National Car

This afternoon I watched several videos in Youtube about an automotive national company, namely FIN Komodo. Four videos are from Berita Satu showing interactive dialogue between Pak Ibnu (its founder) and Pak Saleh Husin (Ministry of Industry). They are on DK program discussing about how’s condition of national automotive company especially car company. Pak Ibnu revealed that he built whole parts of industry supply chain including mentoring its suppliers like what he said to me two weeks ago. One interesting poin when the host asked to Pak Ibnu about why he was very nationalist, Pak Ibnu said that when he was a child, his father (a military man) invited him to watch a military vehicle exhibition in Perak Surabaya. Then he asked his father, “who drive this plane?”, “a pilot”, his father said. “I wanted to be a pilot”, Pak Ibnu then dreamed to be.

Along with his age, he then asked his father again, “Who is aircraft creator?”, “An engineer”, said his father. Since then Pak Ibnu loved to engineering especially aircraft. He planned to enter aerospace engineering in ITB after senior high school, but his mother asked him to study not far from his hometown. He entered ITS in department of mechanical engineering. After graduate, he joined in IPTN then became senior engineer in there. When this state-owned company was collapse he left this company to initiate a automotive startup company named FIN Komodo. This company focused on building an offroad car that specially used in uninfrastructured road. Right now, his company succesfully developed fifth generation car since started in 2005.

Lesson from Pak Ibnu

For me, Pak Ibnu’s journey is inspiring. His idealism is showed in developing a technology-based company that focus on automotive – his expertise and also his hobby. Even it was very hard in the beginning, he was success to passed it. He deeply believe that what he already done has positive contribution to Indonesia especially in creating original industrial culture emerged from Indonesian engineers. His spirit relatively same with Pak Habibie’s, Indonesian technology ideologue. Second lesson for me as an academician cum researcher in technology management is to create a comprehensive study to understand technology-based company players (mostly SME) to be an impactful recommendation to stakeholders like industry it self and also Government.

Last lesson for me as future father to prepare a legacy to my future children. What’s lesson should I give to them as a sample. The children will look to his parent especially his father about his successful career, more special in how a father see this complicated world. A father is an impiring man like what I feel to what my father giving to me. Finally, to my future wife, let’s always to be a champ. Everything positive comes from our home.



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