Imagine you are in a wedding party but one and only you know is a friend who is on altar. When you see him since the beginning of wedding ceremony, no people to be your partner to take conversation with. You are lonely.

I am in that condition right now. Luckily to fight my loniless, I am accompanied by my hoby : blogging and reading. I opened my Kindle to continue reading about book “Managing Innovation”. When I am boring I then open wordpress app to start blogging with this title.

When you are getting older, maybe you know many people but your friend tends to be limited. This is natural because you have own life that is different with others. Don’t curse your life, enjoy for every single path you choose.



This night is my first time in bus station of Pelabuhan Ratu. I travelled here with two buses from Leuwipanjang Bandung to Sukabumi then Sukabumi to Pelabuhan Ratu. It started from 10 am to 7 pm (approximately 9 hours).

When arriving here last hour ago, I asked to an ojek with the cost to my friend home. He said 200k rupiahs, very expensive. It is rasionable because the distance is 40 kms. He easily refused when I offered 50k of the cost. After that I called again to my friend what’s the solution. Finally he decided to pick me up.

So, I went to a warung to wait. I drank teh tawar and get several phones to some people including my sister. Tomorrow my friend will be have weeding. Enjoy this night.


Yesterday my friend posted about his paper that was published in Q2 journal. I was so amazed hearing this news. Last year my article was successfully published in STIPM journal that was organized by LIPI neither Q2 nor Q3 but indexed by Google Scholar.

In the beginning of 2019 I work for two papers with one paper will be submitted in the end of this month. I plan for publishing another journals. I hope I can publish a title with my name as single author in Q3 journal. May this year good for me and you. Thank you.

Rainy Noon

This day was a great Sunday after being charged yesterday. I am not sleepy this noon but want to take a rest temporary after reading a paper about innovation in Canada. I imagine that someday I can take a research about other growing innovative city such as Shenzen. I think it will be great experience before I really becoming a professional cum scholar about regional innovation engineering.

I feel less when not reading some papers. Those like fuels to energyze me to always thinking big for a better future. I like thinking and doing strategies so I must learn every time. May the rain will not fall heavily, my room roof is leaked out.

Two Things

Two main requirements for a publication are :

  1. Novelty
  2. Knowledge contribution for scientific community

The first one requires you to not to do plagiarism and the second one to make sure your research finding contributes to become literature review in scientific world.

If you perceive yourself an amateur researcher with low experience in producing outstanding research, keep doing your research. Experience is the best teacher.

A Shifting of Love

In the past time, some people said that “If you graduate from a prestigious university, you will easy to get a partner, you can choose someone you love and pick her to be married then”. She believe in you because when living together with you will create a beautiful life : everything will be fulfilled. Now, this viewpoint is shifting. Not easy for a woman to receive a love from someone even he know her since long time.

Nowadays, not money, title even position can bring her love to you but CONVENIENCE with you is one and only requirement that she needs.

This is logically wrong, but remember that love is illogical.