I have just heard a friday speech of Mr. Minister of research and technology in Salman. Since when a Salman speakperson announced who is a speaker in that time, I directly thought that Mr. Minister will cite quran verses that explain how important advance science and technology. Unfortunately, my guess was wrong. He delivered “The important of not to be jealous” as title.

From this I know that formally he is minister of science and technology but objectively he has no enough capacity to understand what science and technology looks like. So what policies created might connect to the science and tech advancement but it just on the periphery not it the heart of the problem. Definitely it is not easy but one and only person who can do this is he/she who always interact deeply about that. In the past time there was Pak Habibie, but after him no one.

There are many persons entering this category, unfortunately they have not enough politics sense so the position always being filled by inexperienced persons who have strong connection with political parties.


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