Again, Holiday !

Tomorrow is weekend that means that it is holiday. Yesterday was Nyepi, so I didn’t go to work at office. In the morning, I had my time for jogging then “coffee time” at Cihapit market. At the evening, I was a guest for my former student in Buahbatu and my classmate-also-senior not far from the previous location. On the way home, I had a dinner with gulay and satay in the back of Golkar building West Java. This place was so favourite after teaching time three years ago.

Last night, actually I should prepare for this morning class what I didn’t. I choosed to youtube and then slept. I woke up before subuh but continued sleeping. I started preparing the class at 6 am so I didn’t finish reading a paper. The class today was about mixed method delivered by Pak Dedy. The materials were so worth for my “engagement” research. After lunch, I started discussing with Pak Dedy about our research. This meeting was to clear the research especially in logic of the research.

This time I am spending my time at Eiger Coffee, my favourite working place. I have my several plans to be done this night. Don’t forget for tomorrow morning. It is time for 5k last training. Enjoy !!


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