Soemarja Book Fair

Yesterday was last day for Soemarja Book Fair. The event was not the first time, it firstly held several years ago. But, its format relatively same : old book shop with some book and film discussion. As book lover, going there is a must, minimally to support my friends book store. For your information, a lawang buku founder, Kang Deni, launched its book yesterday. I ordered one.

My First Book

My book had just published last friday (21/9) this month after spending more than 1 year 2 months to write it. This was my memorable time for me since firstly started writing in 2011. Special thanks for Pak Djoko Sardjadi and Pak Sonny Yuliar for supervising me during my process in writing. It was tiring time for me that frequently made me stressful. Now all of that is paid off. Thank you !

Indonesia was Under Boots

This is a title of book created by Indro Tjahjono, careteker of Student Board ITB in 1970s. Original title is in Bahasa “Indonesia di Bawah Sepatu Lars”. This book was famous in student movement in the new order. It contents Indro’s pledoi when he was accused as suspect because of students movement against Soeharto regym.

I read several chapters, still more than 100 pages remaining. Even now I am not a student again, but from this book I can keep my spirit on. Thank you Pak Indro for sharing your worth experience in this book. Hope me can meet you asking for your signature in this book 🙂

a Silicon Farmer

This night I have been starting to read a book about Prof. Samaun Samadikun. It is published by LIPI a year after his death. Pak Samaun left much legacy not only in academics life with its teaching and research activities, but also in bureaucracy and industry. He was head of LIPI and commisioner of PT INTI. I think the important thing of Pak Samaun is on how he dedicated in mikroelectronic development in Indonesia with his integrative role on Academics, Industry, and Government. Even his role is very tough and complex, he didn’t leave “fuel to generate engine”. What’s the fuel ? Of course, microelectronic technology it self. Even he finally retired, he still been a senior researcher in ITB. “He is humble to every people”, said his junior in the book. I wish someday I can write more comprehensive story about him.

Final Draft

This weekend has been days to prepare final draft for my book. Starting from early morning after subuh, continued after jogging at Saparua park, dan then began again after that. At the noon, I was so tired but forced to keep working. After ashar, my friend requested to hangout di some coffee shop but I refused. I had plan to go to the cinema. At 4.30s pm, I went to BEC by walking. Accrosing Jalan Dipatiukur, Pasoepati bridge, Dago and stopped at Indomaret Unisba for break. Azan came then I prayed maghrib in Unisba’s mosque. After that, I continued to keep walking to BEC.

I watched “Buffalo Boys” in CGV BEC. This film is awesome, I gave rating 9.0 of 10. This movie ended at around 9 pm. By driving public transportation (aka. angkot), I went home. I took dinner at SPG then drank hot tea at angkringan near monumen. Arriving room, I took prayer and slept. The new day came, I started drafting several minutes then played badminton for 2 hours. I got two turns to play, not many. Lots people joined the play. After taking sport, I started drafting till zuhur came. I still been able to take a rest this noon even just about an hour.

At the evening, I took “me time” in caffeto, a coffee shop in Sekeloa. I order a french press with sinabung bean (if not wrong). I was inspired to change title of my book in that time. I have just edited the final draft and it will be ready for tomorrow.

Start Editing

After spending short holiday in Yogyakarta last weekend, this morning I was back to work. Information Centre ITB as my office. My body was not properly fresh, no longer interacting with my laptop, I felt tired. Then at 2 pm, I chose to go home. I then slept till azan maghrib almost come. My body looked fresh and after isya I continued to start editing my book. Focusing on this work was not easy because another side I also heard musics. It created distruction in my focus but I could not stop it. I wanted to feel relax this night. Maybe tomorrow morning, I will edit my book again.

Pure Saturday

This is first music biography book I ever read.

The complete title of the book is “Pure Saturday, Based on True Story” written by Idhar Resmadi. By this book, I have just known this indie band. My friend said that this band is famous, he is one of its fan.

This book told about how Pure Saturday can survive in high competition of musics industry. This group initially came from a group of young men who interested in musics especially rock. They then created lyrics and played them in some events. Accidentally they joined an competition and won. Pure Saturday had more fans who like indie musics.

This group ever changed over one label to another. Beside that, it had problem especially in how to coordinate the team. It experienced years vacuum of activity because of its member choosed to focus with their jobs.

This book is presented with good journalism, it’s worth to read.