Part of Analysis

After writing chapter of results (findings), tomorrow is time for analyzing. This day was tough day as usual even not like yesterday. But, I can conquer it by focusing in writing paper. Anothers are side jobs even they looked so hard. For me, management is like a toy. Managing people is a good thing, I really like it. I hope tomorrow I can wake up before 6 am so I can continue my paper work and have jogging half hour like this morning.

Yesterday I sucessfully registrated Full Marathon (FM) held by Pocari Swet on August this year. This morning was my first day for its preparation. May FM brings motivation for me to routiny running more than 5 k (half hour) every day. I dream someday I can join international marathon event in London or New York, don’t I ?

Alot of works

Today was very busy for me. A cup of black coffee welcomed my morning to start working with my paper. In the same time I also worked for another job by contacting many people related to maintain the work progress. So my mind was forced to work harder.

My eyes were so tired seeing the screen of mobile phone and also laptop. So was my brain. I planned to take asleep early after dinner. But there was a call from someone I miss. Thank you for the time.

Not Bed Rest

Almost all-day I spent on room today to sleep hours. Usually I don’t do like this because my weekend usually is for sport and little-hanging out (doing work in some cozy places). This weekend was different. I tried to routiny like spending sunday morning for playing badminton but unfortunatelly I didn’t do that this morning. I was lazy to go out, I just on my mattress sleeping. Whereas I woke up subuh then read some papers before taking sleep again. This was a progress but also start for a lazy day.

Two things that I concern with (thinking and doing as my daily work) can not go simultanously. Thinking is the most dominant. Thinking perfecty before doing something is a must. Maybe from this, I will be a good planner for the future but unfortunatelly thinking detail is not make sense in the real word.

I hope the next week will be better. This night will be a big match MU vs Liverpool. As a MU fan, say yes for “Glory Glory Manchester United”.

Wake Up Late

This noon, I should have to go my friend wedding ceremony near Antapani. Unfortunatelly I woke up late so I didn’t go there. Actually I was on at 10 am but suddently my body wanted to put it down at the floor with my head on mattress. So this day I skipped three activities simultaneously ; jogging at Saraga, continuing paper work, and attending my friend’s wedding. I was disappointed because of this, but how else.

Maybe I was very tired after along weekday doing alot activities, from morning to night. As plan, weekend is for “me time” but somehow my mind think that there is no “me time”, every day is for working.

In the remaining time, I plan to do what things I should do this morning. I plan to take jogging this evening at Gasibu. Have a nice weekend everyone !

Pak Bill

Today I joined a methodology class given by Pak Bill. The lecture today was about ethnography. Unfortunatelly, last night I was wrong to not ask before class to my research-mate. I didn’t read three papers before class, so in the first half of class I just listened, no paper on my table.

The doctoral class like this is nothing without preparing before. It because the class is very interactive, Pak Bill will give you some questions directly. This was my first time joining his class. I hope sometime will be better.

Yes, I am getting ready to take PhD as soon as possible. I hope next year, bismillah.

Preparation for Tomorrow Class

This month (since last week exactly) I have been having a sit-in class in doctoral program SBM. The class is about research methodology that is very important for me in doing research. Remembering last class that was taught by my research boss, it was very different with the condition when I was a master. He didn’t just teach how to do research by a method like this, you must do A, B,C, etc, but he gave philosophy behind it. For me it was very interesting and very helpful especially for my on-going research.

Tomorrow I will learn grounded theory. I must read several papers before class (read : this night). I have gotten several materials, I must compile them in one paper. Let’s work !

Switch to Second Paper

This month I must work for two papers that I do parallelly. So after I do a alot for a topic I like, I must switch to another topic that I like but little. This is work guys, so you must be a professional. This morning I contacted my boss to make schedule on friday afternoon this week to discuss about the future of our paper. I plan to finish all jobs with him (two papers) before April 2019 as my way to celebrate two years working with him 🙂

I plan to focus on topic about technology management especially related to technology-based company and also institution that generate that type of company such as university. My goal is to understand map of technology-based industry in developing countries like Indonesia (non-digital and digital) so I can do something (by becoming part of Government or entrepreneur) with substantial works in the future.

My dream is to make Indonesia great with science and technology. It is heard wow, isn’t it ? I don’t care, let’s back to work guys !