or what?

I think a invitation from my lecturer as way to me to understand about Indonesia. I hope so.


A Senior

Today I spent the day at P100, an office in front of Etitu. In there, I can read several newspaper : KOMPAS, The Jakarta Post, and Bisnis Indonesia. Beside that, I can interacted with many seniors. Today I met three people, two of them are senior lecturers and anotherĀ  is ex-activist. When discussing with the last one, he reminded me to the experience when I was an undergraduate student. I told to him that nowadays, studenship is not too passionate compared with the past time. There was no breakthrough to create something impacful like cultural day. Several problems that make student fear doing something new are :

  • Belief that they are the chosen one to be part of ITB student, entering this campus needs hard competition. No time to do something that have no correlation with academics
  • Requirement of their parents to graduate as soon as possible because of tuition fee is so high
  • Regulation of the university with its “night hour”
  • Mayority of the student are geeks and nerds
  • FSRD students are isolated with their environment, whereas they can encourage creativity to other students with different field especially engineering and science
  • Lack of creativity and thinking out of the box

Back to his story.

He was student of fine arts in 1972 and now interest with culture especially about Sulawesi Selatan. He told to me that when he was a student thereĀ  was an event “Iota Tau Betha” held by Art Division of ITB Student Body.

National Education Day

Every 2 May, we celebrate national education day. Familiarly, we call it Hardiknas. I forget why this date is used for this celebration. This morning, university officials held ceremony in front of campus head office. Ok, I will tell something related to education. As you know, this topic is very familiar for me especially when I nearly graduate for this campus. I often wrote several articles about education, youth generation, and higher education. This topic I think still sexy to be discussed here.

Now is emerging of information era, an era that has full of complexity signed by big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, and so on. Some people name it as industrial revolution 4.0. Even it’s complexity needs new approach in process of learning but I think it still needs conventional education like school and university. In there, we train our logics so we can sustain in this era. Because the world is really changing, our education has to change too. If in the past time, graduate must be skilled-person, now they must be strong in problem solving. Not just smart in mathematics but also in complex thinking, communication, and attitude. The important thing is trained to learning something new relatively fast. When in the past, working to be petroleum engineer is idol, now being a data engineer is better one.

I think university must respond this changing with creating some breakthrough not just creating new study-concerns, but the most important is stimulating it’s civitas to be more creative. Education process, research achievements, and social empowerings must be evaluated and then adapted to the real world. I don’t believe with the jargons like Entrepreneurial University if we don’t really understand with what we have achieved right now.

Meeting with an Unpad Lecturer

This afternoon, I met a new friend from Unpad namely Kang Azhar in Sejiwa Coffee. He is lecturer in faculty of psychology. In the meeting we discussed about our research. Firstly, I told him that right now we research about engagement with ITB lecturers as respondens. I ask him to give some recommendations to our research especially about questionnaire we made. He said that the first point of the introduction in questionnaire should be substituted by scallling to measure lecturer interest : teaching, research or social empowering. The result will be used in analysis. Beside that, statistics of research participation must be put in analysis too to strengthen it.

I was so glad discussing with him. There are some approaches that only psychology lecturer who understands and I am not. By that discussion, I know something new that enrich my perspective during research. I hope, later we can work together in another research.

Jamaica Coffee

I have been drinking Jamaica coffee this morning. It was brought by Kang Jujun, an employee in Information Centre ITB. It smells like red sugar (gula merah) combined with black original coffee. I do not know it is kind of robusta or arabica, the importance is it tastes good. I drink it without sugar. I capture that spectacular coffee here. Have a good day everyone !

Jogging in ITB Jatinangor

This morning I was jogging in ITB Jatinangor.This was my first time even I was here three times.I did with my friend, Thufaili (usually I call him Bos). Like before, I stayed overninght at Cyber Security building ( a place that built by Korea Government). For the track, I passed through student dormitory in the back of campus to the boulevard, front of campus. I then captured name “Institut Teknologi Bandung” in the gate.

This campus is larger that in Ganesha and comfortable for integrated learning : we can use lake (situ), mini forest, etc for research. When you take jogging in the morning, you will see beautiful manglayang mountain behind this campus and also fresh air. This picture I took behind monument of agreement (ITB-Central government-Governoor of West Java).