Actually It is Tech War

Since last week I have been following news about trade war between AS and China. It is global hot issue in this time. Beside articles, I also watch YouTube videos. The news detailly explores starting from focus reports about the trade war, megainfrastructure China silk-road, Huawei, Made in China 2025, Silicon Valley, Shenzen, etc. I analyze that this is more than trade war, it is technology war. Xi Jinping as long-life president of China declared that this communist country will master some high tech such as AI and biotechnology. His words are not just leap-service, many Chinese companies like Huawei concerns about that by doing massive research. Its patents now reached more that AS already did. China also have many more world class companies in high tech such as BYD for electrical cars, Tencent, Alibaba, DJI, and many more. So, actually it’s not only about trade war but tech war. China want to be superpower in technology supremacy in the world.

Deep Condolence

This night, I heard a news from my father that my uncle passed away. This morning, her daughter (I called her ‘mbak’) sent WhatsApp to me that her father was in hospital. I did not presume worse case about my uncle’s condition until this night, several minutes before he died. My father replied my WhatsApp, “He is critical, do pray for him”. Then, a news in WA group, “Innalillahi wa innailahi roojiun, the uncle passed away”. I called my father then, he asked me to not go home, to stay at Bandung.

Less than a month, I communicated with my uncle two times, when in my home and when in his home. He was healthy in that time, even he was imam for duhur prayer in the mosque when the second chance met him. His teeth were not full following his old. I don’t expect that this life not long after that. For my deepest heart, I want to go home attending his funeral and try to cheer his family up. Distance is boundary, I only can to pray ‘gaib’ for him. May Allah forgive his sins and receive his kindness. Goodbye Pak De, your goodness will always be remembered.

Finishing of a Draft

To commit to a goal is not easy, you must face many problems that distruct you to focus with. I planned that this week I must finish my intial PhD draft so I must spend much time in this. In reality, I was distructed with many things till this time I haven’t finish this work. I recognize that working for academics in particular related to the research is hard, reading-thinking-writing are combined. Because I was targetting this work, but I was muddy to focus, it impacted to my feeling “stress”. Yes, this week I was so stressful, I force to work in some coffee shops but I was still not focus. I denied many weekend activities such as going to my friends home or just to take refreshment with blogging or photography.  I try to enjoy this work but it never happened. Am I so serious ? Maybe I must lower my goal or cut several targets from my note. I hope it will help me.

PhD Proposal

Since last long holiday, I have been drafting for my PhD proposal. This day I met my research-mate to give some suggestions. His feedback was worth for me. I am on the way to revise it in a coffee shop. I am very interested for the topic because it is so close with my master thesis. I know that to make scholarships deal with our proposal is nit easy, but I  believe I can pass all this things. First step, I complete my draft till this weekend then revise it litlle by little in the next days later. This year I have been so busy that beside having several research jobs, I have some managerial jobs too. I must manage my time better than before. Another important job, I try to focus looking for a future love as my mother asked for.

I am so confident that I can make all that jobs done. It is all about a value I believe that working to help people make your life meaningful and excited. Watch this video, it will describe 

Long Holiday Has Been Ending

This time I am in Lamongan station waiting for the train bringing me to Bandung. My 10 days holiday has been ending, several hours left. Tomorrow I should go work again and do my routine activity again.

I feel satisfied for my holiday, my parent is healthy, my niece was 1 year old, and my target even not all finished but makes me happy. I wrote a note about my future target after this long holiday. I will do when I arrive at Bandung tomorrow. Let me make my dream comes true.

I posted several pictures of my holiday documentation in my instagram. Several still in my camera and this phone. Before I left my home, I took several pictures with my niece. Here a one.