Short Meeting

After spending two days workshop in Shangri-la Surabaya, I went home in Lamongan. I arrived at night after joining my parent visiting family member. My younger uncle’s wife has breast cancer. Not so long I was in home, I took a sleep. It was night, nearly 10 pm.

I woke up late. After praying then I took fresh air of the morning in the back of my home. One hour after that, Ilham, my nephew, woke up. This day was my time for Ilham and Ibuk. I help to feed him, make him playing with his toys, accompany his sleep, and try to make him laugh but it was unsuccessful. Having Ilham in my home, make Ibuk not alone. She has a living toy.

Move On

When you love someone but she doesn’t love you back, it is better for you to look for others. You have done everything for her but there was no special response coming from her. In the beginning of approach, she welcomed you badly so you felt good. When she responded late for every massages and calls from you, you always think positive in the name of understanding. But all of your actions were useless.

Someday you asked her for permission to meet her mom to directly saying about your kind intention, but she refused. She promised to meet you explaining the reasons. But, she denied.

It’s better to you since this time is to move on. Look for another, be strong and confidence.

Long Time not Blogging

My plan for jogging was realised eventhough I woke up late. I took fun run around Saparua track about one hour. I felt fresh after I had already done my jogging then we took drinking coconut at street shop around this sport centre. Then we went to Cihapit market to have breakfast and coffee.

When I arrived at my room, I asked my indekost-friend to pay the internet. After internet back to online, I continued to watch film “Kartini”. This afternoon I completed my writing about this film in my blog. So long I haven’t writing for my blog. The last time I wrote was January, three months ago.

This time is “me time”. I am in my friend’s coffee shop to enjoy V60. It’s bean is unique. Unfortunately, I forgot with the name.

Now is time to write

This fu*king day was full of activities, from leading a meeting to assisting an intern boy. Moreover with another routiny coordination about jobs. Even I was so busy but it was really interesting. I just realize that I didn’t take lunch at 3 pm. After all jobs already done, I went home. I took my lunch in front rector office.

Rain came but not so long, I looked for a cafe.

Kopi Anjis was my choice. I planned to finish my paper before it will be reported tomorrow morning to my supervisor also my research colleague. Now, I am still on work. After reading several papers, now is time to revise my paper.

When reading a paper, I listen to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” sung by Oasis and Coldplay. This song is great. I dream that someday I will sing that song in a show.

Rest Saturday

I have been spending this day just in the room. I didn’t take jogging because of less sleeping overnight then when planned to hangout this afternoon the rain came. I have just woke up several minutes ago then prayed maghrib. Probably I will meet my friend in Ciwalk this night to have a dinner together.

Somehow it was difficult for me to continue my job analyzing data using SPSS this day. Maybe I was totally tired after working simultaneously in the weekdays. Today was Rest Saturday.

Need to Take Sport

Three days respectively I didn’t take sport, no jogging in the morning. So, I haven’t been feeling okay with my body. My excuse was relay competition of 60th celebration day of ITB last sunday. It was about sprint that I was not usually do it. I am a long runner.

Tomorrow morning I plan to take sport with little jogging. Hope me can wake up earlier so this plan will happen.

I am tired, I need to take a dinner then sleep. Enjoy the night guys !

Norwegian Business School

I don’t decide yet to what university will I apply for my future PhD. I still think that scandinavian countries will be my choice. Doctoral program is about research with limited class inside so I must familiar with it. I highly interest in innovation and entrepreneurship with business school as its faculty. I have beenĀ  doing two research pararelly so I must allocate my time proportional. That is not included another routine job. As you know I am an employee right now with work time 7.30 am to 4.30 pm every day. So, my work load is so huge.

Another work is to think about her every day, even I limit to communicate with her to save my heart to not deeply love her. Love can make you crazy, can’t it ?

With this high workload, I always keep my optimism that someday I will be part of one of outstanding business school in Europe, Norwegian Business School. One word “Bismillah”.