Research Fund and Developed Country

Everybody thinks about Bukalapak with its CEO tweet that succesfully create hashtag war in twitter. I don’t want to explain more about this, I believe you really know. One thing important for me, because of this discourse, Research and Development (R&D) issue becomes viral whereas this theme for many years live in elites mind (scholars especially scientist, enginner, medical expert, researcher, related ministry, and some limited profession). Thank you Achmad Zaky !

It is clear that no developed countries ignore science and technology. Both are key influencing factors to make their economic growth positive significantly. Furthermore by mastering in both things, a sovereignty becomes reality. Generally science-tech enters initially in military. How if we have no concern in science-tech with its mains characteristcs on R&D activities ? We will be a country with gimmic sovereignty. Our military will always in behind. Our economy will only play on trade, no innovation successfully drive local companies to scale up.

Then, do increasing research fund have positive impact for our economy and military ? Not necessary, if we have no enough privat innovative companies and countinually strategic innovation plan like China. FYI, China plans in 2030 to seize Chips market that now is dominated by America. This country now is still in behind America. On thing he must do is to create domination in digital market. Everybody knows about China’s company ; Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc. So how about Indonesia then ? Always being their market ?.


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