Last afternoon, I attended a meeting that discuss a specific thing. I prepare a backup presentation even it was not actually help. My boss didn’t prepare well to handle this meeting so the goal we planned before was failed. Anyway, I don’t think so much about this, it was dynamics of organisation. As staff, I must understand to respect the boss, whatever the conditions are.

In the meeting, I had chance to speak up. I explained about what we have already done about a new platform. Unfoutunatelly,  the was no greeting coming from me, I directly replied what other audience argued then explained it to the point. I noticed that the audiences listened to me during my presentation then after I was done, there were several questions and recommmendations given by the audience (I remembered two).

After the meeting was already done, I tried to go early to meet with an audience discussing about a project that will be presented next monday. Unfurtunatelly, he walked so fast so I canceled discussing with him. I was so lazy going back to the meeting to just delivering greeting to the audiences like what I usually did in the some meetings before. I felt guilty in that time.

This was a lesson to always keep attitude to everybody particularly for the olders. FYI, in the meeting there was a lecturer that I ever been taught, I should say hi to her 🙂

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