Have Just Done

I have just finished a draft that I will give to my partner (he is lecturer) to be corrected. Last evening, I looked for a place that is comfortable for working place. Finally I got Kopi Anjis where I worked there till 11.30 pm. Because my work was not finished yet, I went to Bober. This time I am still in here. I tried to finish the draft all night until fajr time. I have limited experience to write a paper using english, so it must be spending more time than an experienced researcher.

I order fried rice to be my breakfast. I planned to go office earlier then take a rest temporary before working. Have a good friday guys !



This day was 25th year celebration for Graduate Program of Development Studies ITB. It was held in multipurpose room CRCS ITB and was attended by many alumnaes from different academic year. This picture taken from WhatsApp Group.

25 th MSP

Limited Chance to Write

This week was very busy for me. There were two events that must be prepared well. First is launching for PPID App that was held yesterday and second is first meeting for PPID internship that was held this morning. How to prepare them is not easy thing. Another one, I also did my research taking interview with several lecturers. This week I got seven, hope next week it will increase significantly.


This is a picture before Bu Dyah left meeting room after delivering materials about PPID ITB.

Public Lecture from The Seniors

This morning there was public lecture held by Faculty of Math and Natural Science ITB. This lecture was started in 2015, one year after my graduation. It’s initiator was Pak Hendra, a professor of Mathematics. I firstly interacted with him since my undergraduate when I was an activist. The prologue letter of my first indie book was delivered by him.

The senior that gave lecture today were Pak Bambang Hidayat (astronomer), Pak Susanto (chemist), and Pak Tjia (physicist). I have already known two of them well before. I think interesting lecture came from Pak Tjia that explain well history of physics department in ITB. He said that those were several world class physicist that do the research in Bandung, ITB. Two of them were student of nobel Laurette. Pak Tjia didn’t mention Hans in his lecture, I don’t know why. Hans is well known as a talented scientist in physics that have academic relation with Albert Einstein.

Maybe I will write an article in bahasa, hope me can finish in this weekend.

Samaun Samadikun

This morning I met and chat with a retired lecturer of Engineering Physics ITB. He was very energic when discussing about history of ITB. I asked him to visit my office in Information Centre to observe an used e-museum. Even this building was obsolete, there is several legacy. When we looked at a board display (like banner) contains of cronological history of ITB since it was built in 1920, he asked to me “Did you know story between year X-Y ?”, “What’s legacy created ?”. I then said “Samaun Samadikun”. He was amazed with I had just said. He admitted that he was of student of Pak Samaun, he ever interacted with him long time ago.

I then told many things about Pak Samaun according with everything I knew. Pak Samaun is known as semiconductor initiator in Indonesia and he left many legacy for example PAU, PT INTI, LIPI, and soon. Now, there are several colleagues, students, students of students, etc of him that have positions in company, university, etc. Taking up story of Pak Samaun is always interesting.

Sumpah Pemuda

I remembered again this heroic moment this evening when my lecturer invited me to discuss about that. Youth Pledge, commonly we call it “Sumpah Pemuda”. I have just known that term coming from new order. In fact, it was Youth Agreement or in bahasa we name it “Perjanjian Pemuda”. From that event, a concept of nation was born. If not wrong, the member of congress firstly discussed about nation then motherland and language. It’s very reasonable that there is no Indonesia as country if there was no sumpah pemuda.

Now, independency of Indonesia as a country without colonialists is 72 years. But, do we understand about a nation. Why Indonesia is called as a nation? It’s because of geography, etnics, religion, or what?

I think a invitation from my lecturer as way to me to understand about Indonesia. I hope so.

A Senior

Today I spent the day at P100, an office in front of Etitu. In there, I can read several newspaper : KOMPAS, The Jakarta Post, and Bisnis Indonesia. Beside that, I can interacted with many seniors. Today I met three people, two of them are senior lecturers and anotherĀ  is ex-activist. When discussing with the last one, he reminded me to the experience when I was an undergraduate student. I told to him that nowadays, studenship is not too passionate compared with the past time. There was no breakthrough to create something impacful like cultural day. Several problems that make student fear doing something new are :

  • Belief that they are the chosen one to be part of ITB student, entering this campus needs hard competition. No time to do something that have no correlation with academics
  • Requirement of their parents to graduate as soon as possible because of tuition fee is so high
  • Regulation of the university with its “night hour”
  • Mayority of the student are geeks and nerds
  • FSRD students are isolated with their environment, whereas they can encourage creativity to other students with different field especially engineering and science
  • Lack of creativity and thinking out of the box

Back to his story.

He was student of fine arts in 1972 and now interest with culture especially about Sulawesi Selatan. He told to me that when he was a student thereĀ  was an event “Iota Tau Betha” held by Art Division of ITB Student Body.