This day I didn’t know exactly how much time I spent for my research. I felt to always connect with my laptop trying to finish my paper draft. I planned that before long holidays it will be done, so I can enjoy with my family then. Even the target is really written in my mind but I try to make my self happy doing that thing because I feel passionate.

I have future plan of my research, so after now research is done I will continue to another topics that is still related. It’s like puzzle. I plann that someday I will finish that puzzle. Then I can go to another big things. For the last, remember that passion is something that can optimize your energy to spend more time in there. So, find your passion.


Last afternoon, I attended a meeting that discuss a specific thing. I prepare a backup presentation even it was not actually help. My boss didn’t prepare well to handle this meeting so the goal we planned before was failed. Anyway, I don’t think so much about this, it was dynamics of organisation. As staff, I must understand to respect the boss, whatever the conditions are.

In the meeting, I had chance to speak up. I explained about what we have already done about a new platform. Unfoutunatelly,  the was no greeting coming from me, I directly replied what other audience argued then explained it to the point. I noticed that the audiences listened to me during my presentation then after I was done, there were several questions and recommmendations given by the audience (I remembered two).

After the meeting was already done, I tried to go early to meet with an audience discussing about a project that will be presented next monday. Unfurtunatelly, he walked so fast so I canceled discussing with him. I was so lazy going back to the meeting to just delivering greeting to the audiences like what I usually did in the some meetings before. I felt guilty in that time.

This was a lesson to always keep attitude to everybody particularly for the olders. FYI, in the meeting there was a lecturer that I ever been taught, I should say hi to her 🙂

Playing Badminton

This evening I played badminton in a badminton dome at Antapani. This was second time in this Ramadhan. This chance was different because I still have sick, have an influenza since friday. I tried to take a rest more through sleeping and also took little jogging last evening but I am still not fit enough. Maybe the virus is stronger than I ever imagined.

Taking sport on the way before iftar makes my body fells so light. I have just had a dinner with meat hoping that it can stimulate my body to be fit so that my influenza will go away. After this, I will take a bath then do praying.

I hope tomorrow I will be actually fit so I can finish all of my jobs.

Again Coffee

This time is second chance for me to have coffee time at Sulawah. Last night I went here. Like usual, I am here accompanied by laptop. I have been working since several minutes ago. The fu*king paper I have must be finished, its target is tomorrow but I don’t know it will finish or not. Because I have a lot of jobs now, it’s hard for me to allocate special time to do research. There was many distraction when start writing paper because in the same time I must do another two jobs. I think its hard but I have been doing like this thing since two years ago.

When I had dinner a hour ago, I read an article in some WhatsApp group telling about the power of self confidence by optimizing our power more than our weekness. I have been doing many things but all will be useless if I always blame other people. Keep working, keep positive without feeling that you are one and only is true, others are wrong. The best human is always think positive, talk less do more.

Remember that sometime you will memorize the moments that you spending more time to work. You have less time to take a rest and hard to you getting your future love. Enjoy your every single second of your life !

Finally, don’t miss this Ramadhan kareem to close to your God !