Two Young Women : One I like

When I am reading some articles in one of public library in Bandung, there are two young woman, both use hijab. They are talking each other by doing works with laptop. I like one of them, a young-pinky girl with eye-glass. I like her style, clothes, and smile. I just observe from 2 meters in front of her. I can not speak more than just said “sama-sama” when She thanked to me after my permission to her friend charging her laptop in my table. I am ashamed to just say “Hi” or look her face more.

Dream More. Act Less

The title above looks controversial. It reflects what I feel nowdays. I still have no ambition to start finishing my thesis. I know what’s part I must begin, but it is beaten by another plans that have no direct relation to my work in present time. I read another references and watched films. I know all of that things are ways to improve my English but are sufficienty enough now. I must stay focus with my thesis, do part by part patiently even it temporary makes me boring.

I this semester I have no lecture, so much of my time spent in my room. I usually don’t go to campus but if I have meeting or collect datas. I said to my father that in the end of this month, I will finish my thesis, bismillah.

Bandung, October 3rd, 2016