Switch to Second Paper

This month I must work for two papers that I do parallelly. So after I do a alot for a topic I like, I must switch to another topic that I like but little. This is work guys, so you must be a professional. This morning I contacted my boss to make schedule on friday afternoon this week to discuss about the future of our paper. I plan to finish all jobs with him (two papers) before April 2019 as my way to celebrate two years working with him 🙂

I plan to focus on topic about technology management especially related to technology-based company and also institution that generate that type of company such as university. My goal is to understand map of technology-based industry in developing countries like Indonesia (non-digital and digital) so I can do something (by becoming part of Government or entrepreneur) with substantial works in the future.

My dream is to make Indonesia great with science and technology. It is heard wow, isn’t it ? I don’t care, let’s back to work guys !


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