Success Story

Life is an journey. Your life will alive forever if you have hope for better tomorrow. So life can be named as journey to seek a success. Every one has different meanings of success story. For me especially this year’s success story is about finding someone I love.

This is more than everything that energyze every single work you do.

When you imagine her face smilling, it remember that some day you will together with her, sharing everything and making laugh and smile together. She is everything. Love can not be definited with some straight statements like what looks like in textbook. It has no logics but only can be felt. You always think about her, sometimes calling her, checking her recent updates for social media, and so on. All those are sign representing that you love her.

But, those all are not enough if you hope that she love you back. You must understand her clearly, you can not force your ego but you should not be her servant or “slave”. Loving each other is about compromizing and understanding each other, so it is long journey. Maybe now you click with her, but wait for she to click with you. Be patient and keep positive.


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